WooCommerce RMA

Refund and exchange Presale Question (9)

We have provided two methods of refund:-

1.Manual Refund (Woocommece refund method).

2.Wallet refund (Store Credit).

So if Merchant wants to handle refund amount from their end then he/she can use manual refund method.

Yes, we have provided mail template editor in woocommerce rma where you can customize your template according to your requirement even you can put your custom template also.

It’s a very easy way, go to the Woocommerce -> Settings ->RAE setting ->Exchange Products and Select the order status in which you want that the order can be Exchanged.

Yes, We have provided setting for this when merchant accept the exchange request of any order at that time merchant can add extra shipping charges with exchange product.

We have provided custom CSS setting for woocommerce refund/ exchange with RMA form at the common setting section, so from there, you can change a font color of the buttons.

And second thing is that you can also write CSS for button font color under your theme customizer section.

We are providing automated email system. In automated mail system, we have provided mail configuration setting form there merchant can write or customize text and setting that he/she wants to send customer when he/she is approved, cancel and so on customer emails. these emails are provided communication between customer and merchant.

Go to Woocommerce-> RAE Configuration -> mail configuration setting
And from this setting, you can set complete mail setting for woocommerce refund and exchange(woocommerce rma) process.

Through this feature, If no. of days exceeds from the day of the order delivered then Exchange Request will not be sent.

For this feature, you can select those categories on which categories products you don’t want to allow refund and exchange request.
To use this setting please follow these steps
RAE Configuration->Catalog setting-> select products and categories for refund and exchange settings.

In catalog setting, you need to enter catalog name, catalog products, Maximum refund days and maximum exchange days.

All catalog’s products always follow the refund and exchange days setting according to catalog’s data and request only proceed in given days if days will exceed then the customer is not allowed to refund and exchange of purchased product.

So by catalog feature, you can set refund and exchange days in top priority for a selected group of products.

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Refund and exchange FAQs (13)

If exchange approved order needs to pay extra amount paid by the customer then there would show a “Pay” button on that order near “view” order button at my account section from there customer will pay that extra amount.

For this Please go to RAE->mail configuration setting ->refund setting and there is a checkbox “Enable for custom email template” check this check box and just below there is editor in which you can design your custom email template which will match with your brand color.

Please go to RAE->mail configuration setting and then go to the Basic tab and there is an option “FROM EMAIl” fill email at which you want to receive notification, in the text box. Then you will get all notification.

Go to Woocommerce-> Settings -> RAE setting-> Exchange Products-> Enable “Enable Exchange Request.” -> After that you have to select Maximum Number of Days. If the value is 0 or blank then Exchange button will not visible at order detail page. And Select the order status in which the order can be Refunded.

Do the same process for showing woocommerce Refund button with RMA .

WooCommerce RMA Plugin provided return ship label feature, by using this merchant can send return label template to the customer so the customer will print that label and send to merchant’s warehouse and we have provided tracking id shortcode that represents order_id.

We have provided setting for that when the merchant accepts the refund request then a button would show under plugin -> refund setting with the name of “MANAGE STOCK” as merchant click on this button then returned products returned to inventory successfully.

Yes, merchant can turn off both settings .Go to Setting-> RAE Setting -> Cancel Order.

Go to the Woocommerce-> Settings -> RAE setting ->Cencel Order ->Enable Cancel Order feature and Select the orderstatus in which the order can be canceled by customer.

Enable the Exclude Shipping Fee feature. Now your shipping fee will not be added to your refunded amount.

It’s a very easy way, go to the Woocommerce -> Settings ->RAE setting ->Exchange Products and Select the order status in which the order can be Exchanged.

You can easily go to the WooCommerce -> Settings -> RAE setting ->wallet setting->EnableWallet(Enable the WalletFeature setting to add the refund amount to customer wallet).

Refund and exchange both are different points and the button of both points also different but not difficult to understand.

