Woocommerce Ultimate Points and Rewards


Woocommerce Ultimate Points and Rewards attract customers by rewarding them with points. The customers can convert these points to coupon and apply discounts on cart.

Features :

This plugin enables you with a whole lot of features listed as:

Referral Points: Points are rewarded to users who invites other customers to your website. The referred customer needs to signup for successful points assignment.

Minimum Referrals Required: The users will be rewarded with points only when they have successfully invited given number of members to your websites.

Sign Up Points: The customers are rewarded with points as soon as they register on your website. You can set how many points you want to provide them for registration.

Per Product Purchase Points: The admin can set per product purchase points for customer if any customer purchase product then he will got per product purchase points.

Comments Points: As soon as the customer post comments on products or posts they are reawarded with points set by the admin.

Redeem Points Conversion:  The admin is required to enter the points and their corresponding price. That is the coupon amount received by the customer on converting each point to coupon price.

Coupon Generation: User can generate the coupon by converting its total points to coupons.

Minimum Points Required For Generating Coupon: The admin can set the minimum amount required by the customer to generate the coupon. As soon as the user current points reaches the minimum required points value then he will be eligible to generate coupons from points. 

Custom Conversion: The user can be allowed to convert his chosen points out of his total available points to coupon.

Individual Use: Merchat can set that coupon is used as an individual coupon on cart or can be used in conjuctoin with other coupons on cart.

Coupon Length: Merchant can set the Coupon length from setting. Default length of Coupon is 5.

Coupon Expiry: The merchant can set the expiry date of the coupons generated by the users.

Coupon Usage: The merchant can set how many time does he want the customers to use that particular coupon.

Points Table: This table lists all the users who have received the points. The admin can modify user points and delete the user from the table.

Front End Points Tab: New Points Section Tab is added in the my account page in which referral link, current points and coupon table is provided for customers. Customer can also generate coupons from this section.

Points Notification:The Merchent can enable points notification throught email for customer in time of points increase.Here if setting is enable then points notificatiom email send to cusromer automatically.





Automatic installation is the easiest option as WordPress handles the file transfers itself and you don’t need to leave your web browser.

Steps are as follows :

1. Download the zip folder of the plugin Woocommerce Ultimate Points and Rewards.

2. Once dowloaded install plugin through browsing and activate it.


Manual installation of plugin is another option to install plugin to your wordpress-environment.

The manual installation method involves downloading our Woocommerce Ultimate Points and Rewards Extension and uploading it to your webserver

via your favourite FTP application.

Steps are as follows :

1. Upload the Woocommerce Ultimate Points and Rewards folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.

2. Activate the plugin through the 'Plugins' menu in WordPress


General Setting:


Check this box to enable the plugin.

Enable Signup Points:

Check this box to enable the Signup Points.

Enter Signup Points:

The points which the new customer will get after signup.

Enable Comments Points:

Check this box to enable the Comments Points when comment is approved.

Enter Comments Points:

The points which the new customer will get after their comments are approved.

Enable Referral Points:

Check this box to enable the Referral Points when customer invites another customers.

Enter Referral Points:

The points which the customer will get when they successfully invites given number of customers.

Minimum Referrals Required:

Minimum number of referrals required to get referral points when the new customer sign ups.


Coupon Settings:

Redeem Points Conversion:

Enter the redeem points for coupons.(i.e., how many points will be equivalent to the amount).

Enter Minimum Points Required For Generating Coupon:

The minimum points customer requires for converting their points to coupon.

Enable Custom Convert Points:

Check this box to allow customers to convert their custom points to coupon out of their total points.

Individual Use:

Check this box if the Coupon cannot be used in conjunction with other Coupons.

Free Shipping:

Check this box if the coupon grants free shipping. A free shipping method must be enabled in your shipping zone and be set to require "a valid free shipping coupon" (see the "Free Shipping Requires" setting.

Coupon Length:

Enter Coupon length excluding the prefix.(Minimum length is set to 5).

Coupon Expiry After Days:

Enter number of days after which Coupon will get expired. Keep value "1" for one day expiry when order is completed. Keep value "0" for no expiry.

Minimum Spend:

This field allows you to set the minimum spend (subtotal, including taxes) allowed to use the coupon.

Maximum Spend:

This field allows you to set the maximum spend (subtotal, including taxes) allowed to use the coupon.

Coupon No of time uses:

How many times this coupon can be used before Coupon is void.



Points Table:


User Points:

Admin can change customer Points manually .


Admin can update customer Points.


Admin can view customer cupons detail from here.


Points Notification Settings:


Enable/Disable points notification email for customer.

Email Subject:

Put email subject of points notification email for customer.

Email Description:

Put email discription of points notification email for customer.


Products Page Settings:


Enable/Disable per product purchase points of product.

Enter The Points:

Put per product purchase Points of product.

After installing the plugin successfully you need to go to the Points and Reward Manager and enable the plugin by checking the box enable. And then enable the settings you want in your website.

My Account Page:


My Account->Points section:


Comment Section:

Product Discription Page:



Cart Page:

Checkout Page:


Edit Order Page:

Woocommerce Tab->Points and Reward Tab->Points Table

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