is it can be used instantly to purchase a product, or it needs to redeem to coupon first and use the coupon to redeem rewards Two ways are there:-1) Points can be converted to the Coupons -> In this feature, Admin can set the minimum Points needed for customer to convert their points into coupon, As example( Admin have set the min requirement for generating coupon amount is 50, and if any customer will have 50 points only then he will be able to convert their points to coupon)

2) Points can be used for Product Purchasing -> In this feature when customer have some of Points (say 100) and then he goto the single product page of any product, If that product needs 120 Points for purchasing, Then he will see a message “Needs 20 more point for purchasing that product”, Whenever he would have 120 Points, he will be able to purchase that product free of cost . And 120 Points will be deducted from his account.