If you want to visible Refund Button then follow these steps. You can easily go to the WooCommerce -> Settings -> RAEsetting ->Refund Products and set the following points.

1)Enable Refund Request.
2)Set the maximum number of days.

3)Select the order status in which the order can be Refunded.


If you want to visible Exchange Button then follow these steps. You can easily go to the WooCommerce -> Settings -> RAEsetting ->Exchange Products and set following points.

1)Enable Exchange Request.
2)Set Maximum Number of Days.

3)Select the order status in which the order can be Exchanged.

Go to  Woocommerce-> Settings -> RAE setting-> Exchange Products-> Enable “Enable Exchange Request.” -> After that you have to select Maximum Number of Days.If value is 0 or blank then Exchange button will not visible at order detail page. And Select the orderstatus in which the order can be Refunded.

Do the same process for showing Refund button.

Go to Plugin’s  refund setting->go to select order statuses which the order can be refunded setting -> select order statuses from the drop down at which you want to show refund button and do the same process for showing exchange button.

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Giftware – WooCommerce GiftCards

GiftCard Presale Question (11)

We have provided four types of Price Types in our plugin.

-Default Price

-Price Range

-Selected price

-User Price

You can use PRICE RANGE price type and set the minimum amount for purchasing the gift product.

Gift Card email is sent to the user in a few conditions.

1) Make sure Gift Card order status should be Processing or Completed.

2) If you are using the date feature. Then Gift card email will send on the selected date.

For that, we have provided a setting on the order edit page.

After placing the order by customer navigate to the order edit page. Here you find setting “Resend Gift card by changing amount”. From here you can change the amount of the particular gift card and resend it to the recipient.

You can easily use shipping method as we have provided three gift card delivery method.

1) Email to recipient

2) Downloadable

3) Shipping

You can choose from delivery methods after that it will get display on Gift Card product page.

The Coupon Code will get generated as soon as the Order falls in Processing or in the completed state.

You can easily go to the Woocommerce -> Gift Manager ->General Setting -> Enable Giftcard Product listing on the shop page.

If you enable this setting, then all your Gift Card products will get displayed on your Shop page.

Gift Card Email Templates are fully customizable.
You can create your own Gift card Templates or you may change the Logo, Default Event Image, your own Disclaimer Text in predefined templates and much more.

For more detail, you may check the video also https://youtu.be/n4j3OaRSkY0

When you have enabled one of the settings from “Barcode/QRcode” and trying to turn it off, please go to the “QRcode/Barcode” setting tab and click on “Reset” button.

When you buy gift card then E-mail will send to the recipient on selected date which you have selected at the time of purchasing Gift Card. Make sure that the status of that order is marked as Processing or Completed.

Here’s what I should do: – the user buys the product – receives a coupon code generated automatically after purchase – The coupon must offer a different discount rate based on the product purchased.

Ans) Yes, our plugin works same as you have listed the features. Coupons get automatically generated as any successful purchasing of giftcard products. And that Coupon code is totally based on Giftcard product price. For example ($100 giftcard product will generate $100 Amount of coupon code, another product of $50 will produce $50 amount of coupon code).

Yes in Delivery method tab Merchant can select the “Allow customer to choose” After enabling this setting customer can choose delivery methods by which they want to deliver the gift card .

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GiftCard FAQs (16)

We have provided three gift card delivery method under WooCommerce > Gift Manager > Delivery Methods.

1) Email to recipient

2) Downloadable

3) Shipping

You can choose from delivery methods after that it will get display on Gift Card product page.

Category: GiftCard FAQs

As we inherited the WooCommerce feature in our plugin. So make sure WooCommere default mail is working properly. Whenever customer place order on WooCommerce site then “Thank you for your Order” email is sent by WooCoomerce to the customer. If it is working fine then gift email template should also send to the customer. So please make sure it is working correctly.

