This app setup guide will tell you how to connect, authorize and do the initial setup for this CRM integration for Zoho plugin.

  1. Once you install and activate the plugin, you’ll get this screen asking you to connect your Zoho account with the plugin.
connect woocommerce with zoho

2. Click on the “Connect your Account” button and you’ll see a form asking to enter these details of your Zoho account:

There are 2 methods to establish a connection. First, let’s talk about the first method:

2.1. If Use Global App toggle is enabled:

  • Use Global App: Enabling this toggle will allow you to use the MakeWebBetter to connect your Zoho CRM.
  • Zoho Domain: This dropdown helps you select the domain for your Zoho app. It allows you to select domains like India, USA, Europe, China, Australia.

  • After selecting your domain, click on the Login & Authorize button.
  • You’ll then be asked to Accept/Reject the access for your Zoho account data.

  • Click on Accept to connect the app and you’ll be redirected to this window.

2.2. If Use Global App toggle is disabled:

You’ll see these options:

  • Client ID
  • Secret ID
  • Zoho Domain
  • Redirect URI

    In this method you will need to create your own Zoho console application for authentication.

Here are the steps for that

  • Click on the Get API keys link
  • You’ll be asked to log in with your Zoho account
  • After logging in you will be redirected to the Zoho console where you can create a new application.
create app on zoho
  • Click on Add client on the top right to create a new application.
choose app client type
  • Select a Client Type then select “Server-based Application”.
create client app
  • After selecting Server Based Application, you’ll be asked to enter these details:
    • Client Name: Enter any name
    • Home Page URL: URL of your website’s home page
    • Authorize Redirect URL: Redirect URL provided in credentials form in the plugin panel
  • Enter the details and click on Create button
  • You’ll now get your client ID and secret ID.
enter client secret
  • Copy them and enter them into the form in the plugin panel.
enter zoho api credentials
  • After entering the details, you’ll need to select your Zoho domain which is your Zoho data center. You can check that by going through this link,
  • Select the appropriate domain in the plugin panel form and click on Authorize after that
  • If your details are correct, you’ll be redirected to Zoho and asked for permission for your App.
  • Click on “Accept” and your account will be connected to Zoho.
  • Once the connection is made you are ready to go to the next step in the plugin panel.
successful authentication

3. Next step is to create feeds. Feeds are a set of rules based on which the data is sent over Zoho CRM. This plugin creates four default feeds while set up to send your WooCommerce Contacts, Products, Deals, and Orders data over Zoho CRM.

create synchronization feed

4. Click on Create Feeds button to create all feeds in the plugin.

successful feed creation

5. Once all feeds are created, click on Move To Next Step button which will send you to the data syncing step. In this step, all your previous data will be synced over Zoho CRM.

But if you don’t want to sync the data in this step, you can also skip the synchronization by clicking on the Skip for now button. If you skip syncing, you can do this after setting up the plugin using the bulk sync feature.

6. Click on the Start Sync button to start the synchronization process.

  • First, all your WooCommerce products will be synced over Zoho CRM as products.
  • Then it will fetch the customer information from your woo-commerce orders and create contacts over Zoho CRM.
  • After that, it’ll fetch data from your WooCommerce order and create deals and orders over Zoho CRM.
woocommerce object synchronization

7. Once all data is sync, click on the Next button to move further.

connected zoho with woocommerce