HubSpot Deals by MWB is an app that makes it easy for admins to fetch the details of HubSpot deals of their ticket related contacts on their Zendesk account. Admins don’t need to sign in to their HubSpot portal every time to see their HubSpot deal details. This app retrieves and displays the data of the recent five HubSpot deals of contact directly on your Zendesk dashboard. Admins can view these details on their Zendesk account
  • Deal creation and close date
  • Deal stage
  • Deal amount
  • Amount in home currency
  • Currency code
  • Home currency code


Goto your Zendesk Marketplace Panel. Sign in with your email and password. After signing in, follow these steps:

  • Click on the Settings icon in the sidebar of the panel and then on the Marketplace. In the search bar, type “HubSpot Deals by MWB” and click on our app to install it.
  •  Enter the Title of the app and HubSpot API key.

Note: To get the HubSpot API key, Login to your HubSpot account, Go to Settings > Integrations > API Key.

  • Enter Custom fields’ internal names ( if any ) other than date fields. For multiple properties, separate values with commas.
  • Enter Custom date fields’ internal names ( if any ). For multiple properties, separate values with commas.
  • After entering the details, install and activate the app.


After successful activation of the app, you can follow these steps to view your ticket details:

  1. Goto your Zendesk panel. Click on the ticket listed on your Zendesk dashboard to view its deal details.

  2. Once you select the ticket, the deals and their details will be shown on your Zendesk dashboard.

     3. No Deals Found message will be displayed if a ticket doesn’t have any deal.


There is no dependency, you just need to install the app on your Zendesk

No, you can only see the deal details of a ticket.

This app will show these details on your Zendesk account: Deal creation, Deal close date, Deal stage, Deal amount, Amount in home currency, Currency code, Home currency code.

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