Category: GiftCard FAQs

Yes, you can show both simultaneously just by approaching the tab Gift Manager>QR/Bar Code Tab > There you will see a check box having the name “Display Code” just enable this and then your code will get written under the barcode.

Category: GiftCard FAQs

The initial 3 Templates are default Templates which we do provide and for rest you have to Import Manually, So Please go to the Gift Cards section and then you’ll find an Import Button from where you would be able to Import all other different Events Related template, You can modify these templates and create by your own.

Category: GiftCard FAQs

Please make sure that your theme is not using ajax add to cart at the single product page or you are not using any third party plugin for that.

Category: GiftCard FAQs
Go to the Gift Manager -> Email template -> Mail Setting Tab:

Here you’ll see some text boxes like “Gift Card Email Subject (The subject for Giftcard Email received by Recipient)”, “Email Subject to Sender(The subject for the Buyer of Giftcard)” and “Email Notification to Sender (The Email Content for Buyer)”

Category: GiftCard FAQs

Please make sure that the page where your Gift Card Product is displaying at front end should be a Single Product Page.

If not, then you may use the version 2.3.2 or Updated version onwards. From here go to the Woocommerce -> Gift Manager -> Other Setting ->Enable Product for a Custom page(check this box) -> Select Custom Page ( the page where you want to get it displayed ), It will help you.

Category: GiftCard FAQs

Yes, It should display the Error Messages for all required fields needs to be filled out properly, Please make sure your theme should be properly overridden and must have one of the Woocommerce hook “woocommerce_before_main_content”.

Category: GiftCard FAQs

Please go to the Woocommerce -> Gift Manager ->Qrcode/Barcode -> Click on Reset Button, Now the system will produce normal Gift Coupon Codes rather than in the form of Qrcode/Barcode images.

Category: GiftCard FAQs

Yes, we have this kind of feature. As we have three kinds of delivery method for the users from where they want to send his/her Gift cards to anyone. If any user selects the ” shipping method ” (one of the delivery method) the shipping cost would get added automatically.There is also a provision to add different shipping class to a different product on the time of gift product creation when you are creating a product you can also assign any shipping class to that product.

Category: GiftCard FAQs

You do not have to do anything, as soon as the customers choose the “Ship Your Card Method” (one of the delivery method) the shipping charges would get automatically added to the Grand Total of your Cart Content.

Category: GiftCard FAQs

Yes, for this please enable the setting “Enable tax calculation for Giftcard” and create a gift product, as soon as you have to change the Product type to “Gift Card” you’ll find the required “Tax fields” from where you can assign the Tax class for each product.

Category: GiftCard FAQs

When I check this order, its status is “On Hold”. And the “Send Date” for this order is set 7 days later by the customer.

So after I set the status for this order to “Complete”, it seems like there is no email to be sent.

1) Is this behavior correct?

2) What if after the 7th day is over? Will the email automatically send?


1)Yes it is behave correctly .

2) After 7 days it will automatically send.


Category: GiftCard FAQs

In gift card, with the help of coupon you can reduce the amount of shipping. For example you buy a product and the shipping cost is 92 and you have a 62 price coupon then u can use this coupon for reduce the shipping charges.

Category: GiftCard FAQs

You can Import your own coupon codes along with all required fields for that which you may check from provided CSV file format, and after that whenever any customer purchase the Gift card he/she get the Imported Coupon Code rather than the system generated one.

Category: GiftCard FAQs

Go to the Woocommerce -> Gift Manager -> Other Setting.

Here you will find “Enable Browse Image for Gift Card” checkbox, Please uncheck this box to turn off the “Upload Image”.

Category: GiftCard FAQs

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WooCommerce Failed Order Recovery

Failed Order Recovery Presale Question (6)

There are two delete button appear in order list tab which are-Delete(Red) : It appears along with the “resend” button. It is for removing an unrecovered order from order list.

