CF7 Integration with Keap allows you to sync the CF7 submissions’ data with your Keap modules accurately. You can easily manage the data and your campaigns on Keap using this simple plugin. 

The plugin allows you to create feeds for accurate mapping of contact form fields by Keap module fields using feed settings. You can easily authorize the connection with your Keap account using the global app or API credentials using your own app

The pro plugin for Keap-CF7 integration allows you to:

  1. Map mobile and phone fields
  2. Enable manual sync as per your requirements.
  3. Create feeds to sync form entries with the ‘Opportunity’ object.
  4. Upload attachments from CF7 submissions over Keap.
  5. Add owners and notes to Keap objects.
  6. Assign tags to Keap objects.
  7. Associate contacts with other Keap objects.

Learn more about all requirements you must fulfill to activate the CF7 Integration with Keap plugin in the following sections.

2.Setup Prerequisite

To be able to setup the MWB Integration with Keap plugin, you need to have the Contact Forms 7 plugin installed beforehand in your WordPress dashboard. You will also need to sign up for a Keap account. If you do not already have a Keap account, click on the link- Create A Free Account.

2.1.Contact Forms 7

Note: If you have already installed the Contact Forms 7 plugin, feel free to jump on to the next step.

1. Once you install the Contact Form 7 plugin from the WordPress site in your WordPress dashboard, go to Plugins→ Add New→ Upload Plugin. Upload the plugin file and click on the Install button.

cf7 integration with keap

2. Once installed, you can start creating the contact form once the plugin is activated by going to Contact→ Add New.

cf7 integration with keap

3.Plugin Installation

You can install the MWB CF7 Integration with Keap plugin by following the 2 methods described below:

3.1.Automatic Installation

  1. Go to your WordPress site’s dashboard and log in. Navigate to the sidebar from the administration panel.
  2. Select Plugins → Menu → Add New from the Plugins drop-down menu.

  3. Search for ‘MWB CF7 Integration With Keap’ in the search field on this ‘add plugins’ page.

  4. Click on the Install Now button once you find the MWB CF7 Integration with Keap plugin.

3.2.Manual Installation

  1. Another method to install the plugin is, after obtaining the plugin file, install it manually by uploading it to the website with your favorite FTP client.

  2. You can easily download the plugin from wordpress.org.
  3. Unzip the plugin when it has been downloaded to your system.
  4. Unzip the MWB CF7 Integration With Keap plugin folder into the wp-content/plugins directory.
  5. Install the plugin from the WordPress admin panel’s Plugins menu.


Next, you have to authorize the connection between your Contact Form 7 plugin and Keap panel.

4.Keap Integration Setup

1. Once you have activated the plugin, in your WordPress dashboard, go to Contact→ Keap. Click on the Connect Your Account button.

cf7 integration with keap

2. You can connect your Keap account using two methods: global app or your own app

4.1.Using Global App

  1. To connect, click on the Authorise button. You will be redirected to the login page in Keap. Enter your login credentials and click on the Allow button to give access to the MakeWebBetter app. Your connection will be established then.
    cf7 integration with keap
  2. If you need to sign up with Keap, click on the link- Create A Free Account. You can skip this step if you already have a Keap account.

4.2. Using Own App

  1. Now, to set up the connection using your own app, turn on the toggle adjacent to Use own app.
  2. Next, Open your Keap developer account and click on the dropdown menu below your user id in the top right corner to select Apps.cf7 integration with keap
  3. Now, click on +NEW APP in the new window.cf7 integration with keap
  4. Enter App Name, Description, App ID. Click on Enable. Click on Save. Scroll down to find the Client ID and Secret ID to fill in the required fields respectively.cf7 integration with keap
  5. Now, you can proceed to connect the app with the Contact Form 7 integration plugin using these API credentials. CF7 Integration with Keap


6. Finally, click on the Authorize button. Click on View Dashboard to proceed.
CF7 Integration with Keap



  1. The dashboard lets you Reauthorize or Disconnect your connection with the Keap panel.
  2. You can also click on the given icon to refresh the access token right away. 
  3. The dashboard will also display the number of Contact Form 7 submissions and submissions that are synced with your Infusionsoft account so far. CF7 Integration with Keap


