MWB PayPal Integration for WooCommerce adds a payment method PayPal payments in WooCommerce payments for efficiently handling payments from PayPal and will capture and refund based on requirements. It is one of the best WooCommerce PayPal payment gateway plugins.  

Features :

  MWB PayPal Integration for WooCommerce allows admins to:
  • Capture payments from PayPal
  • Refund payments

2.Plugin Installation

  • Download the .zip file from your WooCommerce account.
  • Login to WordPress account and go from Plugins>Add New.
  • Click on the upload plugin button to upload the zip file of the plugin.
  • Install the plugin and press Activate button to get started.

3.Sandbox Paypal Account

The PayPal sandbox is a self- contained, virtual testing environment which stimulates the live PayPal production environment. When you start a transaction through a sandbox account, PayPal creates a mock transaction that behaves exactly like a transaction in the live environment.

Here, for demonstration we are explaining using a Sandbox PayPal Account. You can proceed for a live environment the same as we have done using a Sandbox PayPal Account.  

4.Payment By PayPal

Easily integrate WooCommerce with PayPal. Follow these simple steps in order to add the PayPal payment option for orders.

  • Navigate from WooCommerce > Settings. Please enter in country code with two capital letters.
  • Click on Payments option.
  • Enable the PayPal Payment option
paypal payment
  • Then, click on the Manage option placed in front of it.
  • Enable the PayPal Standard, PayPal Sandbox, and IPN email notifications 
  • In case you are using live credentials, then disable the PayPal Sandbox option.
  • If you have enabled IPN email notifications, you will get emails( particularly on mail ID mentioned) whenever the transaction is completed.
enable opt

5.API Credentials

  • Click on the PayPal developer account option .
  •  Login to your PayPal account by clicking on Login to Dashboard button.
login to dashboard
  • Enter your email address and password if you already have a PayPal account. Otherwise, Sign Up to create a PayPal account.
paypal account
  • Create a new App
create app
  • In order to create a new app first enter the name you want to give to your app. Then, choose Merchant (App Type).
app details
  • After the creation of the app- you will get a Client ID and Secret.
client id

Enter the API credentials into their respective fields.


6.PayPal Sandbox

Login to PayPal Sandbox account.

paypal sandbox
  • Go to your Account Settings.
  • Click on Notifications option and then press update setting of Instant Payment Notifications.
  • Click on Edit Settings. Copy the address from IPN email notifications to notification URL.
ipn email notifications
ipn messages
  • Save it.

7.Order Placement

  •  The PayPal option will be available for payments. Click on it.
  • Then, press the Proceed to PayPal button further for order placement.
order placement
  • Finally, your order will be placed. 
order receive

8.Order Details

In the edit order option, admins will be able to see the order details such as- Order ID and Order Status. You will get an invoice link to view complete transaction details.

order details
  • You will get complete details regarding your transaction details and transaction ID.
transaction details

9.Order Refund

  • Admins can also refund the orders if they need by this PayPal gateway integration.
order refund
  • Enter the amount you want to refund. It will be smoothly done by this best PayPal plugin .
refund option


PayPal Integration for WooCommerce is a simple, secure and easy to use, user friendly interface.

This plugin will add a payment method PayPal Payments in WooCommerce payments for handling payments from PayPal and will capture and refund based on needs.

Yes, it allows the admin to process a refund to customers.

No, our gateway is not compatible for subscription products.

You can register for a developer account here and then in the dashboard area you can create a business ( merchant ) account.

Yes, PayPal Integration for WooCommerce is fully secure.

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