Delete(Green) : It appears when a failed order completes its payment (moved to “processing or completed” status) and considered as recovered. It is for removing a recovered order from order list.

Resend button appears when a failed order for which a recovery e-mail has already been sent is not recovered after a specific time (unrecovered time).

This time is set by the admin in “General Settings”.

For example, if it is set as “1 day” then if a failed order is not been recovered, then after 1 day of sending a recovery e-mail the resend button will appear and admin can re-send the recovery e-mail.

Yes, It is possible to send an admin notice when an order is recovered after sending a recovery e-mail. For that, you have to check the setting “Enable Admin Notifications” in “General Settings”. So when a customer completes its failed order payment using the link provided in recovery e-mail then a notification will be sent to admin.

Yes, we can send the recovery mail to “Failed” an order after a specific time interval which is “Unrecovered Time”.

We can send 3 recovery mail to each failed order and in each mail, we can send a recovery coupon to force user to complete the payment of their failed order.

Time after that an order with “Failed” status will be to considered “Unrecovered” after sending a recovery mail.

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Failed Order Recovery FAQs (5)

Cron Interval is used to send recovery e-mails automatically after a specific time to Failed orders and Unrecovered orders.basically, Cron interval is the time for the recurring of the scheduled event in which recovery mails are sent to orders which are “Failed and Unrecovered”.

Time at which the order status changed to “Failed”.

Under the plugin’s Coupon setting, we can enable our coupon setting and also We can modify Coupons settings can be modified.

To enable the plugin user just have to check the “Enable Failed Order Recovery” setting under the “General Settings” tab.

Yes, there is an editor at the “Notification Template” tab where notification template can be customized.

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WooCommerce Variation Master

Variation Master Presale Question (10)

Yes, Plugin provides variation attribute and variation gallery import/Export feature.From the setting you can import CSV file fill the values.

Yes, our extension offers an automatic update, When ever we release a new version then notification will show below the plugin with “update now” button you can update plugin on clicking the update now button.

Yes,It can be done by using global attribute so merchant just follow these simple steps.

1: Woocommerce-> product->attribute.

2: Click on attribute(color)-> then all variations are listed (blackblue,black-silver,black-green etc).

3: Click on configure terms->as you click on that all variation will list.

4: Select any variation -> click on edit(button)-> there is an option “Display Type” from there you can select thumbnail-image/color/text which you want to display on front end.

5: Now this setting work globally for all global attributes.and swatches will show on all products.

Yes,If any variation is out of stock and when you select the variation, then that combination will show out of stock and you will not be able to add the product to the cart.

Plugin only change default attribute drop down to swatches and also provide variation gallery feature for every variation .

Yes, merchant add the Images/color on swatches and also add image text.

Yes, you can. It’s working perfectly fine with AVADA.

Variation can be made according to the requirements.

Yes,Color or Image swatches will show on shop and category pages.

1) Yes, our plugin converts the default variations of colors or sizes drop-down to image/color swatches in a circle or square shape.

2)Yes, Swatches are displayed on shop and archive/category pages.

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Variation Master FAQs (7)

Yes, for this you need to open the Variation Master > Import/Export Tab.From this page you can download a CSV file for all available variations and after editing the file by providing the gallery image URLs separated by “|” press the “Browse” button and navigate to the modified file location and press “Import” button, the gallery images for each variation will be uploaded, make sure you enable the “Variation Wise Gallery” from general settings of variation master.
Yes for this you need to go to :-

Variation Master > Import/Export tab and Under Variation Gallery press the “Browse” and select the images then press on “Import Variation Gallery Images”,

1: Go to variable product edit page.

2. Go to variations and click on any variation.

3: There is a setting “Add variation galley images” from here you add can add multiple images.

Go Inside the product setting go to:-

1: Go to product edit page.

2: Go to variation Swatches setting.

3: Go to color(attribute)setting.

4: Go to display type and select image/color from drop down.

5: Set display name “yes”.

