If you are searching for a perfect and ready-made designing template for resume then here it is. Through this template, you can also get advanced and proactive template which will be improved with HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap and jQuery. This template has ample storage and is ready to get your content in it.

This template comes with an option of changing color which fits perfectly according to your requirement. Adding more to this, you can simply add your versatile and enriched resume for the world to know who you are and what achievements you have embraced. You can also add the portfoliotestimonial and call to action portion which will completely amplify your interaction with your online customers.

ME-Resume Template provides you 4 color options to suit your website needs

The user can easily use different color options by including the stylesheet provided with the template according to your needs. It supports Bootstrap Framework and integrated Font Awesome Icon set so easy to customize and develop your own styles. Easily customizable, 24/7 support time.

2.General Information

Software requirements

  • Sublime Text 3 used to edit the .HTML, .JS, .CSS and .SCSS files.
  • Grunt used as precompiler for SCSS to CSS convert.

The following scheme displays the Template files structure.

  •  Template – contains the main files of the design, which will be uploaded to the server.
    •  Bootstrap – contains Bootstrap files i.e: Bootstrap CSS, Bootstrap JS, Bootstrap Fonts.
    •  CSS – contains all Stylesheets used for UI.
    •  Fonts – contains Font Awesome Font.
    •  Images – contains all the images (not the actual image which is shown in demo link).
    •  JS – contains all javascript library or plugin files.
    •  SASS – contains all SCSS files.
    •  index.html – contains all UI code.
  •  readme.md – contains the information about templates.

3.File Structure

HTML Structure
The HTML and CSS file is well commented.


CSS Structure

If any styles need to be changed just replace it with the wanted styles in the respective block in your style.css


JQuery Structure

The JQuery file is custom.js


4.Reference File

In this template, we have used google font “Mrs Saint Delafield”, “Philosopher”, “Roboto”. You can learn more about using Google Web Fonts by checking the tutorial on how to work with Google web Fonts.

JQuery Plugin:

In this template jQuery libraries and plugins have been used for dynamic animation.

  • jQuery (js/jquery.min.js)
  • AOS (js/aos.js)
  • Bootstrap (bootstrap/js/bootstrap.min.js)
  • YTPlayer (js/jquery.mb.YTPlayer.min.js)
  • OWLCarousel (js/owl.carousel.min.js)
  • Shuffle (js/jquery.shuffle.min.js)
  • Magnigic (js/jquery.magnific-popup.min.js)
  • CountTo (js/jquery.countTo.js)
  • PieChart (js/jquery.easypiechart.min.js)
  • Inview (js/jquery.inview.min.js)

Stylesheet (CSS) Reference File

  • Animate (css/animate/animate.css)
  • AOS (css/aos.css)
  • Bootstrap (bootstrap/css/bootstrap.min.css)
  • Font-Awesome (css/font-awesome.min.css)
  • Magnigic PopUP (css/magnific-popup.css)


It is HTML, CSS and JQuery based landing page layout so you can edit it yourself.

This template uses the bootstrap framework which makes it easy to customize. We have created a landing page for resume and every section has separate section tag with comments for that particular section. If the user wants to change any section, he can easily navigate to that section with the help of comments. There is scss folder which has separate files for different sections you can change in scss. If not through scss you can also change in css file, the template contains a style.css, the section css can be directly be changed from style.css.

6.Upload Document

Unzip the package and you will see ME-Resume. In this folder, change content according to you then upload this folder on server root directory.

7.Help & Support

24/7 Support, Just mail us any issue we will be happy to help.

You can email us at [email protected]

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