To get your own app by using MWB Global WebView App For iOS.

Global WebView App is an amazing application for all iOS users to turn their responsive website into mobile app. This app is super simple and easy to customize, you just need to replace the existing URL with your own and your Global WebView App For iOS is ready. This app has many useful built-in features and services.

Features offered by the Global WebView Application:

          1. Native iOS activity indicator while loading your URL.

          2. Custom error page when there is any error while loading pages.

          3. Splash screen.

          4. Toolbar with back, forward and refresh buttons.

          5. Pull to refresh.

          6. Google Analytics.

          7. Google Admobs with all devices screen size support.

          8. Push notification with multimedia support.

          9. Google map for contact details.

          10. App share.

          11. Current page share.

New Feature’s:

          12. Added home button in Navigation tool bar to get back to the home page.

          13. Added banner and interstitial admobs.

          14. Online Mp3 and video play or download.

          15. Download Manager.

          16. In App Purchase to remove Ads.

          17. Notification Panel.

          18. Rating App facility.

          19. Right to Left Language Support (Arabic).

          20. Current Location of user (GeolLocation).

          21. External Intents for phone call, sms, email.

          22. Minor bug Fixes and performance improvements.

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SampleWebViewApp Setting:

1. If you don’t have installed cocoapods in your mac. please run this command to install it. Sudo gem install cocoapods.

2. Now go to the project root directory from Terminal.

3. Run the following command “pod install”.

4. Open project with .xcworkspace file.


AppSourceDataViewController.swift Setting:

  • weburl- Give the base url of your website.

  • adUnitId- Ads Unit Id generated by google admobs.

  • adAppId- Application Id generated by google admobs.

  • appTitle- Give the Application title.

  • themeTitle- Theme color for header section.

  • termsCondition- Just provide terms and condition for your app.

  • mapString- Map String to show your organization details on google map.

  • trackingId- Tracking Id to enable google analytics.

  • appShareString- String, you want to share along with your app download url.

  • productIdIAP- Here you can give the URL for remove the Ads.

  • appReviewURL-  Here you can give the URL for review the app.


Splash Screen:


Home View:


Navigation Drawer:


Notification Pannel:


Right to Left Language Support:


AdMob by Google:


Download Manager:


View Download File: