Contact form 7 Mautic integration plugin is an integration of contact form 7 with Mautic. It sends all the data ( form submissions/ entries  ) over Mautic as per the modules of Mautic. This can help in creating contacts, companies over Mautic.


  • Upload attachments to Mautic contacts.
  •  Assign users  to contacts and companies
  • Assign Company to contacts
  • Add CRM entry notes
  • Add contact to a segment
  • Add contact to a campaign
  • Assign tags to contacts
  • Manually sync data
  • Save form submissions
  • Add notes to submissions
  • Edit CF7 submissions
  • Export CF7 submissions as CSV
  • Additional information about submission

2.Pre-Requisites To Work With CF7 Integration with Mautic

Contact Form 7 is a conventional plugin to create contact forms. It includes multiple features and functionalities. However, it doesn’t provide any specific feature to sync form data with the CRM like Mautic.

Therefore, this plugin helps you in syncing all your form submissions and entries over Mautic, and to do so, you must have the following conditions fulfilled.

  1. You must have the Contact Form 7 plugin installed and activated.
  2. You should have an active Mautic account.
  3. Get the MWB CF7 Integration with Mautic installed and activated. It is the free version of the plugin and you can get it on WordPress.org or download it from here, directly. 

3.Install & Activate The Mautic CF7 Integration Plugin

Note: If you already have the .zip file of the plugin, please proceed with the installation process else buy the plugin to proceed further.

  • Go to the WordPress admin panel > Plugins > Add New > Upload Plugin.
  • Click on the Choose Plugin option and select the downloaded .zip file of the CF7 Integration with Mautic plugin. 
  • Click on “Install Now”. 
  • Go to Plugins > Installed Plugins > CF7 Integration with Mautic. Click on “Activate” to enable the plugin.

After your plugin is installed and activated, you’re all set to proceed ahead with the connection and authorization process. 

4.Setup Instructions: Connect & Authorize CF7 Integration with Mautic Plugin

To start working with Contact Form 7 Integration plugin and to sync data over Mautic, you need to connect the plugin with your Mautic account first. And then you need to Authorize the connection. To do so, please follow the steps mentioned below – 

4.1.Basic Authentication Type Setup

authorize account


Follow the steps below to proceed with the basic authentication type – 

  • Select the Authentication Type as “Basic” from the drop-down menu.
  • Add your Username, Password, and Mautic URL.
  • Click on the “Authorize” button.

Note: The short guide is attached below to guide you through the Basic authentication process.

basic api keys

Critical: You don’t need to enable the API keys in the Mautic account while using Basic authentication.

4.2.OAuth2 Authentication Setup

Note: The oauth2 Authentication type requires you to enable the API keys for a more secure connection.

mautic account setting

To Connect your Mautic Contact Form 7 integration plugin using the OAuth2 authentication type, follow the steps below –  

  • Select the “OAuth2” from the Authentication Type drop-down menu.
  • Add your Client ID, Client Secret ID, and your base Mautic URL.
  • Click on the “Authorize” button. 

Note: You can generate your Client ID and Client Secret ID from the API Credentials tab of your Mautic Settings menu. For more information, refer to the short guide attached below or connect with us.

how to get API keys

After you submit all the required information, click on Authorize. If you’re establishing the connection for the first time, you’ll be prompted with a window asking for the permissions. Click on “Accept” to proceed.

Once the authorization completes, you’ll be notified with the “Setup Completed Successfully with CF7 Integration with Mautic” message. Click on “View Dashboard” to proceed further with the plugin.

successful account setup


This section will help you learn more about the plugin features and how they work.


Once your authentication process completes successfully, you’re redirected to the Dashboard. The dashboard of the CF7 Integration with Mautic includes basic information like –

  • The connection details and status
  • Buttons to Re-Authorize” or “Disconnect” the connection.
  • Synced Contact Forms details
  • Total CF7 form submissions
  • Resources to help you in case of doubts and confusion like documentation, support, and contact us links.
mautic dashboard
  • Mautic Connection Status: This section of the dashboard includes the connection details like connection type, last token expiry period, connected instance, and buttons to re-authorize and disconnect. 
  • Synced Contact Forms: This section of the CF7 integration with the Mautic plugin dashboard shows the count of total Contact Form 7 forms synced over Mautic and also contains a link to the data sync log tab.
mautic dashboard
  • Documentation, Support, Connect: The last section of the dashboard includes direct links to help you out in your preferred ways, in case of any confusion or problem in understanding the plugin.


Feeds are the association rules that help you to map the contact form fields with the Mautic objects to sync the data in a more organized manner.

5.2.1.Add New Feed


To Add New Feeds, you must ensure to select the contact form from the drop-down menu that you wish to create feeds for. Then follow the steps as below – 

  • Go to WordPress Dashboard > Contact > Mautic > Feeds > Select Form > Add Feeds
  • New Feed Page will open. Add the feed name and fill in the required feed details before you “Publish” the feed. the admin can name it.
add new feed
  • Select Form: Select the CF7 form from the drop-down menu that you want to create feeds for.
  • Select Object: Select the object you want to associate your CF7 form data fields with Mautic fields. This Mautic CF7 Integration plugin provides 2 objects to select from – Contact and Company.
  • Map Fields: Add the fields to your feed first before you proceed with the mapping. Once the fields are added, go to “Map Fields” settings and select the “Field Type” as “Standard Value” or “Custom Value”. Then select the “Field Value” to be mapped from the drop-down menu. Field Value options include the fields from your selected forms.
  • Add New Field: To map your contact form 7 data fields with Mautic, you need to first add the required fields. You can select the fields from the provided options and then click on “Add Field”.

