Product Reviews for WooCommerce is a plugin that lets the WooCommerce store owners optimize the review section for their product pages. This WooCommerce reviews extension allows the user to extend the default WooCommerce review and rating functionality thus, making the product review section interactive and engaging at the same time.
  1. Add a question and answer module to the product review section.
  2. Allow the customers to upvote or downvote customer reviews on WooCommerce product pages.
  3. Send email review reminders to customers that haven’t reviewed their purchases from your store.
  4. You can give an exclusive discount to customers that review a product for the first time.
  5. Allow the customers to attach a product image or a video along with their reviews.
  6. Ask customers to submit their feedback through an Ajax-powered form.
  7. You can ask the customers to rate the significant attributes of a product.
  8. Lastly, the admin can export and import reviews in a CSV file format.



The plugin installation can be done in two ways, namely: automatic and manual installation.

2.1 Automatic Installation

Perform the following installation to perform the automatic installation:

  1. Open the dashboard of your WordPress website and navigate to the sidebar.
  2. Visit the Plugins → Add New page.
  3. Now on the search bar type the name of the plugin – “Product Reviews For WooCommerce”.
  4. From the search results press the Install Now button beside our plugin.

2.2 Manual Installation

Follow these simple steps to perform the manual installation:

  1. Download the plugin from WordPress.org.
  2. Once the plugin is downloaded, upload the .zip file of the plugin in your WordPress environment.
  3. Lastly, activate the plugin by going to the Plugin → Installed Plugin page and press the Activate button below the plugin.

3.General Settings

The General Setting tab of the product review plugin offers some configuration options that define the overall functionality of the Product Reviews for WooCommerce plugin.

reviews general settings


To find the configuration navigate: MakeWebBetter → Product Reviews for WooCommerce → General Setting. Here you’ll find the following options:

3.1.Plugin Functionality

These are the options that define the functionality of the WooCommerce Product Review plugin:

  • Enable plugin: By turning on the slider switch beside the Enable plugin option will enable the functionality of the product review plugin for your WooCommerce store.
enable review plugin functionality
  • Show pop-up form: The product review plugin gives you an option of how the review form will be displayed on the WooCommerce product page.

You can choose either to go with the default on-page form or you can choose to show a pop-up form for reviews.

option to show review form
  • Form ajax submission: This is a very unique feature of the WooCommerce Product Review plugin that allows the merchant to perform form submission using Ajax.
review form ajax submission


To enable this unique turn on the slider switch beside the Form ajax submission option.

3.2.WooCommerce Review Moderation

The Product Reviews for WooCommerce has options that allow the merchants to moderate the customer reviews on the store.

  • Approval required for review & Enable Voting: The WooCommerce store admins can monitor and moderate the customer reviews.
    Under the general settings tab you’ll find the following options:
enable voting review
  • Approval required for review: Enabling this option will send the customer reviews for approval and will be shown only when the admin approves their reviews.
  • Enable Voting: Enabling this option allows your customers to upvote or downvote the other customer reviews.

3.3.Discounts On Review

The WooCommerce store owners can reward customers for reviewing their purchases by giving them exclusive discount coupons.

For offering discounts to your customers you have to configure the following options under the general settings tab.


discount on reviews


  • Give a discount on review: Turn this option on if you want the customers to receive a discount coupon for reviewing their purchases.
  • Give discount one time: This option has to be kept on if you want the discount coupon to be used only once by the customer.
  • Enter Coupon Prefix: Enter a valid prefix for the coupon in the text field beside this option.
  • Enter Coupon Expiry: Enter the time in days if you want the coupon to expire after a specific duration.
  • Enter Coupon Discount: The merchant has to enter the discount in percentage that the customer will get upon reviewing the products.
  • Review Reminder: For sending the email reminders to the customer you have to enable the Review Reminder option.
enable review reminder

3.4.Display Shortcodes

The merchant gets to use shortcodes that can be placed on the page editors to display the reviews in a grid, list, or slider view in a post.

