This email template boosts your newly launched product or services. Make important announcements with this email template and bring more engagement, traffic and conversion.  The elements of the email are fully customizable and responsive making it much easier for the users to optimize the template as per their brand requirements.
Bizz announcement email template

2.Get the Template

Login to your HubSpot Prime Marketplace Cell. From the dashboard, click on the marketplace icon and choose Asset Marketplace. 

marketplace (2)

The dashboard of Asset Marketplace appears where you need to click on Storefront and then on Templates.

asset-marketplace-dashboard (3)

In the search bar write the name of the template you are looking for or simply “MakeWebBetter email templates”. All the email templates of MakeWebBetter or respective to your search query will appear. 

After you find your desired template, click on the Buy button and purchase it. 

Now to edit the purchased email template. Go to the Marketing section and click on Emails.


1. Header Section : This section makes the header of the announcement email. It includes following sections:

2. Background image: In this section, set the background image for the header section of the email template.

email template background

3. Logo: Set the logo of your brand or company. 

email template logo

4. Product Name: Write the product name that you have launched for which you are sending this announcement email. 

email emplate name

5. Product Image: Attach a product image in this section. 

6. Heading: Write down the heading of the email

email template heading

7. Subheading: To give more meaning to the heading, add extra words as subheading in this section. 

email template sub heading

7. Border Image: Set the border between the section to distinguish the header of the email from the section below. 

8. Announcement Social Share: In this section, you can set the social media link such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Pinterest to make this webinar shareable.


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