The Automated Coupons by MWB is a versatile HubSpot eCommerce App that works as a WooCommerce coupon generator. It lets you create coupon rules to define coupon usage for your WooCommerce store customers. HubSpot workflows function as a coupon distribution medium, when the targeted event is triggered the coupon is sent. Using this app, you can define multiple WooCommerce coupon rules targeting specific users or user groups for delivering a personalized experience to your users. Eventually, the app helps build targeted marketing campaigns, increase lead conversion, improve ROI, and promote brand advocacy.   

1.1.App Features

The Automated coupons app includes the following features:

  • Generate Targeted Coupons
  • Personalize Coupons with  Rules
  • Control Coupon Usage with Redemption Limits
  • Incentivize Coupons with Different Discount Types
  • Automate WooCommerce Coupons Send-outs
  • Create Coupon Properties in HubSpot
  • Target Marketing Campaigns through HubSpot
  • In-app Monitoring and through HubSpot Reporting & Analytics


  • To download the Automated Coupons app from the HubSpot Marketplace, click on the install button and the app will be installed and login in with your HubSpot credentials (same email ID & password.
  • You can also access the Automated Coupons app for WooCommerce, using the direct app link. Signup using your HubSpot credentials (same email ID & password).
    Sign In MWB Apps
  • Post successful login, connect to your HubSpot portal.
    Connect HubSpot
  • On the next page, connect the WooCommerce automated coupons app with any HubSpot portal of your choice. Moreover, for any other portal, you can authorize it from your HubSpot Super Admin account and it will be displayed here. Finally, click Login.
    all apps
  • After this, select the HubSpot portal you want to connect with the app.
    Connect your choice CRM
  • Repeat the above process to connect more HubSpot portals with the Automated WooCommerce Coupons app.


With a successful signup into the HubSpot WooCommerce coupons app, you’ll be landed on the All Apps page. You can also consider this space as the homepage for our app. 

All the upcoming and existing HubSpot eCommerce apps for our MWBApp portal will be listed here along with the Support and Meeting link options to connect with our support team.

All apps

4.Automated Coupons

The Automated Coupons section includes three major tabbed sections, namely, Stores, Coupon Rules, and Coupons.


The Stores section allows you to connect the app with your WooCommerce store.

store coupon and rules


4.1.1. Create New Store

Herein, you have the option to add your WooCommerce store.

create new store
  • Select WooCommerce as the store source from the dropdown.
store choice
  • Add your store URL.
  • Click on the Authorize button.

4.1.2.Edit Connected Store

With the Automated Coupons app, you can also edit the already connected WooCommerce platform. 

  • Click on the more options icon against the store listing. Select the Edit option to make the changes or Disconnect to remove the connected store.
    edit connected store
  • Update the required changes and Authorize to proceed.


4.1.2.Coupon Rules

In this section, all the defined WooCommerce coupon rules are listed along with their descriptions and the option to edit or delete them.

Coupon Rules New Coupon Rule

You can create multiple WooCommerce coupon rules once you gain access to the Automated Coupons app. To create a coupon rule, click on the Create New Coupon Rule button.

coupon format


  • Add coupon name and select store
  • Define coupon code format
    • Prefix – Preset defined characters of the coupon.
    • Merge Fields – User First Name, Last Name or Email.
    • Random Characters -Autogenerated text for uniqueness.
    • Suffix – Preset defined characters of the coupon.
    • Format – Sequence of above four.
    • Discount Type – Percentage or Flat.
    • Discount Value – Numerical value.
  • Select Applies to
    • Entire Products (Sitewide)
    • Selected Products
    • Exclude Products
  • Select Active Dates
    •  Always Active
    • Expires At – Select Date of Expiry.
    • Relative – Days in which coupon will expire.
  • Add Coupon Usage criteria
    • Unlimited 
    • Limited (Add coupon usage limit, if selecting this option)

Once, you have filled all the fields. Click Save. You’ll be able to access this coupon rule in the respective Coupon Rules tab in the main menu.

This section contains the list of all the coupons generated for your WooCommerce store using the coupon rules you created earlier along with the number of total coupons offered in your subscribed package and the number of coupons used.

coupon 1


5.1.User Accounts



You can update or modify the basic details of your account from this section. The editable fields include –

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Phone
  • Address
  • Country
  • State/Region
  • City
  • Zip Code

Click on Save Details when done.

5.1.2.Change Password

change password

You can change your account password too with this automated coupons for WooCommerce app by following a simple and traditional process.



In the billing section, you can review your active plans along with your transaction history and the option to cancel or upgrade your subscription plan.

6. How to Generate & Automate Coupon Send-outs?

With Automated Coupons for WooCommerce  by the MakeWebBetter app, you can generate unique and personalized discount coupon codes for your WooCommerce store in minutes.

6.1.Generate Automated Coupons with HubSpot Workflows

  • Once the app is connected with your WooCommerce  store and HubSpot portal and the coupon rules are set, the next step is to proceed with creating the Workflow in HubSpot.
  • Go to your HubSpot portal > Workflows > Create Workflow > From Scratch.
  • Proceed with Contact-based Workflow.
    hubspot contact based workflow
  • Reset Name for your Workflow.
  • Select Contact Enrolment Triggers > Contact Properties > First Name. Select the “is known” filter and click on Apply Filter.
  • Next, choose the workflow action. In the list of actions, you’ll spot the “MWB Create Coupon” action under Automated Coupons by MWB.
  • Select this action, then choose the WooCommerce coupon rule you created earlier from the drop-down list, and click Save.

Moreover, you can choose the following Contact Enrollment Triggers under Contact Properties while creating a HubSpot workflow that suits your purpose.


6.2.Generate Coupons without HubSpot Workflows

With Automated Coupons’ in-HubSpot feature i.e. CRM Card feature, all our user can now create coupons for their contacts from the CRM itself.  Follow the same old procedure to connect your HubSpot account & portal with the app, then connect your WooCommerce store with the app. And you’ll be able to view the Automated Coupons’ CRM Card feature in your contact (as shown in the picture below).

create coupon

To create a coupon for your contacts using this feature, follow the steps below:

  • After connecting your app as mentioned above, go to your HubSpot account.
  • Then, navigate to Contacts.
  • Click on the desired contact you wish to create a coupon for.
hubspot create coupon for contact
  • In the right panel, you’ll see the option to “Create Coupon”. Click on it.
create coupon 1
  • Select the Source and Store URL from the drop-down. (HubSpot will fetch your store URL automatically as you’ve connected your store to our app.)
create coupon crm card
  • Then, fill in these fields in the popup — a unique coupon code, discount type, discount amount, expiration (or always active), and usage limits. (This serves the same purpose as it does in the app).
  • Click on Create New Coupon. And, done!

And you’re all done!

7.Pending Coupons

The plan you purchase of the Automated Coupons app determines the number of coupons that can be created using the app. Following are the limits.

  • Free Trial Period – 100 Coupons.
  • Basic Plan – 200 Coupons.
  • Advanced Plan – 500 Coupons.
  • Ultimate – Unlimited Coupons.
Coupon limit

Although, even if you’ve exceeded the limit, then too coupons can be created, but no one will be able to use them. To use them you’ll have to upgrade your plan accordingly. Suppose you’re on Basic Plan and the 201st coupon has been created, then you’ll have to upgrade your plan to Advanced to bring Coupon No.201 to use.

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