FormPay HubSpot Integration lets you accept payments or donations within HubSpot through your favorite payment gateways.

With this HubSpot payment app, you can modify your native HubSpot forms and add payment gateways to them so users can pay you directly through HubSpot forms. Therefore, providing a convenient opportunity to all the HubSpot form users to accept payments instantly.


Open the FormPay HubSpot Integration app. You can access the app through this link.

Register yourself and log in using your credentials.

After email verification and  logging in, you need to add a HubSpot portal to the app:

Click on Add New Portal to connect your portal with the app.

Select the HubSpot portal you want to connect with the app on the selection page.

Click on Choose Account to select the HubSpot account and it’ll be displayed in the app.

If you want to add more portals, repeat the above process. If you want to move further, click on the HubSpot portal you added and you’ll see the dashboard for that portal.

The plugin setup is complete. Let’s move further and talk about other features of this app.


a. Home

This section displays a simple dashboard where you can see all the payment gateways that are available to use along with the set of instructions to connect the FormPay app with HubSpot and quick links to reference resources.


b. Forms

The forms section lets you create payment forms and shows all the forms you’ve created so far through this app.

To create a form:

  • Click on Create New Form button.
  • You’ll see the form settings where you need to add details like Form Name, Payment settings, payment gateways, and more.
  • Click on the Publish Form button.

Your form is successfully created now.

c. Form Submissions

The form submission section shows the details of all the submissions made on the forms you’ve created.

d. Transactions

All the transactions made through your HubSpot forms will be listed here.


a. Gateways

This section shows all the payment gateways this app supports.If your gateway is not listed, Please connect with us, The gateway will be added to the app by our team.

b. Payments

The Payments section is the billing portal where users can add their details and pay to renew their subscription to use the FormPay HubSpot Integration.

c. User Accounts
This section lets you modify your account details. You get three sections here. Let’s look at them:

1) General

In this section, you can change the basic details of your account like First Name, Last Name, Email, Phone Number, Address, Country, and more.

2) Change Password

As the name says, you can change the password of your account.

3) Billing

From this section, you can change your billing details and cancel your subscription if you want.

5.How to Create A HubSpot Payment Form?

We can classify the HubSpot payment form creation into 7 different steps. Let’s look into them:

a. Form Settings

At first, you’d see Form Settings. In this section, you’ll get 2 options:

  • Form name: Add a name to the HubSpot Payment form you’re creating.
  • Select HubSpot form: Select a regular HubSpot form you want to convert into a payment form.

Configure these settings and move to the next step.


b. Donation Form Settings


This section allows you to turn your form into a donation form. It has different settings like:

  • Donation form toggle: Enable this toggle to turn your form into a donation form and unlock the rest of the settings in this section.
  • Title: Add your donation form title here.
  • Description: Add your donation form description here.
  • Logo: Upload your donation form logo here.
  • Show/Hide in memory of: If you want to have a section where users can dedicate their donation to someone, enable this toggle.
  • Donation memory label: Add content for your donation memory label.
  • Donate button text: Add text for your donation button.

After configuring these settings, you can move further to the next step.

Note: If you keep the Donation Form toggle disabled, the payment form will work as a regular payment form.

c) Payment Settings


This section will let you enter the payment amount you want to receive with your form. You get the following settings here:

  • Allow custom amount toggle: If you’re creating a donation form and want to add multiple amounts to your form, you can enable this toggle.
  • Custom amount: Enter the amount you want to set as a default amount for your payment form. If you don’t enable the custom amount toggle, you’ll see this option as Enter Amount.
  • Suggested amount: This option lets you add multiple payment values to your form. Just add a value and hit Enter and then repeat the process to add multiple values in your form.
  • Enable test mode toggle: If you want to test your form, enable this toggle.

After successfully setting up this section, move forward to the next setting.


d. Redirection Settings

This section lets you add a URL to which the user will be redirected after submitting the form.

e. Thank You Page Settings


This section contains the settings for your Thank You page. If you want to redirect users to a thank you page after the form submission, you can configure the settings in this section.

Here you’ll see the following options:

  • Back button text: Enter the text you want to show on the back button of your Thank You page.
  • Back button link: Link on your back button.
  • Title: Title of your thank you page.
  • Subtitle: Subtitle of your thank you page.
  • Description: Description of your thank you page.
  • Upload thank you image: Image on your thank you page.

Note: This section will appear only when you disable the Allow Redirection toggle.

f) Payment Method

This section will display the activated payment gateways. You can select the gateways you want to add to your HubSpot payment form.


g. Theme Settings

You can change the theme color of your HubSpot payment form through this setting.

Once you configure all these settings, click on Publish Form at the bottom and you’ll see a preview of your form on the right side of the page.

You can now copy the embed code of the form and paste it into your HubSpot page to add the form there.

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