6: Then go to variations(black,navy).

7: Set enable “yes” from drop down.

8: Set display type color/image according to your need.

9: Then click on update button.

Yes, To unable that feature you first need to go :-

Variation Masters -> then unable the “Display Show Variation Button and hide Swatches in Shop/Archive/Category Page”.

Yes, it is possible. You just have to set one particular variation as default and assign gallery images to that variation. Then gallery section will be automatically be shown on loading the page.

Yes, It would work without any issue in the latest version.

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Woocommerce Ultimate Coupons

Ultimate Coupons Presale Question (4)

In the private tab, you can select a private coupon and user whom you want to send private coupon by clicking on send email button Private coupon code will send to the selected user along with the URL. Now the user will able to see private coupon code and by clicking on URL the user will redirect to your shop’s cart page and the product which has been assigned on that private coupon will be added automatically to your cart along with that coupon code.

You can provide the discount on Fix bundle product as well as on custom bundle product. We have provided a table in that you can fix the range for the discount.

Yes, admin have settings to set the range of price on which coupon will provide to customer.

Yes if you will send one coupon to one user only, then that private coupon code would not be applicable for any other user.

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Ultimate Coupons FAQ (3)

Admin sends the private coupon to the selected user. These coupons are applicable for on selected products. Coupon sent via a URL.

Every customer can easily use the public coupons. Pop-Ups and notification are shown for the public coupon. These coupons are applicable on all products.

Two types of coupons are generated by the extension.

1)Public coupon, which is generated for all customers. Every customer can easily use the public coupon.
2)private coupon, which is generated for the selected customers.
You can also create order coupon, it is generated when the customer buying the product in the price limit which is set by the admin.

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WooCommerce Points And Rewards

Points And Reward Presale Question (5)

 is it can be used instantly to purchase a product, or it needs to redeem to coupon first and use the coupon to redeem rewards Two ways are there:-1) Points can be converted to the Coupons -> In this feature, Admin can set the minimum Points needed for customer to convert their points into coupon, As example( Admin have set the min requirement for generating coupon amount is 50, and if any customer will have 50 points only then he will be able to convert their points to coupon)

2) Points can be used for Product Purchasing -> In this feature when customer have some of Points (say 100) and then he goto the single product page of any product, If that product needs 120 Points for purchasing, Then he will see a message “Needs 20 more point for purchasing that product”, Whenever he would have 120 Points, he will be able to purchase that product free of cost . And 120 Points will be deducted from his account.

About Enter Product Points: – From here Merchant can select some product and can set the Points for a particular product, and if any user will purchase that selected product he or she will be rewarded with those Points.

About Refer working: After customer’s successfully login and enable the reference link by admin, customer will get a reference link, now the other users have to successfully registered from that link (minimum number of users can set by admin for generating the points),if required number of registration has been done successfully through that link then the customer get the referral points.

There are total two ways for handling the refund request.

1- Earn Points

Product Assigned Points: When user make a refund request of that product which have some of the assigned points then after refunding the amount, the earned points will be deducted from his/her account.

Per $ Spent Point: When user make a refund request for an order from which he/she earned some of the points, then after refunding the amount, earned points will be deducted from his/her account.

2-Deduct Points:

Product Purchase through Points: When customer makes any refund request for that product which has been purchased free of cost(by using his/her points) then after refund request, deducted points will be refunded to his/her account.

About Redeem Points Conversion: – In this setting Merchant can set the amount for converting reward points to generate the coupon. For example if you have set 1 point will be equivalent to the 1$ (for your site) and if any user have 50 points then he or she will get the coupon amount of 50 after converting it from “My Account” section.

About Per $ Points Conversion: – Lets take an example if Merchant have set the $1 = 1point (for their site) and any customer will purchase any product with 50$ then he or she will be rewarded with 50 points.

About Enter Product Points: – From here Merchant can select some product and can set the Points for a particular product, and if any user will purchase that selected product he or she will be rewarded with those Points.

