Send a welcome greeting email using this template to all your recent newsletter subscribers. The template is further designed in a way to use this welcome opportunity to motivate the buyers for shopping, and refer the friends, all with simple clicks. The logo, content, heading, etc are fully customizable and responsive making it much easier for the users to optimize the template as per their brand requirements.

2.Get the Template

Login to your HubSpot Prime Marketplace Cell. From the dashboard, click on the marketplace icon and choose Asset Marketplace. 

marketplace (5)

The dashboard of Asset Marketplace appears where you need to click on Storefront and then on Templates. 

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In the search bar write the name of the template you are looking for or simply “MakeWebBetter email templates”. All the email templates of MakeWebBetter or respective to your search query will appear. 

After you find your desired template, click on the Buy button and purchase it. 

Now to edit the purchased email template. Go to the Marketing section and click on Emails.  

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1. Offer: Here you can add your welcome offer to motivate your new subscribers to take favorable action and start shopping with your store.


2. Logo: Set the logo of your brand or organization to make it easier for readers to recognize your brand at first impression. 

logo (2)

3. Menu: This email template comes with a menu where you can set categories and other sub-items of your store to increase the category-wise or interest-wise reach of the audience. 


The menu options can be customized using the tool menu. 

offer (1)

4. Banner: Add an image in this section that relates to your email objective and brand.


5. Intro: Write an introductory content in this section. The CTA helps you to grab the customer directly to your store from this section. 


6. Image and Rich Text: In all these sections, you can add images and text that makes the email more rich and engaging. These options can be removed by deleting the section or you can modify it as per the need of your emails.

7. Referral: This section helps you  promote or market your brand using referral marketing. You can let your email customer invite their friends to your brand and earn rewards or cash awards. 

8. Social Sharing:  In this section, you can set social media links of your brand page and profile to easily give options to your buyers to follow or connect with you on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.

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