Utilizing this guide, you’ll be able to set up Insightly for WooCommerce from commencement to completion, which includes configuration, access control, and initial setups.

Note: Plugin Installation and Activation are required before you can initiate setting up the plugin. if you’ve not already performed so, follow the installation steps mentioned in the Documentation before you continue further.
  1. This step is the very first initiation step after you install and activate the plugin on your WordPress Dashboard. Just hit the Settings link given below the plugin name or find MakeWebBetter- Insightly WooCommerce. The following tab will appear once you open the settings i.e. Getting Started
getting started dashboard

In order to proceed further, just click on the Connect Your Account button and you’ll be automatically redirected to the very next API credentials page.

2. On this API Credentials Setting page, you are just required to integrate your WooCommerce Store with your Insightly Account.

Note: If you already own an Insightly CRM account then just proceed with the credentials integration here, else you can make use of the handy anchor links in the page footer section.
enter credentials

If you’re not yet registered over Insightly CRM, just hit the Create A Free Account link given, and you’ll be redirected to the respective Insightly Get Started For Free page.

insightly signup

Here, over this page register for Insightly CRM entering your account credentials and tapping over Create my Account button. After successfully creating your account you’ll be redirected to your Insightly Dashboard.

When you are already on the dashboard, the page would look like the screenshot given below. Have a closer look at it for a better understanding.

insightly crm dashboard

After that, just click on the Profile icon present on the top right corner in order to of your Insightly Dashboard. That thereby opens a dropdown, within that pick the User Settings option and click to continue that further.

insightly user settings dashboard

The User Setting option is available in the drop-down there redirects you automatically over the User Settings dashboard. You can find your API Key and API URL on the page within the Connected Application Settings section.

insightly credentials dashboard
Note: If you require to generate a new API Key for integration, you can just click the Generate New API Key link there.
verification dashboard

Just copy-paste the credentials from the User Settings Dashboard and click on Authorize to continue further. After successful authorization of credentials, you’ll see a page somewhat like that

verification success dashboard

If you’re on this page that clearly means that your WooCommerce store and Insightly CRM are integrated. Now, proceed with the further integration process in the plugin.

3. The very next step involves- creating initial feeds that assist you in data synchronization from your WooCommerce store to Insightly CRM.

Basically, 6 default feeds are to be created here, that involves-

  • Contacts
  • Organizations
  • Opportunities
  • Leads
  • Tasks
  • Projects
feeds dashboard

Just click the Create Feeds button and all defaults would automatically be created and mapped along-with.

create feeds dashboard

A loader depicting the feeds creation process is displayed below, as soon as it reaches 100% that means default feed creation is all done. 
After that, just hit the Move To The Next Step button and proceed further.

4. This step involves data synchronization of your WooCommerce store historical data over Insightly CRM.

You can easily synchronize all your historical or previously created data over Insightly CRM, just by clicking on the Start Sync button.

sync dashboard
Note: You can either continue synchronizing your historical data or skip it for later by utilizing the Skip For Now button.
data syncing

As soon as the synchronization of your historical data is completed over Insightly CRM, all the loaders depict 100% that means successful synchronization.

You can also skip the process in between utilizing the Skip for Now button.

5. Lastly, after completing all the required processes you’ll be redirected over the Success Page, similar to the screenshot below.

setup complete message

Here, just click on the View Dashboard button and continue with the Plugin’s actual dashboard which is similar to the page given below

final dashboard

This was all for the plugin initial setup, in order to know more about the plugin features, start using your plugin and explore.

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