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Points And Reward FAQs (13)

For that visit, WooCommerce > Points and Rewards Manager > Membership and create membership levels as you want.
For Creating Membership –
Enter Level: enter the name of the membership (level name) for the user.
Enter Points: set the points of membership level for the user.
Select Product Category: select the product category for membership.

Select Product: choose the product of selected category for membership.

Enter Discount(%): Admin can also set the discount for membership.

Now, it will get display on Customer Point’s tab. If the customer has sufficient points then they can upgrade membership level and it will also display on the Points tab. If you want to display on other pages for that we have provided shortcode in “Other Setting” tab [MYCURRENTUSERLEVEL], You may use this.

You can assign points the product in three ways.

1. Global Point Assign (Assign Points to all Product)

2. Per Category Point Assign ( Assign points to the different category )

3. Per Product Assign Points (Individually Assign Points )

For Globally assign points to visit WooCommerce > Assign Product Points Here you find “Global Product Points”. Now enable the setting and assign points to all product in a single click.

For Category assign points, below the “Global Product Points” setting you will find an option to assign points per category.

For Per product assign point, visit particular product edit page. In Product data section you will find a tab “Points and Rewards” click on that tab after that Enable Points Per Product and Enter the points. Now, update the product and Product points will get display on Product Page.

As we have provided the .po file in our plugin. You can change the text in the .po file using the appropriate software. it will reflect on your website.

You can translate the plugin in any language you want. We have provided all our plugin translation ready. Using suitable software you can translate our plugin.

No, You can’t use both at the same time. You can use one at the time either “Purchase through Points” and “Redemption Over Cart Sub-Total” at a time.

Enable the required Setting from “Other Setting” (tab) i.e “Enable Point Sharing”, Now on My Account Page customer can see the related fields and can enter the Email of that customer( Valid WordPress User_Email Id ) to whom they want to share his/her Point.

There are two ways to achieve your requirement, please check below:

A)Add the widget for this  –

1)Go to the Appearance -> Widget -> You’ll find a widget naming “Points And Reward”

2) Drag this to your sidebar along with the Title and other Details for that widget.

It will show your Current Points.

B)If you want to use the Shortcode Method –

1)Please place the shortcode [MYCURRENTPOINT] at your checkout page then update.

2)You may change the Text for this Shortcode, Please go to the Other Setting Tab and set your required text for [MYCURRENTPOINT] shortcode.

Please login to your admin panel and visit WordPress “Settings > Permalinks” and click on “Save Changes” button. After Clicking on this button your permalinks will get saved successfully and “Points” tab will get visible to all customers.

Please make sure that you had Enabled the Settings from “General Tab” and selected the social buttons you want to let it display on your site.

Per Currency Conversion setting would not be visible to any product page, But If you want to notify to users that if they place an order they would be rewarded with some Points, for this you can use the setting “Enter Ways to Gain Point Section” in General Tab . Whatever text you’ll put in this text area it will get displayed to the User’s “My Account” Page.

After enable the setting “Enable Social Links” and select some social buttons, The social sharing button will get appears on product page,post etc.

Please make sure that , the product which have assigned some points should be enable the setting “Enable Points Per Product” from back end ( Product edit page). After enabling this check box “Enable Points Per Product” the Points should be shown on single product page.

Please follow below steps for admin end: Go to the WooCommerce tab—> Coupons, here you’ll find list of coupons Check/select the required coupon to be deleted.

Go to the drop down “Bulk Action” and select “Move to trash” option and then click on “Apply” button.

If you want to delete this coupon permanently, go to the Trash link and hover to the coupon code and from here you can delete that coupon permanently.

For Deleting coupons at customer side: We cannot provide this facility to the customers because if they can delete the coupon, how can admin track each generated coupons details. So only admin can delete the coupon code.