5.2.2.Conditional Statements

condition filter

This setting allows you to add AND/OR logic statements while syncing the contact form submission data over Mautic. This implies that the form data will only be synced over Mautic when the condition is fulfilled.

5.2.3.Associate Segment

associate user

Swipe the toggle button right to enable this setting. After enabling this setting, you can associate your form contacts with the user you select from the drop-down menu.

5.2.4.Associate Campaign

associate campaign/div>

With this property of CF7 Integration with Mautic’s feeds, you can associate your CF 7 contacts with single or multiple campaigns.

5.2.5.Associate Company

associate company

Using Mautic CF7 Integration, you can associate your CF 7 contacts with single or multiple “company” feeds. To do so, just swipe the toggle button right and select the company feeds.

5.2.6.Add Notes

add notes

You can add notes to data synced over Mautic using this Mautic contact form integration plugin. The option to add notes will also be subject to the Mautic’s objects.

5.2.7.Enable Manual Sync

enable manual sync

Enabling the manual sync option restricts the automatic real-time syncing of the form submission data from the particular feed. Instead, you’ll have to do it manually.

5.2.8.Add Attachments

add attachments

To sync the form attachments over Mautic, you need to enable the Add Attachments over the Mautic button. Thereafter, you can sync upto 5 attachments together.

5.2.9.Add Tags

add tags

To add tags to your contact form data entries synced over Mautic, enable this setting by swiping the toggle button to the right. Then you must add all the form fields in the meta box on which you wish to add tags. Further, you can also select the default options available from the drop-down menu.


The CF7 Integration with Mautic plugin provides a detailed log of all the contact forms submitted and synced over Mautic. The Logs table includes data like –

  • Feed
  • Feed ID
  • Mautic Object
  • Mautic ID
  • Event
  • Timestamp
  • Request
  • Response

Note: Please ensure that the data logs feature is enabled under the settings tab for the data to be visible in the logs tab.


To track and read the logs table, follow the steps below – 

  • Go to Dashboard > Contact > Salesforce > Logs.
  • To clear logs data, click on the Clear Log button.
  • To download the logs data, click on the Download button. All the data visible on the Logs will be downloaded in the CSV file format.


The CF7 Integration with Mautic plugin allows you to save the contact form 7 submissions to sync manually, later. There’s a separate tab Submissions in your admin panel that shows the number of contact form submissions saved.

  • Go to Dashboard > Submissions. The submissions page with all the contact form submissions saved will appear. 

Note: You can filter the saved forms on the basis of the date modified and export the list in the CSV file format. Submissions

edit submission

You can edit the saved form details before syncing it over Mautic. This tab also includes options to select the CRM for syncing the saved form along with the details of form submission. The Add Notes feature allows you to add the priority order (Hig, medium, low) while syncing the form over Mautic.

To edit the saved form submission, follow the steps below –

  • Go to Dashboard > Submissions. 
  • Select the form submission you want to edit. The above window will appear. 
  • Click on the pencil icon to edit the fields data.
edit submissions

The settings tab of the CF7 Integration With Mautic plugin includes the features that can help you to change the general environment of the plugin. Follow the steps below to go through the Settings tab options. 

  • Go to Dashboard > Contact > Mautic > Settings
  • Enable/Disable the features according to your requirements. Click on the Save Changes button when done.
settings Logs

Swipe this button right to start the logging of all the form data synced over Mautic. Data

Swipe this button right to delete all the plugin data when uninstalling the Mautic CF7 Integration plugin, automatically. Notification

Enabling this setting will give the plugin permissions to send the error notifications during the form submissions when connected via the REST API. When the setting is enabled, you’ll see a meta box appear exactly below this feature. Input the email address you wish to receive the error notifications on. Logs After N Days

After a particular set number of days, the logs of the form submissions will automatically be deleted. Mention the number of days in the box provided. Not Save Submissions

Swipe this option right if you don’t want to save the contact form submissions in the Submission tab. Also, enabling this feature will restrict the manual submission syncs of the form. Not Track Forms

The admin can add the selected contact forms in the meta box here. All the mentioned forms here will not be synced over Mautic nor any of their submissions. IP Tracking

Swipe this setting right if you don’t want to track the IP address of the form submissions.

After purchasing the CF7 Integration With Mautic, You’ll also get a License/purchase code. This purchase code ensures that you have the licensed version of the Mautic CF7 integration plugin, i.e., the security of your data is intact.


To Validate the plugin and to add the license code, follow the steps below – 

  • Go to Dashboard > Contact > Mautic > License 
  • Enter the Purchase code. Click on Validate.

Important: If the license key is not activated within 30 days of the purchase, the admin might lose data and the plugin will become dysfunctional.


Yes. You should have the following for the proper functioning of this plugin:

  1. The latest version of the free MWB CF7 Integration with Mautic
  2. Mautic CRM account (You can also sign up from the Mautic Accounts tab)
  3. CF7 Plugin

The admin needs to have the Mautic account or can directly sign up using the link we have provided in our plugin’s Mautic Account tab and then select the Mautic Domain. Then enter the Client ID, Secret Key, and the Redirect URL after generating it following the instruction shared in a plugin which can be seen by clicking the plus icon in the top right corner.

For creating Mautic feeds, you need to select the following details:

  1. Select Contact form
  2. Mautic Object
  3. Field Value
  4. Conditional Statement
  5. Primary key (optional)

Yes, this can be done using CF7 Integration with Mautic. According to the Mautic modules, the admin can add as many feeds as he wants. In the same way, the admin can also add new fields by filling the field value and field type. The steps involved are as follows:

Go to Dashboard > Contact > Mautic > Add New Feed > Select Field > Add New Field

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