1.Overview‌ ‌

Recover abandoned carts to recover lost revenue. Use our Abandoned cart email template to remind users about their abandoned carts and bring them back to your store so they complete their orders. This responsive abandoned cart template is fully customizable so you can configure it as per your needs.
Recover abandoned carts: HubSpot Templates

2.Get the Template

Login to your HubSpot portal. Click on the marketplace icon on the top and select Asset Marketplace.

Asset Marketplace. : hubspot template

You’ll see the homepage of the asset marketplace

hubspot Templates

Select Templates from there and search MakeWebBetter and you’ll see the template named Abandoned Cart template.

After you find the template, click on the Buy button and purchase it.

Now to edit the purchased email template. Go to the Marketing section and click on Emails.

marketing email hubspot template

3. Elements

This abandoned cart email template has multiple elements. Here’s the list of those:

  • Logo
  • Banner
  • Text
  • Heading Underline
  • Product Image-1
  • Product-1 Name
  • Product-1 Description
  • Product-1 Quantity
  • Product-1 Price
  • Product-1 Button
  • Product Image-2
  • Product-2 Name
  • Product-2 Quantity
  • Product-2 Price
  • Product-2 Button
  • Service-1 Image
  • Service-1 Name
  • Service-2 Image
  • Service-2 Name
  • Product-1 Image
  • Product-1 Title
  • Product-2 Image
  • Product-2 Title
  • Product-3 Image
  • Product-3 Title
  • Social
  • Main Email Body


Yes we do customize templates in case you need. You can schedule a meeting or our landing page to tell us about your requirements and we’ll deal with it.

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