Yes, it is possible to set ” Per dollar Points Conversion ” , This setting is provided in the coupon setting tab.

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WooCommerce Order Tracker

Order Tracker Presale Question (3)

If you are using FedEx shipping services to deliver a package to your customers, and you want to provide the status of the package to your customers. Don’t worry, woocommerce order tracker provides an easy way simply go to woocommerce->Settings->track your order->enable api-> enable the checkbox for FedEx API and enter your details.

You will find your order tracking number on Order detail page and we also send you mail.

In WooCommerce, when an order is placed, you have to change the order status manually but if you are using a third party integration then there is no need to change the order status manually because the status will change automatically by the shipping services company.

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Order Tracker FAQs (2)

You can simply enable the feature of track order from woocommerce-> settings->track your order->enable checkbox of Enable Track Your Order Feature.

The Woocommerce Order Tracker Plugin offers up-to-date information about the orders your customers have placed.

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WooCommerce One Click Upsell Funnel

Upsell Funnel Pro Presale Question (5)

It supports Simple and Variable products both but does not support Products with Subscription.

  • Yes, You got it right! You are free to – Add, modify or remove funnel offers in plugin settings.
  • You are free to set more offers after a customer clicks on “Buy now” or “Skip / No Thanks”.

Woocommerce One Click Upsell Funnel Pro is compatible with the following payment gateways :

* WooCommerce Standard Paypal.

* PayPal.

* Stripe.

* Cardcom.

and core payment options such as Cash On Delivery, Direct Bank Transfer, and Cheque Payments.

For any other payment gateways, we will check possibility and let you know.

Woocommerce One Click Upsell Funnel Pro is compatible with the following payment gateways :

* WooCommerce Standard Paypal.
* PayPal.
* Stripe.
* Cardcom.

and core payment options such as Cash On Delivery, Direct Bank Transfer, and Cheque Payments.

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Upsell Funnel Pro FAQs (5)

Reach the offer page via checkout and hold it there.Now make changes in the page builder and save changes and then reload the offer page, changes will reflect.

If you will use one page offer then customize existing special-discount-offer page which has our default offer short-code.

But if you wanna use different pages for different offers then,

Create your own custom page and use our short-codes from Custom Page Short-codes tab in our settings.

Then paste that page URL in custom offer page URL in funnel offer settings.

make sure to save in every offer.

Remember our short-codes won’t show any content if you just view the page, to properly test you need to reach that page after checkout.

If you are using 1.0.9 or below version of the plugin then use oneclick upsell PayPal but for higher version you should use PayPal Standard.

For “Buy Now” shortcode:

* You need to copy this [mwb_wocuf_pro_yes] Your Custom Text [/mwb_wocuf_pro_yes] and place at the suitable place on your page.

* You can design them as [mwb_wocuf_pro_yes style=”color:red;font-size:15px;” class=”abc xyz”] Your Custom Text [/mwb_wocuf_pro_yes].

* Here the custom text can be set by you as “Add to my order”, “Buy Now” etc.

For “No thanks” shortcode:

* You need to copy this [mwb_wocuf_pro_no] Your Custom Text [/mwb_wocuf_pro_no].

The same procedure can be followed to design these as well.

For more information visit our documentation.

Make sure:

i) “Enable one click upsell funnel” is checked in General Settings.

ii) Your selected payment gateway is supported by our plugin.

iii) Offer page is published.

iv) You are testing for correct target product which you have set in funnel.

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WordPress PDF Generator

PDF Generator Presale Question (1)

You need to follow this step to add PDF button on a single-product page.

WordPress PDF Generator -> PDF POST META DETAILS tab ->select the post type and meta field and fill name of meta field and save the changes.

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PDF Generator FAQs (2)

We have the option of the bulk Export on product listing page from where you can export the PDF in a bulk.

We generally fetch the article content from database, it does not depend on how much content is showing there.

If the content is through meta fields then you have to select it from the settings as provided.

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