CF7 Integration with Google Sheets plugin permits flawless integration of the Contact Form 7 with Google Sheets. Admins can undeniably send their Contact Form 7 submissions/entries over Google Sheets as per their fields. This will aid them to create expository data of submissions over Google Sheets. Here are some compendious features of CF7 Integration with Google Sheets plugin:
  • Integrate Contact Form 7 with Google Sheets
  • Associate Form fields with Google Sheets fields
  • Map phone and file upload fields in feeds
  • Add data type
  • Create unlimited feeds
  • Manually sync data 
  • Create sheets from the plugin itself 
  • List out all spreadsheets in a separate tab
  • Save and edit CF7 submissions
  • Add notes to submissions
  • Export CF7 submissions as CSV
  • Get descriptive information about submissions

2. Installation

Run the plugin on WordPress site with the help of Automatic Installation. To utilize this plugin, follow these simple steps:

  1. Move to the WordPress page and down the plugin. 
  2. Log in to your WordPress Dashboard.
  3. From the sidebar section, press on Plugins.
  4. Press on the Add New button.
  5. Click the Choose File button and select your downloaded plugin’s .zip file, and click on Install.
  6. Proceed further by clicking on the Activate button.

Now, you can smoothly use the CF7 Integration with Google Sheets.

3.Extensive Features


There will be a separate menu manifesting Submissions where all your CF7 form submissions will be listed. You can easily find your desired submission there.

Click on the Submissions menu-

cf7 integration with google sheet

All your submissions will appear here-

cf7 integration with google sheet


Also, you can view the number of CF7 submissions on the Dashboard.

cf7 integration with google sheet


3.2.Limitless Feeds

In the org plugin, you can only create three feeds. But, the pro version of CF7 Integration with Google Sheets allows you to create unlimited feeds.


cf7 integration with google sheet


3.3.Map Phone And File Upload Fields In Feeds

In CF7 Integration with Google Sheets- file field, phone field, and number field alternatives are available. So, you can smoothly sync your mobile and phone, and file upload data over Google Sheets.

cf7 integration with Insightly

3.4.Data Type

You can opt-in: RAW data or USER_ENTERED data.

If you set RAW data, then your data will be set over Google Sheets without parse. If you opt-in USER_ENTERED data, then the data will parse.

For instance, in the Raw data case, the values will remain the same while in the USER_ENTERED case the numbers will stay as numbers, but strings may be converted to dates, numbers, etc. obeying the same rules that are applied when entering text into a cell via the Google Sheets UI.

cf7 integration with google sheet


3.5.Sheet Tab

You can distinctly view all your sheets from the Sheets tab in this Google Spreadsheet add-on.

cf7 integration with google sheet


3.6.Sheets Creation

You can hurdle-free create spreadsheets within the plugin itself. You don’t need to create spreadsheets from your Google account. Provide your desired spreadsheets properties.

cf7 integration with google sheets


3.7.Save And Edit CF7 Submissions

You can easily save and manage your form submissions. You can edit them too.

cf7 integration with google sheet

3.8.Detailed Information

You will get additional information about your submissions such as your submission ID, contact form, system, etc.

cf7 integration with google sheets


3.9.Notes Addition

Add notes to save your crucial submissions and delete them too. Set priority for them such as Red for high priority, Yellow for medium priority, and Green for low priority.

cf7 integration with google sheet


3.10.Manual Data Synchronization

You can sync your data manually if you don’t want to sync your form submissions data in real-time.

CF7 integration with google sheet

3.11.Additional Settings

CF7 Integration with Google Sheets offers additional features such as-

  • Do Not Save Submissions– If you don’t want the submission to save, then you can enable this setting
  • Do Not Track Forms– You can choose the specific form which you don’t want to track.
  • Delete IP Tracking- With this setting, you can disable IP tracking from the submissions.



You can create limitless feeds in this plugin.

No, you can easily create the sheets within the plugin itself. You will not have to create the sheets separately.

Yes, you can sync your entire submissions data manually in the CF7 integration with Google Sheets.

Yes, you can easily save your form submissions. Also, this plugin provides the option to disable saving submissions.

 Yes, you can hurdle-free edit your submissions data as per your requirement.

 Yes, you can add your notes and prioritize them too.

You can export your submissions as CSV according to the CF7 forms.

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