BlackFriday – Coupons, Deals HTML Template is a responsive, clean and modern designed multipage html template. It is perfect for coupon code, offers, different brands, create store for deals , and discounts. It is fully responsive, featured rich and beautifully designed. Organized Sass files will help you to customize the look of your website. All code is optimized so that it loads much faster then the other templates. Easily customizable, 24/7 support time.

How to Use

  • Download zip folder of blackfriday-coupons-deals-HTML-template.
  • Extract the folder of blackfriday-coupons-deals-HTML-template.
  • Just replace the dummy content according to your need.
  • Your blackfriday-coupons-deals-HTML-template is ready.

2.General Information

Software requirements

  • Sublime Text 3 used to edit the .HTML, .CSS and .SCSS files.
  • Grunt used as precompiler for SCSS to CSS convert.

The following scheme displays the boost-template files structure.

  • Documentation – contains documentation of design customization and support
  • blackfriday-coupons-deals-HTML-template contains the main files here
    • CSS – contains all Stylesheets used for UI.
    • Images – contains all the images.
    • SASS – contains all SCSS and variable files.
    • index.html – contains all UI code.
    • deals-grid.html- contains all UI code.
    • grid-view-sidebar.html- contains all UI code.
    • list-view.html- contains all UI code.
    • deal-single.html- contains all UI code.
    • coupon-grid-view.html- contains all UI code.
    • coupon-grid-view-sidebar.html- contains all UI code.
    • coupon-list-view.html- contains all UI code.
    • store-search.html- contains all UI code.
    • store-category.html- contains all UI code.
    • store-single-1.html- contains all UI code.
    • store-single-2.html- contains all UI code.
    • contact-us-1.html- contains all UI code.
    • contact-us-2.html- contains all UI code.
    • blog-classic-view.html- contains all UI code.
    • blog-grid-view.html- contains all UI code.
    • blog-list.html- contains all UI code.
    • single-blog.html- contains all UI code.
    • sign-in.html- contains all UI code.
    • sign-up.html- contains all UI code.
    • 404.html- contains all UI code.
    • faq.html- contains all UI code.
    • cart.html- contains all UI code.
    • checkout.html- contains all UI code.
    • terms-conditions.html- contains all UI code.
  • readme.txt- contains the information about project.

3. File Strucutre

HTML Structure

This snippet has a responsive layout.

CSS Structure

If any styles need to be changed just replace it with the wanted styles in the respective block in your style.css.

Js Strucutre

The JS file is custom.js

4.Reference File

In this design, we have used google font “Poppins”. You can learn more on using Google Web Fonts by checking the tutorial on how to work with Google web Fonts.\

JQuery Plugin:

  • JQuery (js/jquery.js)
  • Bootstrap (js/bootstrap.min.js)
  • Owl Carousel (js/owl.carousel.min.js)

Stylesheet (CSS) Reference File

  • Bootstrap (css/bootstrap.min.css)
  • Font-awesome (css/font-awesome.min.css)
  • Owl-carousel (css/owl.carosuel.min.css)

5.Pages Nomenclature

We have designed different pages.

  1. index.html
  2. deals-grid.html
  3. grid-view-sidebar.html
  4. list-view.html
  5. deal-single.html
  6. coupon-grid-view.html
  7. coupon-grid-view-sidebar.html
  8. deal-single.html
  9. coupon-list-view.html
  10. store-search.html
  11. store-category.html
  12. store-single-1.html
  13. store-single-2.html
  14. contact-us-1.html
  15. contact-us-2.html
  16. blog-classic-view.html
  17. blog-grid-view.html
  18. blog-list.html
  19. single-blog.html
  20. sign-up.html
  21. sign-in.html
  22. 404.html
  23. faq.html
  24. cart.html
  25. checkout.html
  26. terms-conditions.html
  27. wishlist.html


BlackFriday template is based on HTML and css so you can edit it yourself.

BlackFriday – Coupons, Deals HTML Template use bootstrap to make it very easy for anybody to understand and we have created all the design in separate section. If user want to use any effect then pick that particular section and use it.

7.Upload Document

Unzip package in an directory where you will see blackfriday-coupons-deals-HTML-template folder. In this folder, change according to you then upload this folder on server root directory.

8.Help & Support

Thank you for purchasing our BlackFriday – Coupons, Deals HTML Template. If you have any questions that are beyond the scope of this help file, please feel free to contact us here by mailing us at [email protected].


9.Sources and Credits

1. Font Awesome (https://fontawesome.com/v4.7.0/)
2: Flat Icon (https://www.flaticon.com/)
3: Bootstrap v4 (https://getbootstrap.com)

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