  4.    You will be redirected to the logs page if you click on the View log link under the ‘Synced Contact Forms’ subheading. 
  5. To view the cf7 submissions, click on the View submissions link under the ‘CF7 Submissions’ subheading. You can view, edit, and manually sync the form submissions. We will discuss manual sync in the sections ahead.CF7 Integration with Keap


  1. Go to Contact→ Keap→ Feeds to create, edit, or activate feeds.

    cf7 integration with keap

  2. To create a new feed, click on the Add Feeds button or to edit a feed, click on the edit icon.

  3. Select the CF7 form from the dropdown menu for which you want to map the Keap object fields.

  4. Next, select the Keap object with which you want to sync the respective CF7 form submissions. Appointment, Contact, Company, Task, Opportunity are the available Keap objects that you can map the form fields with.

    cf7 integration with keap

  5. The ‘required’ field (of the selected Keap object) will open up to be mapped with your contact form field.

  6. Now, select the field type you want to create from the drop-down menu. The available options are- Standard Value and Custom Value. 

    cf7 integration with keap

  7. When you opt for the Standard Value field type, you can directly select the value of the selected contact form field you are willing to sync with the respective Keap object field.

  8. When you opt for the Custom Value field type, you will get the option to manage the Field Value entry according to the placeholders you will select. 

For example, if you want to enter the full name under API name: Name, then you can select Custom Value for the field type and in the Field Value section, you can add the placeholders for First Name and Last Name with a space in between (refer the screenshot below)

cf7 integration with keap

6.1.Add New Field

You can also Add New Field by selecting the field option for the Keap module selected in step 4. All the fields in the selected Keap object are mentioned in the dropdown menu given in this section.

cf7 integration with keap

Click on the Add Field button to add the selected field.

6.2.Primary Field

  1. To select a Primary Field for the feeds that you create, choose from the dropdown any of the fields that you have added in the ‘map fields’ section.
  2. The primary field allows updating all the other fields with respect to the feed when the user will make an entry.cf7 integration with keap

6.3.Condition Filter

  1. Using these conditional statements given in the Feeds tab of the plugin, you can apply conditions for each feed. These filters will filter out the unwanted entries to be synced with the Keap object fields. 

  2. You can use the AND filter. When each of the conditions defined is satisfied by the form submission, it will be synced.

  3. When you use the OR filter, if any of the defined conditional statements are satisfied, the sync will be triggered.

6.4.Associate Company

Note: You can associate company with contact object fields using this premium plugin.

  1. Go to Contact→ Keap→ Feeds→ Feed with contact as object Edit→ Associate Company.
  2. Turn on the toggle switch to Enable to associate Company under the Associate Company setting.
  3. Choose from the dependent feeds in the dropdown. You can also create a new dependent feed by clicking on the Add New button.
  4. This will redirect you to the window to map the associated company object fields with the form fields. This associated feed can be triggered only and only when the parent feed will be triggered.

    cf7 integration with keap

6.5.Associate Contact

Note: You can associate contact with Opportunity, Task, and Appointment objects.

  1. Go to Contact→ Keap→ Feeds→ Feed with opportunity/ task/ appointment as object Edit→ Associate contact.
  2. Turn on the toggle switch to Enable to associate contact under the Associate contact setting.
  3. Choose from the dependent feeds in the dropdown. You can also create a new dependent feed by clicking on the Add New button.
  4. This will redirect you to the window to map the associated contact object fields with the form fields. This associated feed can be triggered only and only when the parent feed will be triggered

    cf7 integration with keap

6.6.Add Notes

Notes & attachments can be used in every object. 

  1. Go to Contact→ Keap→ Feeds→ Add New/ Edit existing feed→ Add Notes.

  2. Turn the toggle on to Enable to add notes over Keap under Add Notes section. 

  3. Using the dropdown, choose one or more options from the form fields data to add notes using the placeholders. 

  4. Use a question mark to separate the title from the entry note.

    cf7 integration with keap

6.7.Add Owner

The owner can be assigned for all the objects.

  1. Turn on the toggle button to Enable to add Owner.

  2. Select Owner from the given dropdown menu.

    cf7 integration with keap

6.8.Associate Campaign

Note: You can associate one or multiple campaigns with contacts using this premium plugin.

  1. Go to Contact→ Keap→ Feeds→ Feed with contact as object Edit→ Associate campaigns.

  2. Turn on the toggle switch to Enable to associate campaign or Enable this to associate to multiple campaigns as per your convenience under the Associate campaign setting.

