Make your webinar a grand success with this email template. Inform your audience about the venue, date & time, and invite them to reserve their seats in advance.  The logo, content, heading, etc. are fully customizable and responsive making it much easier for the users to optimize the template as per their brand requirements.

2.Get the Template

Login to your HubSpot Prime Marketplace Cell. From the dashboard, click on the marketplace icon and choose Asset Marketplace. 

email template

The dashboard of Asset Marketplace appears where you need to click on Storefront and then on Templates. 

asset-marketplace-dashboard (2)

In the search bar write the name of the template you are looking for or simply “MakeWebBetter email templates”. All the email templates of MakeWebBetter or respective to your search query will appear. 

After you find your desired template, click on the Buy button and purchase it. 

Now to edit the purchased email template. Go to the Marketing section and click on Emails. 

email template


1. Logo: Set the logo of your brand or organization.

email template edit logo

2. Header Text: Write a short catchy header to your email that pulls the reader’s attention to your  email. 

The header text is customizable using the toolbar as shown below that appears as you click on the header in the template. 

email template edit bar

3. Title: After the header, write down a well-engaging title that clearly describes the goal of the email and connects your reader with it. 

The title text is customizable using the toolbar as shown below that appears as you click on the title in the template. 

email template edit bar

4. Border Image: Set the border between the section to distinguish the title from the content below to make it look more clear and prominent. 

email template border-line

5. SubHeading: Subheading lets you add more promoting words to take away the attention and prepare your reader to take favourable action. 

The subheading text is customizable using the toolbar as shown below that appears as you click on the subheading in the template. 

email template edit bar

6. Book My Spot: This is the main CTA to invite your recipient to take action and book a seat for the coming webinar 

The design of the CTA is editable from the “edit call-to-action” section. You can set the color, border line, text, padding, size, target link and other settings of the CTA from this edit button.


7. Date Icon: Set the Icon that appears before the date

8. Date: Set the date of the webinar

9. Time Icon: Set the icon for the time 

10. Time: Set the time of the webinar here. 

11. Content: Here in this section, you can give a full description of what the webinar is about, who is expected to take the webinar, the time span, the topics to be coved and other information that keeps your audience well informed of the event.

The text and its look is customizable with the help of the toolbar that appears under this section.

email template - edit -bar

12. Are you Interested? (With Yes and No CTA): This is the CTA to know about the interests of the email receiver. It can prove to be beneficial to know more about the audience interest early before the event, hence you can plan more and better accordingly.

The CTA can be edited from the “edit call-to-action” button. 

13. Cellar Webinar Social Share: In this section, you can set social media links of your brand page and profile to easily give options to your buyers to follow or connect with you on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.

email template social sharing

14. Footer Heading: In this section, set the footer heading where you can write the welcoming note for the real event, or express your thanks. 

15. Footer Logo: Add the footer logo in this section. 


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