This app setup guide will tell you how to connect, authorize and do the initial setup for this WooCommerce Salesforce integration plugin.

Important: The setup process starts after you’ve successfully installed and activated the plugin. If you’ve not done it yet, follow the installation steps as in the documentation before you continue here. 
  1. Once the plugin is installed and activated, the next step is to setup the plugin and connect it with your Salesforce account. To do so, go to MakeWebBetter > Salesforce Woo on your WordPress admin dashboard. You’ll see the following screen then. Click on the button, “Connect Your Account”.
salesforce woocommerce setup screen
  1. There are two ways to establish the connection between your WooCommerce store and your Salesforce account.
    • Direct Login and Authorize
    • Login using your Custom App
  • Direct Login and Authorize : To login directly, without using the custom app, make sure that the toggle button against the Use Custom App setting is disabled. Then, follow the steps below
    • Select the Environment.
    • Click on the Login and Authorize button.
login without custom app
  • Thereafter, you’ll be redirected to the Salesforce account login page. Login using the Salesforce account that you wish to connect and sync your WooCommerce data to.
direct login screen
  • Once you enter the login credentials and click on Login, you’ll be redirected back to the plugin setup screen.
move to next step
  • Click on the Move to Next Step button to proceed further. (Jump to step 3 for further steps).
  • Login using your Custom App : For logging in and authorizing using a custom app you need to follow through with the following steps:
    • Use Custom App
    • Consumer Key
    • Consumer Secret
    • Environment
    • Callback URL
using custom app

Steps to get the details required to be filled in the above form

  • Login to your Salesforce CRM account and go to Settings > Setup > Setup Home.
salesforce dashboard
  • Search for the App Manager from the search menu.
search for app manager
  • After your App Manager screen opens up, select the New Connected App button.
connected app
  • The Basic Information form will open next like below. Fill in the required information like – 
    • Connected App Name
    • API Name
    • Contact Email, etc.
enter basic info
  • Scroll down to the next section and enable the OAuth settings. 
  • Add your callback URL.
enter redirect url
  • Select the OAuth scopes from the available scopes.
scope selection dashboard
  • Save your changes. The next screen appears with a message, “Changes can take up to 10 minutes to take effect.” 
  • Click on the button “Continue”.
save and continue
  • You’ll now get your Consumer Key and Consumer Secret IDs. Copy the IDs from here and add them to your Integration plugin authorization form.
salesforce credentials
  • After adding in all the information, click on “Authorize”.
enter credentials
  • After you click on “Authorize”, then a dialogue box will appear seeking your permissions to access the data. Click on “Allow”.
permission grant
  • Your connection authorization request is now validated.
api details validation
  1. The next step is to setup the PriceBook. After you have given the permissions, you’ll be automatically redirected to the screen as shown below. 
    • Click on the “Refresh PriceBooks” button. Select the PriceBook from the dropdown menu and click on “Select and Move to Next”
    • To create your very own PriceBook, click on the  “Create New”.
pricebook setup
  1. Next, you need to create feeds to map WooCommerce objects with Salesforce object fields.
    • To create fields, click on the button “Create Feeds”.
create feeds
  1. Now you’re ready to sync your WooCommerce data with Salesforce CRM. Click on the “Start Sync” button to start syncing your data step-by-step.
data sync screen
data sync in action
  1. Your Salesforce Integration for WooCommerce plugin’s setup process is complete now.
final dashboard

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