ConvertKit WooCommerce Integration Pro syncs customers with their order information from your WooCommerce store to ConvertKit. It Integrates your Woocommerce store to ConvertKit in just one click. Creates custom fields in ConvertKit that provides valuable information about your store customers and Orders that they have purchased from your store.


  •  ConvertKit WooCommerce Integration Pro provides real-time syncing of your store customers to ConvertKit.
  •  Customer information syncs when a new customer registers, customer information updates, customer checkouts a new order and customer order status is changed.
  •  RFM segmentation provides valuable information about your store customers.
  •  This information helps in identifying loyal customers and customers who might be getting disengaged.
  •  This information can be utilized to create powerful Automation and Sequences in ConvertKit.

These Custom Fields related to customers are created in ConvertKit and are updated in Real-time-

ACCOUNT CREATION DATE – The date when the account was created in WordPress.
SHOPPING CART CUSTOMER ID – User ID of the customer in WordPress.
AVERAGE DAYS BETWEEN ORDERS – Average number of days between Orders of a Customer.
SUBSCRIBER ROLES – The user roles in WordPress.
TOTAL VALUE OF ORDERS – The Total price of all Orders of a customer.
TOTAL NUMBER OF ORDERS – Total number of Orders of a customer.
AVERAGE ORDER VALUE – Average Order price of a customer.
RFM ORDER RECENCY RATING – A very valuable information regarding how recently a customer has purchased from you. You can find detailed information about RFM <a ” href=”https://makewebbetter.com/product/convertkit-woocommerce-integration-pro/#mwb-convertkit-what-is-rfm”>here.
RFM ORDER FREQUENCY RATING – A very valuable information regarding how many times a customer has purchased from you.
RFM MONETARY RATING – A very valuable information regarding how much a customer has spent with you.
LAST ORDER DATE – The date when last Order was made by a customer.
LAST ORDER VALUE – The Total price of the last Order of a customer.
LAST ORDER STATUS – The last Order status of a customer. For Example, processing or completed.
LAST ORDER ORDER NUMBER – The last Order number of a customer in WooCommerce.
FIRST ORDER DATE – The date when first Order was made by a customer.
FIRST ORDER VALUE – The Total price of the first Order of a customer.



Automatic installation is the easiest option as WordPress handles the file transfers itself and you don’t need to leave your web browser.

Steps are as follows :

1. Download the zip folder of the plugin ConvertKit WooCommerce Integration.

2. Once downloaded install plugin through browsing and activate it.



Manual installation of the plugin is another option to install the plugin to your WordPress-environment. The manual installation method involves downloading our ConvertKit WooCommerce Integration Extension and uploading it to your web server via your favorite FTP application.

Steps are as follows :

1. Upload the ConvertKit WooCommerce Integration folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.

2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.

3.Activate Licence

Admin has to activate their license within 30 days after the activation of the plugin. Otherwise, the extension will become dysfunctional. For 30 days, admin can access the functionality of the extension easily.


4.Admin Setting


Enable: Enable the ConvertKit WooCommerce syncing. New users and users with updated information will be synced to ConvertKit after successful integration.

API Secret: Enter ConvertKit API secret. Make sure it is your appropriate ConvertKit account’s API Secret. After successful validation, you would not be able to change it again.

Debugging: Enable logging of data for debugging.

5.Work Flow

5.1 Firstly we have to enter ConvertKit API Secret and Save to connect with ConvertKit Account.


5.2 Click on the link to get the ConvertKit API Secret Key.convertket-WooCommerce-Integration-GetAPI

5.3 Paste the key and click on “Save Options”.Convertkit-WooCommerce-Integration-pasteAPIkey

5.4 After connecting to the ConvertKit account, Integrate your Woocommerce store to ConvertKit.Convertkit-WooCommerce-Integration-Integrate

5.5 After Successful integration of your WooCommerce store, your Store Tag and Custom Fields are created in ConvertKit.

5.6 To Test, Place any Order and wait for five minutes.


5.7 The Order customer will be uploaded in ConvertKit.



5.8 These are the Custom Fields that holds valuable information about your store customers.


5.9 Create Automation and much more by using the valuable information of your store customers.


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