To get your own app by using Global Webview App For Android.

Global Webview App is an amazing application for all Android users to turn their responsive website into the mobile app. This app is super simple and easy to customize, you just need to replace the existing URL with your own and your Global Webview App For Android is ready. This app has many useful built-in features and services.

Features offered by the Global Webview App:
1. Native Android activity indicator while loading your URL.
2. Custom error page when there is an error while loading pages.
3. Splash screen.
4. Pull to refresh.
5. Google Analytics.
6. Google Admobs with all devices screen size support.
7. Push notification with multimedia support.
8. Google map for contact details.
9. App share.
10. Current page share.

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2.App Setting

String.xml Setting:


The user just has to add the source code in the required application and make the following changes :

  • Change the URL “apptoreurl” & “URL” of the application in the string file.

  • Change the contact “yourcontactsplace”  Information in the string file.

  • Change the para-1 value according to your terms and conditions and the same as in Para-2.

  • Add your splash screen in the “res -> drawable” and replace the splash screen with your choice.

  • Change the AdMob by changing the id of “banner_ad_unit_id” in string.xml

  • Server Side Notification Code is Provide with the package for Notification.

For Changing the Push Notification for the Application:

You have to register the app with the application package name and you need SHA1 to register the app in server code to generate SHA1.

you have to put this code in the Android Studio Terminal.

keytool -list -v -keystore ~/.android/debug.keystore -alias androiddebugkey -storepass android -keypass android.

After getting SHA1 you have to register and get the Proper Notifications.


Splash Screen View:



Home View:



Navigation Drawer:



Invite View:



Share View:



Contact Us View:



Terms and Conditions View:



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3.Work Flow

Open app -> res -> values -> string.xml file:


Splash Screen is the startup screen for the application which displays for fractions of seconds.


After load, your website Global WebView App For Android displays the website content in webview content.


Here we have to provide some navigations i.e; Invites, Share, Contact Us and Terms & Conditions.

You may also add the sections in navigation drawer as your requirements.


Here we provide the feature to invite people to our application.


In this feature, you can share your current page URL to anyone.


Contact Us is the identification of the reallocation of your site, and you can also check the geographic location of an object, mobile phone or internet connected computer terminals.


The developer can change their application Terms and Conditions according to their requirements.




For any Query please contact us on:

Email: support@makewebbetter.com

Skype: makewebbetter

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