HubSpot FormPay Integration lets you accept online payments in HubSpot, anywhere in the world using your favorite payment gateways. This HubSpot payments app modifies your HubSpot forms and integrates them with payment gateways, allowing you to receive payments through forms and links. The app also enables you to receive payments directly in HubSpot through payment links.

Therefore, the app offers a convenient opportunity for all to accept payments instantly, anywhere. (Even with the HubSpot Starter version.)


Open the FormPay HubSpot Integration app. You can access the app through this link.

Formpay signup

Register yourself and log in using your HubSpot credentials.

After email verification, you will be required to add a HubSpot portal to the app:

signup spotpay

Click on Add New Portal to connect your portal with the app.

Select the HubSpot portal you want to connect with the app on the selection page. Click on Choose Account to select the HubSpot account and it’ll be displayed in the app.

If you want to add more portals, repeat the above process. If you want to go ahead with the added portal, simply click on the respected HubSpot portal and you’ll see a different dashboard for the respective portals.

The plugin setup is now complete. Let’s move further and talk about other features of this app.


a. Home

formpay dashboard

This section displays a simple dashboard where you can see all the payment gateways that are available to use. If you scroll down, you will find the recent transaction once you start receiving payments from your users.

b. Forms

forms formpay

The forms section lets you create payment forms and also shows all the forms you’ve created so far through this app.

We recommend new users to connect with us directly so that we could help in setting up the form and gateways, all from experts and for free.

c. Products

product formpay

The app facilitates product creation. Follow these steps to create a product:

  • Navigate to the Products tab.
create product formpay
  • Upload the Product Image.
  • Fill the below-mentioned fields:
    • Product Name: Create a product name.
    • Products Price: Decide the price of the product.
    • Products Description: Describe the product.
    • HubSpot Product ID: This will be selected automatically.
    • Portal ID: Your Portal ID will be displayed here.
  • Click the Create Product button on the top right, once done.

    product formpay


    You can manage and change the product name, price & description later from the Products tab. Simply, click the pencil icon next to the product name.

d. Coupons

coupons formpay

This section lets you generate discount coupon codes applicable as per you define through the coupon settings.

Following are the steps to create a coupon in FormPay:

  • Navigate to Coupons and click + Create Coupon in the top right corner.
  • Then, on the next page decide on and fill in the following fields.
create coupons
    • Click Regenerate if you like to get a fresh coupon.
    • Coupon Type: Decide if you want a percentage or fixed discount.
    • Discount Value: Enter the amount if you chose a fixed discount. You can offer up to 100% discount and even 100%.
    • Coupon Description: Define the discount coupon (eligibility & conditions).
    • Coupon Limit per Customer: Restrict the number of times by each customer.
    • Toggle Coupon Limit: Click this to limit the number of times the coupon can be used. Also, you can decide for which products you want to avail this coupon. Enter a number in desired fields.
    • Product Limitation: Select from the list of already created products. Choosing this will allow discount applicability only on the product selected. Otherwise, the coupon is applicable on all products.
    • Form Limitation: Choose the Form for which you want to create this discount. Otherwise, the coupon is applicable on all forms.
    • Customer Restriction: Enter the email address of the customers for whom you wish to avail this coupon. Not entering any email address, will allow all you customers to claim the coupon.
    • Toggle Expiry: Decide the expiration date of the coupon. 
    • Minimum Amount: Lastly, you can decide on the minimum purchase amount required to claim the coupon.
      Finally, click Submit and your coupon will be created successfully.

e.  Transaction & Susbscription

transaction formpay

All the transactions made through your HubSpot forms will be listed here. You will be able to view the details of the forms using which the transactions were done.

Moreover, the details regarding the transactions — date, amount, payment reference ID, buyer’s email address, payment method, and the status of the transaction will be displayed.

subscription formpay

If you switch to the Subscription tab, you will find all the details about your subscription. This details include — Subscriber’s email, subscription status, billing cycle, date, amount, and further detailed information about the subscription. Click the Tooltip button (ℹ️) to access the raw details.

subscription formpay

In addition to this, you can manage the subscriptions.

  • You have the option to Cancel the subscription.
  • Using the Send Email option you can make communication regarding the subscription.


a. Gateways

gateways formpay

This section shows all the payment gateways this app supports. If your desired gateway is not listed, please connect with us. The gateway will be added to the app by our team.

