Loyalty Reward Points is a HubSpot application that allows businesses to win their customers with a seamless points and rewards program to boost revenue. The application is inspired by the foundations of customer retention and referral marketing which means it majorly focuses on sustainable eCommerce growth.


  • If you are downloading this HubSpot Loyalty Reward points generator app from the HubSpot Marketplace, you can instantly click on the install button and the app will be installed and login with the same email id (current email id used on the HubSpot portal).
  • You can also log into the Loyalty Reward Points app, you need to signup to the MWB Apps portal, by clicking on this link.– Complete the signup process by adding your email and creating a secure password to login to the app.
HubSpot Loyalty Reward Points : Settings
  • Post successful login, connect to your HubSpot portal.

HubSpot Loyalty Reward Points : Settings

  • Next, you’ll be directed to the All Apps page. If you wish to connect the Loyalty Reward Points app with any other portal of the HubSpot App, click on the Add New Portal button.
HubSpot Loyalty Reward Points : Settings
  • Select the HubSpot portal you want to connect with the app.
HubSpot Loyalty Reward Points : Settings
  •  Repeat the above process to connect more HubSpot portals with the Loyalty Reward Points app.

2.1.Store Setup

1. Firstly, choose the eCommerce platform you’re using for running your eCommerce store.

2. Next, enter the Store URL below the Store Details drop-down menu in the Store Setup tab.

3. Lastly, an API key will be generated indicating your store is authorized.

Note: If you’ve chosen the WooCommerce option make sure to install the
Loyalty Rewards Points For the HubSpot plugin. Also, check the plugin documentation for detailed setup instructions.


The General tab can be accessed by clicking on the Settings option from the side menu. From this tab, you can personalize your points and rewards widget visible on your WooCommerce store.

Here you can perform the following operations under the Widget Settings section:

widget-settings (1)

The widget settings include the following options for customization:

  • Primary Color
  • Text Color
  • Body Background Color
  • Heading Color
  • Body Text Color
  • Accent Color
  • Widget Icon (user has to upload a media file)
  • Position (chose between left and right)



The Configuration Tab is the third tab in the Settings option where you’ll find the following:

  • Create Properties: Click on the drop-down menu and you’ll see all the HubSpot properties that are created and synced with the app.
  • Create Emails: Under this tab, you’ll find all the emails that are created over Hubspot and emails will be sent to your customers when they participate in your points and rewards program.
    Note: Publish the created emails on HubSpot first, then create workflows.

    HubSpot Loyalty Reward Points : Configuration

    Note: Marketing emails can be sent only to marketing contacts. Please enable the HubSpot API key for making contacts as marketing contacts then, select the Loyalty Reward Points app for syncing contacts as marketing contacts.

  • Create Workflow: This tab consists of the workflows that trigger as per the conditions defined by the application.



Rules are the most important part of the Loyalty Reward Points application. You can access this section by clicking on the Rules option from the side menu of the MWB Apps dashboard.

In the Rules section, you’ll see some pre-defined rules for rewarding loyalty points to your customers. The rules trigger upon actions performed by customers such as:

  • Signing up
  • Placing a product review
  • Placing an order
  • Referring to a friend or family member

And many more.

For editing an existing rule or creating a new rule follow the following steps:

1. Select a rule from the existing rules on the dashboard for editing or on the + Create New Rule button.

2. For editing an existing rule click on the ︙icon next to a rule and select the Edit option.

rule editing

3. Whether you create a new rule or edit an existing rule, you’ll be prompted with some options that need to be configured by the admin for setting up a rule.

4. On the rule editing screen you’ll see the following options:

edit rules more

a. Display: Under the Display option you get to edit the Title and Description of the rule.
b. Details: Next is the Details section where you can update the following options:

  • Points → The number of points that will be rewarded when the rule triggers.
  • Limit → The number of times a rule can trigger.

5. If the rule triggers when a purchase is made you’ll see a Product Field section where you can select the product from your store for which you want to reward your customers.

product field

Once you have defined all the parameters you can finally click Save Button. Also, if you have chosen the Create New Rule then, apart from the aforementioned configurations you’ll see the following option:

Rule Type: Select the rule type for your new rule. Choose the Purchase Product option if you want the rule to trigger when a product purchase is made.


The Rewards section can be by clicking on the Rewards option from the side menu of the application’s dashboard.

Rewards are basically the discounts or others that your customers get in exchange for the points they have earned. For adding a new reward follow these steps:

1. Press on the + Create New Reward button for adding a reward.

create new award

2. Now you’ll be prompted to a page where you can configure the reward.
The rewards configuration page has the following sections:

a. Details: Under the details section you have to fill in the title of the reward and the number of points needed for redeeming the reward.

b. Discount Type: In this section, you have to choose whether you’ll give a flat discount or a fixed percent discount.

Also, you can select the limit of the coupon’s usage.

Enable Coupon Expiration: Lastly, if you want the coupon to expire if not used within a certain period enable this option and, enter the time interval.

Once you’ve configured all the coupon details you can finally click on the Create button to save the reward.



The Customer tab depicts all the customers on your with their respective earned points and rewards redeemed by them.

6.HubSpot Emails, Workflows, And Properties

The Loyalty Reward Points application creates properties, emails, and workflows for managing the marketing efforts of your reward program.

Within HubSpot, there are 6 emails, 3 workflows, and 16 properties that are created by the application.


The emails created by the plugin can be accessed by following these steps:

  1. Log in to your HubSpot Dashboard.
  2. Visit Marketing → Emails page.
  3. Now to view the emails you have to select the email type Automated.

The following are created due to the installation of the plugin:

  • Customer Created
  • Points through Rule
  • Points redeemed through Reward
  • Points through Admin
  • Points through Order Refund
  • Points through pending points


HubSpot Loyalty Reward Points- Workflows



The process to access the properties is similar to that of workflows:

  1. log in to your HubSpot dashboard and click on the⚙️option.
  2. Now from the left menu bar select the Properties option.
  3. On the search bar type point and you’ll see all the properties created by the application.

Loyalty Reward Points application creates the following properties:

  • Available Points
  • Pending Points
  • Last Points Updated
  • Points Spent
  • Last Points Added/Deducted
  • Points Updated Through
  • Referral Code
  • Contact Created Through
  • Rules Enrolled
  • Last Rule Enrolled
  • Rewards Claimed
  • Last Reward Claimed
  • Last Coupon Used
  • Last Coupon Created
  • Reward Coupons
  • Total Order Revenue

And you’re all done!

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