  3. Refresh and select the campaigns from the options listed in the dropdown menu.

  4. Select member status and click on the Update button.

    cf7 integration with keap

6.9.Add Lead Source

You can add the lead source for contacts objects.

  1. Turn on the toggle button to Enable to add Lead Source.

  2. From the given options, choose the one from the dropdown menu.

    cf7 integration with keap


6.10.Manual Sync

  1. Enable Manual Sync toggle button for the respective contact form while editing or creating a feed.

    cf7 integration with keap

  2. Now, go to Contact→ Keap→ Dashboard→ View submissions.

  3. Select an entry you want to edit and sync manually. Click on View to open or edit the form entries. Click on the Edit button to update the form fields. Click on the Update button once you have made all the necessary changes.

  4. If you want to add a quick note with the submission, you can enter it in the space provided and click on the Add button. Set the priority of notes from low, medium, or high.

  5. This is where you can sync the form entry manually. Simply select Keap from the dropdown menu and click on the Send to CRM button to send the updated submission to your Keap object fields. You can click on the Logs button to see the details of synchronization.

    cf7 integration with keap


You can add attachments for the contacts object.

  1. Turn on the toggle switch to Enable to add attachments over Keap.

  2. You can allow 5 attachments to sync over Keap.

  3. Only the valid file fields will be mapped while the invalid mapped file fields will be neglected.

    cf7 integration with keap

6.12.Add Tags

You can add tags to the contacts object.

  1. Enable to add tags by turning on the toggle switch.

  2. Add tags by selecting the options from the Keap tags menu in the space provided.

    cf7 integration with keap

6.13.Add Pipeline

Note: For the Opportunity object, the association of contacts and adding pipeline is mandatory.

  1. Enable to add Pipeline Stage by turning on the toggle button. 
  2. Select the pipeline stage from the given options.

    cf7 integration with keap


  1. Under the Logs tab, you can view a comprehensive record of the data synced into your Keap account. 
  2. You can click on the Clear Log button to clear all the saved logs so far. This will have no impact on the already synced data in your Keap account.
  3. The Keap- CF7 integration plugin also allows you to Download the logs in CSV format by simply clicking on the given button.
  4. The log displays the Feed associated with any synced form, mapped object and fields, response, timestamp, and so on.
  5. You get the option to expand each field and review if the submission has a valid entry or not.

    cf7 integration with keap


  1. To be able to view logs in the Logs tab, you need to go to Contact→ Keap→ Settings. Turn on the toggle for Enable logs.

  2. In the Settings tab, you get a toggle button for Plugin Data. If you turn on the toggle button, all the plugin data will be deleted with the uninstallation of the plugin.

  3. Turning on Email notifications toggle will trigger a notification to be sent right in your inbox. Mention the email you want to be notified to, in the blank space provided. 

  4. In the space provided for Delete logs after N days, enter the number of days you want the plugin to save the logs for you to revisit. The default entry is 7 days.

  5. If you do not wish to save form submission, enable the toggle for Do Not Save Submissions.

  6. Select the forms that you want to avoid tracking in the space provided for the Do Not Track Forms setting.

  7. You can also Disable IP Address Tracking by enabling the respective toggle.

    cf7 integration with keap


Enter the Purchase Code in the space provided and Validate to avoid deactivation of the premium features after 30 days. You can use the premium feature without the license key for 30 days.

cf7 integration with keap


Create an App in your Keap account. You will get the API key and Secret ID from the same app. Copy these keys to enter them in the respective spaces provided. Click on Authorise and you are good to go. Go through the plugin documentation in order to understand the setup process through screenshots in detail.

No, the plugin will not stop working, but if you forget to enter the License key due to any reason then you will be automatically moved to the free version of the plugin.

To check the submission data go to the Submission Tab, click on Edit and you will be able to view all the data like Submission Id, Submitted time and date, Modified date, Source url, and IP address.

Yes, if you need to take the print out of the submissions then you can do it by clicking on  Submissions button in the respective data

Check if this would be Association feed, then it will not trigger automatically or sync unless its parent feed is enabled. Therefore, enable the parent feed of this dependent feed to make the syncing functional.

Is it possible to sync notes to the CRM along with form submissions?

Yes, you can add notes as per your convenience to the CRM while syncing the contact form submissions.

Yes, you can do attachments and the maximum number of attachments that can be added are five.

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