Currently, FormPay facilitates the following payment gateways:

  • Amazon Pay
  • Paypal
  • Adyen
  • Stripe
  • RazorPay
  • PayU
  • Authorize.net

To active a payment gateway:

gateways formpay
  • Navigate to the Gateways tab.
  • Click the Setup button under the payment gateway of your choice.
  • This action will take you to the Payment Gateway setup page and you can fill in the required details there.
formpay gateway edit

Note: The process to obtain the account key details is mentioned on the right side for every gateway.

  • Choose the Test Account or Live Account Details.
    • Merchant ID
    • Store ID
    • Public Key ID
    • Test/Live Private Key File
gateway edit
  • Enter further account details from the drop-down.
    • Payment Region
    • Payment Currency
    • Button Language
    • Button Color
    • Product Type

b. Payments

payment formpay

The Payment section is the billing portal where users can add their details and pay to renew their subscription to use the HubSpot FormPay Integration. Here, you can edit the billing details, contact information, and card details.


c. User Accounts
This section lets you modify your account details. You get three sections here. Let’s look at them:

1) General

user account formpay

This section lets you modify your account details. You get three sections here. Let us look at them:

2) Change Password

user account formpay

As the name suggests, you can change the password of your account.

3) Billing

formpay user account

From this section, you can change your billing details and cancel your subscription if you want.

4) Integrations

FormPay offers integration options for you to sync the payment data with your desired platform.

Similarly, FormPay Xero integration facilitates data sync between the two and ease up accounting processes. To set up this integration:

  • Go to the FormPay app.
  • Then, navigate to User Accounts from the sidebar.
user account formpay
  • Then, go to the Integrations tab.
  • Now, click Authorize Now button. Then, you will be redirected to Xero’s webpage.
  • On the next page, enter your Xero credentials and click Log In.
  • That’s it! Your Xero account will now be successfully integrated into FormPay.
xero integration

5.How to Create A HubSpot Payment Form?

We can classify the HubSpot payment form creation into into 7 sections. Let us look into them:

 Creating a Form

forms formpay

Here’s how to create a form in FormPay.

  • Navigate to the Forms Tab from the sidebar and click on + Create New Form button in the top-right corner.

a. Form Settings


At first, you would see Form Settings. In this section, you will get 2 options:

  • Form name: Add a name to the HubSpot Payment form you are creating.
  • Select HubSpot form: Select a regular HubSpot form you want to convert into a payment form.

b. Donation Form Settings

Donation form setting

It has different settings and some exceptions in features accessible. When you toggle on Donation Form Settings, a few more features will emerge and you will be able to access these features:

  1. Donation Form Settings
  2. Transaction Cost Settings
  3. Payment Settings (Alternate)

The process to create a Donation Form is discussed in the next section. As some settings behave differently when you toggle donation form settings. Also, a few features are accessible and inaccessible when you do so.


c. Coupon Settings

The coupons you have created can be added to the payment form, enabling your users to use the coupons who are aware of the coupon availability. This option is not ideal when you choose donation settings, thus it’s inapplicable and disabled with donation settings.

Coupon setting

Only the already created coupons can be added to the form. The procedure to create a coupon is discussed above in this documentation. You can also create a coupon exclusive to the form after you have created the form.


d. Redirection Settings & Thank You Settings

If you toggle on Redirection Settings, then after making a payment the customer will be redirected to the page you desire (which can be your Home Page). You also have the option to custom-create a Thank You page by choosing the respective toggle right next to redirection settings.

redirection thank you

This section lets you add a URL to which the end user will be redirected after making the payment.

  • Toggle – Enable toggle to choose if you want the user to be redirected to some specific page.
  • Redirect URL – Enter the Page URL.

The second option you have for a follow-through after the payment has been completed is the Thank You page. If you wish to implement the Thank You page settings, then you can customize the page appearance with texts (Back Button Text, Page Title, Subtitle, & Description) and Image. Moreover, you can assign a link in the back button to redirect the user to a specific page.


e. Payment Settings

Payment setting

This section will let you enter the payment amount you want to receive with your form.

