Contact Form 7 Integration with HubSpot connects Contact Form 7 to HubSpot, allowing you to sync all data received through these forms over HubSpot. You can sync data for different HubSpot objects like Contact, Company, Tickets, Task, and more.


  • Associate Form fields with HubSpot fields
  • Filter CF7 submissions as per feeds
  • Comprehensive sync logs
  • Wipe data on uninstalling plugin
  • Email notification on sync errors
  • Delete logs after N days
  • Clear and download logs
  • Phone and mobile fields mapping
  • Add notes to objects
  • Object association for Ticket, Deal, Company, Task, Contact
  • Add Contacts to HubSpot Lists
  • Add Contacts to HubSpot Workflows
  • Assign Owner & Pipeline to Objects
  • Manual data sync
  • Save form submissions
  • Add notes to submissions
  • Edit form submissions
  • Export CF7 submissions as CSV
  • GDPR compliance settings
  • Automates lead and quote generation at your store
  • Eliminates manual effort you make to assign contacts, companies, etc.
  • Automatically enrolls users to HubSpot lists and workflows for perfect targeting


  • Automatic Installation:

Automatic installation is the easiest option as WordPress handles the file transfers itself and you don’t need to leave your web browser.

The steps are as follows:

  1. Download the zip folder of the plugin CF7 Integration with HubSpot.
  2. Once downloaded, install the plugin through browsing and activate it.
  • Manual Installation:

Manual installation of the plugin is another option to install the plugin to your WordPress environment. The manual installation method involves downloading our CF7 Integration with HubSpot and uploading it to your webserver via your favorite FTP application.

The steps are as follows:

  1. Upload the CF7 Integration with HubSpot folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.

Note: To use this plugin, you need to install the free version of this plugin as well. Here’s the link to the free plugin called MWB CF7 Integration with HubSpot.


After installing and activating the plugin both the Contact Form 7 and our CF7 integration plugin, go to the plugin settings of our integration where you’ll see this window asking you to connect your account.

Click on the “Connect your Account” button and you’ll see a window where you need to authorize your app.

HubSpot Connect your Account

There are 2 methods to authorize your app here that are 1) By using your own app, 2) By using the global app.

1. Authorization using global app

  • To perform the authorization with the global app, keep the toggle disabled and click on the Authorize button.
  • The list of all the HubSpot portals associated with your account will appear. Select the one you want to connect and click on Choose Account button.
HubSpot :Choose Account button
  • That’s all required in setting up this CF7 Integration with HubSpot plugin using the global app method. Now let’s talk about the second method.

2. Authorization using your own app

To perform authorization with your own app, enable the toggle. Once you enable it, you’ll see some fields asking you to enter credentials like Client ID, Client Secret, Scopes, Redirect URI.

hubspot own app authorization

At the bottom right, you’ll see a link saying Show me how. Click on it and the popup will appear with all the details on how to get all these credentials.

hubspot get API keys

Once you get all the credentials, enter them in their respective fields and click on Authorize.

Now the setup will run the same it did in the Global App method. After successfully setting up the plugin, you’ll see the dashboard and use the plugin accordingly.


Hubspot dashboard

Once you setup the plugin, you’ll see the dashboard where you’ll see the connection status, no. of Synced Contact Forms and CF7 Submissions with some links to the documentation and other helpful resources.


hubspot feeds

Feeds are the soul of the plugin. Most of the things can be done using feeds. On the feeds page, you’ll see all the feeds you’ve created and create if you haven’t by clicking on the Add Feeds button.

You can also edit the feeds by clicking on the pen icon in front of the feed. Once you start editing it, you’ll see a page like this:

Here you’ll see multiple settings you can tweak. Let’s talk about all these settings one by one so you can understand what this integration offers.

hubspot edit feeds

5.1.Associate Company

hubspot associate company

This setting lets you associate a company with the objects like Contact, Ticket, Task whenever you sync it.

