1- Getting error “I’m sorry! I couldn’t find the page you were looking for” while connection setup.


This error is due to an invalid client id, client secret, or Mautic base URL. Refer to the Mautic app setup guide provided at the connection tab of the plugin for getting credentials from your Mautic dashboard.
Please cross-check all details and try again.

2- Getting “500 internal server error” while connection setup. 


Check if you have entered the correct redirect URL while generating your API keys.
It should be “https://your-wp-base-url/wp-admin/admin.php”.
Please check and update your API settings and try to make the connection again.

3- Getting “site is currently offline” while connection setup.


Please check the directory permission of the cache and log directories of your Mautic installation. They should have read and write permissions.
If they already have the read and write permissions and the issue is still there, please provide them the execute permission as well.
After setting up the permissions, clear your Mautic cache and try to set up the connection.

4- Getting “Error in creating a field” or “Something went wrong” while creating custom fields or contact segments.
This error occurs due to Mautic cache or incorrect directory permissions.
Please clear your Mautic cache and setup the right directory permissions and try again.

5- How to clear the Mautic cache?

There are several ways to do that.

In version 2.x

  • The easiest is to navigate to the folder, where your Mautic is set up and follow this path: path-to-mautic/app/.
  • You will find the cache folder there. Delete its content or just rename the current cache folder to something like cache_bkup or _cache.
  • Through terminal command: navigate to the Mautic root folder and then run the following command- php app/console cache:clear.

In version 3.x

  • The easiest is to navigate to the folder where your Mautic is set up and follow this path: path-to-mautic/var/.
  • You will find the cache folder there. Delete its content or just rename the current cache folder to something like cache_bkup or _cache.

6- Cleared the cache but the issue is still there.
It might happen that the files won’t generate itself. It can be caused by the wrong folder permission and Mautic doesn’t have permission to write the new cache files. Contact your sysadmin and ask him to fix it for you.

7- Setup is completed but contacts are not showing up in Mautic. 
Please check the preferred sync method” setting in the settings tab of the plugin. If it is selected as “In every 5 minutes” then check if the scheduled action “mauwoo_cron_schedule” is set up and working fine. You can use any cron manager plugin for verifying the scheduled action.

8- Setup is completed but abandoned cart contacts are not syncing.
Abandoned cart sync works every 5 minutes on scheduled action “mauwoo_cron_schedule”. Please check it is set up correctly and working fine.

9- Contact syncing is working fine but some fields are not capturing the data.
Please check if you haven’t disabled those fields via the setting provided in the settings tab of the plugin. If they are not disabled then check the log file in the error tracking tab of the plugin.
Check for the Process: Updating or Creating a user’s data and its response. If you notice any message like “This value is not valid.”, please update your custom fields from advanced settings from the settings menu. This should update your custom field values and contact sync should work fine after that.

10- Contacts are showing up in Mautic but segments are not updating all segments have 0 contacts.
If you are using self-hosting Mautic then you will need to set up Mautic cron jobs for segments. Our plugin only creates segments in Mautic. Contacts will be assigned by Mautic itself in every cron execution.

Here is the full guide for Mautic cron jobs setup   

For more tips and knowledge about the Mautic, you can also refer to the following link: Mautic troubleshooting tips