You will be able to access this feature only if you are creating a donation form. Enabling the toggle will get you the following settings:

Payment setting
  • Allow custom amount toggle: To add multiple amounts to your form, you can enable this toggle.
  • Custom amount: Enter the amount you want to set as a default amount for your payment form. If you don’t enable the custom amount toggle, you will see this option as Enter Amount.
  • Suggested amount: This option lets you add multiple payment values to your form. Just add a value and hit Enter and then repeat the process to add multiple values in your form.
  • Enable test mode toggle: If you want to test your form, enable this toggle.

Note: You must only create and add a custom amount when creating a donation form. Or if it suits your business style.

Here, you get to decide which active payment gateway you want to employ to receive payments through the form you are creating. The gateways you have activated already, only that gateway will be accessible here.

Simply click the check box next to the Payment Gateways.


f. Payment Method

spotpay payment method

Here, you get to decide which active payment gateway you want to employ to receive payments through the form you are creating. Those gateways which you have already activated will be accessible here.

Simply click the check box next to the Payment Gateways.


g. Subscription Settings

Subscription setting

As the name suggests, enabling this toggle with create a recurring payments form for you. Choose your payment type to be One-Time or Recurring.

Note: Recurring payments can only be enabled by choosing either Stripe or Authorize.net as your payment gateway.


h. Payment Tab

create form payment

When you are done setting up the form, you can switch to the Payment tab. If you have chosen Stripe as your gateway in the previous tab, then here you will find different settings related to payments.

You can enable your customers to pay using Apple Pay or Google Pay with an app payment URL redirect. Again, this is only possible if you choose Stripe gateway when setting up the form.

  • Stripe Card
  • Stripe Session

Note: Enabling Stripe Session will allow you to access Tax Settings. Also, choosing Stripe Session will allow you to add multiple line items (including different subscription products with different billing frequencies).

i. Styles

Style settings will allow color customization and appearance customization of your form.

form style

Click the Show Pay toggle button. Enabling this will convert your entire form into a single button which only will display the ‘Pay’ button. This Pay Button can be embedded anywhere (webpage or email).

If you buyer clicks this Pay button, then the user will be redirected to the payment page consisting of the entire payment form.

  • Pay Button Text: Enter any text that you find suitable.
  • Theme Color: Choose a theme color according to your branding.

FormPay Branding can also be disabled. 

j. Products


Switching to Product Tab, when creating a form, simply means you want the form to be associated with a particular product.

create form products custom
  • Enable Allow Custom Product toggle in the Custom Product Settings.
    Enabling custom products will disable all other product settings.
product display
  • Enable Show Dropdown toggle.
    To enable a Drop-down, you must add at least two products and at least one product product should be set default.
  • Enter Product Settings.
product addons

Under this, you choose the products that you wish to display. Also, you add a custom amount of the product.

  • Click on the dropdown to select and search for the products.
form product

Finally, click on the Publish Form button. Your form is successfully created now.

You will be able to view the preview of the form created.

Creating a Donation Form

To create a donation form, 

  • Click on + Create New Form button in the top-right corner.
  • Choose the following form settings.
    • Create Form Name.
    • Choose a HubSpot Form to modify.
  • Toggle Donation Form Setting.

Begin by enabling the Donation Forms Settings Toggle.

1. Donation Form Setting

This section allows you to turn your form into a donation form.

Donation form setting
  • Donation form toggle: Enable this toggle to turn your form into a donation form and unlock the rest of the settings in this section.
  • Title: Add your donation form title here.
  • Description: Add your donation form description here.
  • Logo: Upload your donation form logo here.
  • Show/Hide in memory of: If you want to have a section where users can dedicate their donation to someone, enable this toggle.

When enabling donation form settings, customize your donation form with a title & description, upload an image (i.e. brand logo), and customize donate now.

Moreover, you can enable the Donation Memory Label toggle. 

  • Donation memory label: Add content for your donation memory label.
  • Donate button text: Add text for your donation button.

2. Transaction Cost Settings

transaction setting
  • Transaction Cost Label – You can name the label.
  • Transaction Cost Type – Choose Transaction Cost to be Fixed or Variable.
  • Transaction Amount – Choose Transaction Amount.

3. Payment Settings

payment setting forms

  • Toggle: Click the toggle to enable the custom amounts option for your users.
  • Custom Amount: Add a default amount to be displayed on the page.
  • Suggested Amount: Add some suggested amounts that would be displayed as suggestions to the donators. (Recommended 3 or 6)
transaction setting
  • Next, you can decide on the transaction cost.
    • Create a transaction cost label which will be displayed on the payment page.
    • Define if you want it to be fixed or variable.
    • The variable amount charged will be based on a fixed unit amount.