5.2.Select CF7 Form

hubspot Select CF7 Form

With this dropdown, you can select a specific CF7 form you’ll use to collect data.

5.3.Select HubSpot Object

select hubspot object

This dropdown lets you select the HubSpot object you want to sync the data for. For example, if you want to sync data for Tickets, select Ticket object.

5.4.Map Fields

hubspot Map Fields

In this setting, you can determine what value a field will contain. You can select the field and its value like Standard or Custom Value.

5.5.Add New Field

add new field

Through this setting, you can add a new field to your feed.

5.6.Primary Field

hubspot primary field

This dropdown will let you select what field will work as a primary key or field.

5.7.Conditional Statements

hubspot conditional filter

Here you can add some conditions on form submission. If the conditions you enter match, the submission data will sync over HubSpot otherwise not.

5.8.Add Notes

hubspot add notes

Whatever note you add here will sync over HubSpot and be reflected for a particular data that is synced over the CRM.

5.9.Add Owner

hubspot add owner

You can add owner through this setting for Objects like Contact, Company, Task.

5.10.Add Lead Status

hubspot add lead status

Add lead status to your contact so they directly fall into that status as soon as they sync over HubSpot.

5.11.Add List

add to static list

Enabling this toggle and selecting a list would automatically enroll a contact into the list you’ve selected as soon as they sync over HubSpot.

Note: The Contacts would only be enrolled in Static Lists.

5.12.Add Workflow

add to workflow

Similar to Lists, enabling this toggle and selecting a Workflow would automatically enroll a contact in that workflow.

5.13.Manual Sync

hubspot enable manual sync

If this option is enabled, no submissions would be synced over HubSpot until you do it manually by editing them.

5.14.Associate Contact

hubspot associate company

Enable this toggle if you want to associate contact on objects like Companies, Tickets, Tasks when you sync it.

5.15.Add Pipeline

Add Pipeline

Enable this toggle to associate a ticket directly into a pipeline. You can select what pipeline you want to associate a ticket with through the dropdown.

5.16.Add Attachments

hubspot add attachments

Using this feature, you can send an attachment over HubSpot with the form data.


hubspot logs

Logs show you the details of all the data you’ve synced over HubSpot. Using logs you can check if a specific data successfully synced over HubSpot or not. You can also expand the details of every log to check it thoroughly. This helps you identify and fix errors in no time.


hubspot Settings

You’ll find multiple settings in this tab. Let’s look at them:

  • Enable logs: Enabling this toggle will display logs in the Logs tab.
  • Wipe Data: Enabling this toggle will wipe all the data you’ve synced over HubSpot when disconnecting the plugin.
  • Sync Error Notification: Enable this toggle to receive email notifications whenever an error occurs while syncing the data. Add the email after enabling the toggle and you’ll get the notifications on that email address.
  • Delete logs after N days: Add the number of days you want to save your logs for. 
  • Do Not Save Submissions: Enable this toggle to save CF7 submissions.
  • Do Not Track Forms: Enter The CF7 form name you don’t want to track.
  • Disable IP Tracking: If you don’t want to track IP addresses, enable this toggle.


hubspot submissions

When you install this CF7 integration with the HubSpot plugin, you’ll see the submission tab in your WordPress dashboard. Here all the CF7 submissions will be listed.

You’ll also see the Export as CSV button on top. Click on it to export all the data in a CSV file.


Whenever a form is filled it's counted under the Submissions tab.

You can go to the settings of the plugin and you’ll see a toggle named, Disable IP tracking there. Enable that toggle and the IP tracking will be disabled.

It'll help you to sync the form submission of CF7 to HubSpot and further analyze them over HubSpot.

Yes, you can manually sync the forms to HubSpot according to your choice.

No, it'll only stop the tracking of the form which you have selected and none other than that.

You can do that by enabling the toggle of Add owner under add feeds and selecting any owner for that.

The Logs are automatically deleted in bulk after seven days, after this period, you can schedule the deletion of logs.

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