This app setup guide will tell you how to connect, authorize and do the initial setup for this EngageBay Integration For WooCommerce.

Important: The setup process starts after you’ve successfully installed and activated the plugin. If you’ve not done it yet, follow the installation steps as in the documentation before you continue here. 
  1. Once you install and activate the plugin, you’ll see this screen asking you to connect your EngageBay account with the plugin.
 dashboard setup

2. Click on the “Connect your Account” button and you’ll see a form asking you to enter these details:

  • API Key
  • Base URL
credentials setup

Here are the steps to get the API Key:

engagebay login
  • Click on the user profile icon at right top menu
  • Click on Account Settings. It will open a new tab
engagebay startup dashboard
  • Click on API and Tracking Code tab.
  • Copy “REST API Key” from there and enter it in your Authentication form.
engagebay API dashboard

Here are the steps to get the base URL:

  • In Account Settings page Click on Domain Settings tab
  • From General copy “Domain Name” field data along with “”. For example-
engagebay Base URL dashboard
  • Fill Base URL and API Key.
enter credentials
  • After adding in all the information, click on “Validate Key”.
successful validation

3. Then, Click on Move to next Step to proceed further.

move to create feeds

4. You’ll then see a window asking you to create custom fields. Click on the Create Fields button to create them.

create feeds dashboard
  • You can store Billing, Shipping, Order and Purchased product related information in custom fields.
create feeds details 1
create feeds details 2
  • You will see the creation of new custom fields and the existing custom fields also.
create custom feeds details

5. You’ll then see a window asking you to create feeds. Click on Create Feeds button to create them.

create default feeds

6. You can also sync your orders during the setup process. First, your contact data and then your deal data will sync.

sync data

7. After the completion of this process you will see the dashboard.

final dashboard

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