Since receiving donations does not involve any kind of product or a discount. This is why the two above-discussed features i.e. Coupon Code Settings & Products Settings are cut off when you opt for Donation Form Settings

  • Then, choose if you want to redirect the donor to a specific URL after completing payment.
    • Next, choose your preferred payment gateway (active the payment gateway from the Gateways tab).  Please note, you can select payment gateways with one currency type.
    • Under Theme Settings, you can choose a theme color.
      Finally, click Publish Form.

Share Form

embed link

Once, you have created a form. You can share your form using a Form URL or Embed Code on the desired landing page.


Find it on the right above the preview of the published form.

Note: You can customize the form from the preview itself. If you want to change a field say Total Amount to Gross Amount, simply click on it.

6. FormPay in HubSpot

The HubSpot FormPay Integration offers several features within HubSpot — streamlined payment collection, payment automation, and tracking. Apart from syncing & payment management, the major facilities that you get in your HubSpot CRM with FormPay include:

  • CRM Card – Generate Deal Payment Link (+ Automation)
  • CRM Card – Generate Contact-specific Payment Link
  • Dynamic Properties

a. Properties

You can find all the payment properties in HubSpot FormPay Payment Properties.

  • FormPay Payment Properties


  • FormPay Subscription Properties
subscription propertiers

b. Create Deal Payment Link

A unique Payment Link for every Deal can be created in HubSpot through FormPay, by utilizing the CRM Card feature. By accessing this feature from the deal record, you can create a deal payment link. Here’s how:

  • Navigate to Sales > Deals in your HubSpot account.
  • Click on the Deal you want to create a payment link for.
deal payment link
  • Click Create Payment Link under FormPay Payments.
deal payment link
  • Here, you have to choose the payment settings — gateways, currency, payment type (one-time & recurring), and toggle to show the line items.
  • Switch to the Advance Settings tab to apply branding to your payment link page. 

Note: Advance Settings are required only once. You will find this section already auto-filled when you create links later on.

  • Customize the payment page to match your branding and click Save.
  • Finally, move back to the Gateway Settings tab and click Create Payment Link.
deal payment link
  • You will have your payment link ready if you scroll down in this popup only.

That’s it!

c. Create Contact Payment Link
The process to create a payment link for a specific contact, is no different from the process we follow in deals. Here’s how:

  • Navigate to Contacts in your HubSpot account.

  • Click on the contact record you want to create a payment link for.

deal payment link
  • Click Create Payment Link under FormPay Payments.
formpay payment link
  • Continue, the process as discussed above in the “Create Deal Payment Link” section.

d. Tracking in HubSpot
You can monitor transaction status in a detailed manner under specific Contacts & Deals from timeline events & CRM Card.

  • In your HubSpot account, go to the respective deal or contact.
  • Find every transaction detail in the timeline events.
    On the right, scroll down and find the CRM Card called Fo Payment Links. There, will be listed all the payment links you have generated for the respective deal.

The details include the payment method used, transaction amount, status, payment ID, and direct link to the gateway dashboard.


e. Workflows
Using the properties & objects created in HubSpot with FormPay integration, you can implement payment automation. Here’s how:

  • Navigate to Workflows in your HubSpot account.
  • Click Create Workflows and choose From Scratch from the drop-down.
  • Then, choose Deal-based workflow and click Next on the top-right to begin.
  • Next, click to choose Enrollment Triggers and go with Deal.
workflow trigger
  • Choose the trigger filter under When an event occurs. Select Property Value changed, then select Deal Stage and then apply the closed won filter under any of.
  • Next, choose the action to this trigger by clicking the + ‘plus’ button.
workflow action
  • Scroll down to the bottom to find the action “Create Payment Link – FormPay” under FormPay by MakeWebBetter.
  • Now choose the desired gateway and payment type (one-time or recurring). And click Save.
  • Then, assign another action to share this deal link with respective contacts. Choose Send Email. (Craft a personalized email beforehand for the same. Make sure to insert the FormPay token in the email. This way, the contacts will receive the email for the respective deal.)
  • You will finally have an automated mechanism to create a payment link for your order and share it.

All done, cheers!

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