1.App Setup Guide

Onboarding Assistant for HubSpot is a perfect solution to get you onboarded on HubSpot within a few clicks. You can create multiple HubSpot assets suggested by experts using this app in a few clicks. Let’s look how you can set up the app.
  • Sign up to create a new account or Log in with your existing HubSpot account.
  • After you log in, you will see a window showing all the associated HubSpot portals with your email address. Select the one you want to take actions in.
hubspot select portal
  •  If the portal you want to work on is not listed, you can click Connect New Portal to add a new portal. Choose the portal you want to connect and click on Choose Account. And your portal will be connected.
hubspot pasted image
  • Once you select your HubSpot portal, you will be asked to choose a module.
hubspot post for onboarding assistant
  • After selecting the module, you will see a window containing all the required assets you should create for your business.
hubspot onboarding assistant portals
  • Select the assets you want to create for your business in your HubSpot portal.
hubspot implentation area
  • Once you select the entities, click on the Create button and it will be created and start reflecting on your HubSpot portal.
hubspot workflow
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