This is the documentation of the free WooCommerce role based pricing plugin. The MWB Role Based Pricing For WooCommerce enables WooCommerce merchants to show WooCommerce prices by user role on their online store. 

The role based pricing plugin for WooCommerce lets you:  

  1. Create unlimited rules for different user roles and 
  2. Prioritize the desired user role based pricing rules
  3. Implement prices by user roles for WooCommerce 
  4. Hide the ‘Add-to-Cart button’ button that is user role based
  5. Hide WooCommerce pricing for different user roles 
  6. Enable or disable WooCommerce role based pricing on your online store
Watch the video given below if you want to know, How to setup role based pricing on your WooCommerce store.


You can install the plugin in two ways:

Automatic Installation

These are the steps for automatic installation of MWB Role Based Pricing For WooCommerce:

  1. From the admin panel of the WordPress dashboard, navigate to the sidebar.
  2. Go to Plugins > Menu > Add New
  3. Go to the search bar and browse ‘MWB Role Based Pricing For WooCommerce on this ‘add plugins’ page
  4. Find the plugin, MWB Role Based Pricing For WooCommerce, and click Install Now.    

Manual Installation

Manual installation involves downloading and uploading the plugin to the web server through an FTP application. You can download MWB Role Based Pricing For WooCommerce WordPress.org. 

Follow these steps for manually installing the plugin:

1. Unzip the downloaded file of the plugin.

user role based pricing


2. Upload the unzipped MWB Role Based Pricing For WooCommerce plugin folder to the wp-content/plugins directory.

3. Activate the plugin.

4. After activating the plugin, you can find it on the sidebar under MakeWebBetter. The admin can directly update settings from the left sidebar, or Go to Dashboard > Plugins > Installed Plugins > MWB Role Based Pricing For WooCommerce > Settings.

makewebbetter plugin

3.General Settings

In the general settings, the admin can perform the following function:

How To Enable Role Based Pricing Functionality? 

To enable role based pricing for WooCommerce,

  • Go to Dashboard > MakeWebBetter > MWB Role Based Pricing For WooCommerce > General Settings.
  • Switch the ‘Enable Plugin’s Functionality’ option. 
  • Save setting.
general setting user role pricing

After that, you will be able to use the role based pricing for the WooCommerce plugin on your store.  

How To Apply Price Rule? 

Applying the price rule means the admin has to select on which price type he wants to apply the role based pricing rules. 

  • Go to Dashboard > MakeWebBetter > MWB Role Based Pricing For WooCommerce > General Settings
  • Navigate option, ‘Price Rule Apply On’
  • Choose from Regular price and Sale price
  • Save setting
general setting user role based pricing
The WooCommerce role based pricing rules will then be applied to the selected price type.

4.User Role Settings

The User Role Settings tab has all the WooCommerce user roles listed. The admin can show or hide various types of prices based on user roles. 

How To Hide or Unhide User Role Based Prices?  

The admin can choose to show or hide the following from certain WooCommerce user roles:

  • Regular Price
    It is the real price of the product without any offer. Check/Uncheck the box to show/hide it for a particular user role.

  • On Sale Price
    It is the price at which users can buy products when on sale. Check/Uncheck the box to show/hide it for a particular user role.
  • Role Based Price
    It is the varied price displayed based on user roles. Check/Uncheck the box to show/hide it for a particular user role.
  • Add To Cart
    Admin can hide or show the ‘Add to cart button’ to selected user roles. Check/Uncheck the box to show/hide it for a particular user role.
  • Show Price on Login
    It involves the user’s login before they can see the price of any product. Check/Uncheck the box to show/hide it for a particular user role.
  • Show Total Discount
    This option will show the total discount that a particular user will receive. Check/Uncheck the box to show/hide it for a particular user role.
user role pricing setting

5.Text Settings

The Text Settings’ tab is for the admin to replace the text that is usually displayed. The admin can enter the desired text. The admin can replace the following texts:

  1. Regular Price Text
  2. On Sale Price Text
  3. Role Based Price Text
text setting user role pricing

To alter any of the text:

  • Go to Dashboard > MakeWebBetter > MWB Role Based Pricing For WooCommerce > Text Settings
  • Enter the text you want to replace in the provided field box in front of the price type.
  • Save Settings

6.Create Price Rule

The Role Based Pricing for WooCommerce allows you to create unlimited pricing rules for user roles. After creating rules, the admin can set its priority of application.

How To Add New User Role Pricing Rules?

To create a new pricing rule,

  • Go to Dashboard > Price Rule > Add New 
add new price rule
  • Now fill in the required details:
    1. Add Title
    Add a title to the new rule.

    add title in price rule

    2. Enable Rule
    Slide the button to the right if the admin wants to enable the rule on the products for user roles.

    enable rule for role based pricing

    3. Choose A Role
    Select the role on whom this rule will be applied. The rule will be displayed only to the selected user roles.

    user role options

    4. Select Rule Type
    The admin can select on which product he wants to apply this particular rule. He can choose from among all products, categories, or product tags.

    type of product

    5. All Products
    This field is for mentioning the product tags, or categories that were selected in the field before. The rule will be applied to the product category or tag that the admin mentions in this field. Type the name of the product category or tags. 

    If the admin wants to apply the created rule on all products available in the store, he can leave it empty.

    6. Select Discount Type
    The admin can choose if he wants to apply a fixed discount or percentage discount type to the user role in this field.

    discount type for user role pricing

    7. Price Field
    Mention the price the admin wants to offer for selected products. This price will affect all the selected products based on the products, categories, or tags.

    price field setting

    8. Priority for Price Rules
    The admin can set the priority of the new rule, starting from 1. For example, if the priority is 3, then the rules with 1st and 2nd priority will be applied first, and if they are not applicable, then the 3rd priority rule will be implemented for a particular user role.

    priority for price rule
  • Publish the new rule created for WooCommerce user-roles

7.How To Enable / Disable A Particular Price Rule?

The admin can enable and disable any of the created rules directly from the Price Rule section.

  • Go to Dashboard > Price Rule
  • All WooCommerce user  role-based rules created by admin will appear
  • Directly select the rule in the Enable/Disable column, without opening the selected rule again and again.
enable disable price rule

Other general functions that you can perform on the price rule section are:

  • Delete Price Rules
  • Search particular price rules
  • Filter rules according to dates they were created

So, that is everything you can do with the MWB Role Based Pricing For WooCommerce. If there is any query or doubt, you can contact customer support, and you will get all of them cleared shortly.


Admin can change the text that appears next to the various prices.Please follow this:


Yes, Our plugin does support the latest WooCommerce update.

MWB ROLE BASED PRICING FOR WOOCOMMERCE is very easy to use and does not require any knowledge of coding.

Yes, the admin can select the option to apply the price rule either on regular price or on the sale price.

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