Frequently Bought Together For WooCommerce plugin is for eCommerce store owners who want to enable the functionality of displaying product bundles. It is an efficient way to save your customers time and encourage them to buy the related products together.  

This setup guide will help you in understanding the setup and general settings of the Frequently Bought Together For WooCommerce plugin:

  • Once you install and activate the plugin, it will appear under the name of MakeWebBetter on the left sidebar.
general setting
  • You will have to enable the plugin’s functionality first. For that:
  • Go to the Dashboard > MakeWebBetter >Frequently Bought For WooCommerce > General Settings > Enable/Disable Plugin
  • From the General Settings of Frequently Bought Together For WooCommerce, you can :
  1. Set the position of products 
  2. Add a title to products
  3. Add descriptions to products
  4. Change the ‘Frequently Bought Together’ button text
  5. Change the button text color
  6. Change the button color entirely
general setting
  • Subsequently, you need to select products that you want to show as frequently bought together on your WooCommerce store. For that :
  1. Go to Dashboard > Products > Edit any product you want to display as frequently bought together product > Frequently Bought.
frequently bought
  • From product data, you can select both Simple products or Variable Products. 
  • Select product type from custom, upsell, or cross-sell option.
  • You can also simply search products and add them as frequently bought together products by typing their name in the box provided. All those products will be selected for displaying as products often bought together on your WooCommerce store.  
product type
  • You can also provide discounts on products so that people are more likely to buy them together. Just below the search products, you can set a percentage discount or flat rate discount for selected products. 
set discount setting
  • In other settings of the Frequently Bought Together section you can:
  1. Keep the buy together checkbox checked or unchecked by default.
  2. Change display of the frequently bought together products. 
  3. Resize the product images visible on the frequently bought together page. 
frequently bought together

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