The shortcodes are as follows:

    Using the [MWB_SHOW_REVIEW_GRID]  shortcode allows you to display the customer reviews in a grid format within a post.

grid view review


     Using the [MWB_SHOW_REVIEW_LIST]  shortcode allows you to display the customer reviews in a list format within a post.

list view review


    Using the [MWB_SHOW_REVIEW_SLIDER] shortcode allows you to display the customer reviews in a slider format within a post.


3.5.Rate Product Features

The WooCommerce Product Review plugin allows merchants to extend the functionality of WooCommerce reviews and allow the customers to rate various aspects of a product separately. This gives the fellow shoppers a clear picture of the product.

add review features


Trace the following steps:

  1. Scroll down on the General Setting tab of the product review for WooCommerce plugin and find the Review features option on the page.
  2. Besides this option, you’ll find a button to add text fields.
  3. You can add as many features that you want the customer to rate. These will appear in the review form on a product page.
how reviews show in frontend


Once the review features are added in the general settings, they will appear on the product page within the review form.

4.Q & A Settings

The Product Review for WooCommerce allows the merchants to add a question and answer module in the review section. This allows the customer to add a question that is related to the product and anyone can answer the questions.

review Q&A settings


Under the Q & A Settings tab you’ll find the following options:

  • Enable Q & A: Turn the slider switch on to enable the Q & A functionality on the product page.
  • Approval required for Q&A: Enabling this option submits the customers’ questions and answers for reviewing and will be only shown if the admin approves.
  • Enable Voting: If you want the customers to upvote or downvote the questions and answers turn the slider switch on, beside the Enable Voting option.

Once you’ve configured the Q & A Settings save the settings.

5.Questions And Answers

question and answers


Under the Questions And Answers tab, you’ll find all the questions and answers that are posted by the shoppers on your WooCommerce store.

From this tab, you can manage them and perform the following options:

  1. Approve or Unapproved
  2. Move them to trash
  3. Mark as spam
  4. Edit

6.Reminder Setting

In the Reminder Setting tab, the WooCommerce merchants can customize the emails that are sent as review reminders to the customers.

6.1.Reminder Email

You can customize the content for the review reminder email and manage other configurations such as.

  • Reminder Day: The merchant can fix the number of days after which the email will be sent to the customers for the reviews.

Note: The number of days should be 2 or greater than 2.

reviews remider settings


  • Reminder for each product in order: Enable this option if you want the WooCommerce product review plugin to send automated email reminders for a review.
    The email will be automatically sent to the customer after the specified number of days. The customer review plugin also lets you send manual reminders, visit the WooCommerce → Orders page.
    Click on the Reminder Button on completed orders.
send review reminder


  • Reminder Subject: Enter the subject of your reminder email within the text field next to the Reminder Subject option.
  • Reminder email: Enter the email’s body content in the editor next to the Reminder email option.
send review reminder email

6.2.Coupon Email

You can also edit the content for emails that are used for sending discount coupons to customers.

send coupon email for review


  • Coupon Mail Subject: Enter the subject of your coupon emails.
  • Coupon email: Enter the email body content in the editor next to the Coupon email option of the reminder settings.

Note: Use placeholders {customer} for customer name and {product} for product link in the emails.

7.Managing Reviews

The WooCommerce merchants can manage the reviews from the Products → Reviews page.

manage product reviews</div


The merchant can perform actions like:

  1. Approve review
  2. Move review to trash.
  3. Move review to spam.
  4. Edit review.

And many more.


Yes. This can be done by enabling “Approval required for review” from the General Settings Tab of the plugin which will give the functionality to show reviews on the product page from customers only after they are approved.

Yes. This is the basic feature that is there in our plugin which allows the customers to upload the product images along with the review they share.

Yes. We have the option in the General Settings Tab of our Plugin named “Review features” where you can add the feature that you want to be reviewed and click on + and then save the settings.

Yes. This plugin has the feature that facilitates the Merchants to import and export reviews within the plugin and provide all the features of the plugin on those reviews too.

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