Wallet System For WooCommerce allows logged-in users to leverage the functionality of e-wallet and complete their product purchases. Using this plugin, admin can allow it’s customers to recharge their wallet amount as per the restriction defined by them (i.e. admin can decide the min and max Topup amount a customer can recharge for his account). 


  1. Logged-in users can complete their product purchases using wallet amount.  
  2. Customers can recharge their wallet amount by paying for the same.
  3. Admin can specify wallet recharge range i.e. the min and max amount customers can recharge.
  4. Admin and customers can obtain a complete transaction summary with proper reasoning.
  5. Wallet section look and feel can be customized to match the brand theme.
  6. Admin can choose whether they want to apply the tax amount on the wallet recharge or not.
  7. Admin can debit/credit amount from customers’ wallets with an accurate explanation.


1. Automatic Installation:
Automatic installation is the easiest option as WordPress handles the file transfers itself and you don’t need to leave your web browser.

In order to install your purchased plugin automatically, use these steps:

1) Download the zip folder of the plugin Wallet System For WooCommerce.

2) Once downloaded install plugin through browsing and activate it.


2. Manual Installation:
The manual installation of the plugin is another option to install the plugin in the seller’s WordPress-environment. The manual installation method involves downloading our ‘Wallet System for WooCommerce’ Extension and uploading it to the web server via your favorite FTP application. The steps for manual installation are as follows:

1) Upload the ‘Wallet System for WooCommerce’ folder to the /WP-content/plugins directory.

2) Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.

Wallet system for woocommerce

3) Click on the Go To Settings button to view the Wallet Settings page.


After the successful installation of the plugin, the admin can perform the following actions in the General Setting section.

3.1. Allow Wallet Functionality

Step 1. Enable Wallet 

Activate the functionalities of Wallet System For WooCommerce for you and your end-users by going through the following steps.  

  1. Go to Admin Panel 
  2. Click on Wallet > General Setting
  3. Enable the checkbox to activate the functionality of this plugin 
  4. Select the color to give the look & feel of your theme by clicking on the select button or by giving the color code in the color text area
  5. Now click on the Save Changes button 
  6. A notification appears when all the changes are successfully saved 
Wallet system for woocommerce

Step 2. Gain Wallet Information

If the plugin is activated from the backend admin can check the wallet balance of any specific user under the Users > All Users section.

Wallet system for woocommerce

From here admin can acquire details (like Name, Email, Role, Wallet Balance, and Posts) of any particular user. They can also gain detailed information about the wallet of that user by clicking on the amount present under the Wallet Balance section or Edit Wallet under Username (i.e. they can get to know the time/date of the transaction, type of transaction, how much amount has been credited/debited in the users’ account and the reason behind the transaction). Admin can also debit/credit amount in the account of that user by providing an accurate reason from the same panel. 

Wallet system for Woocommerce

Step 3. All Wallet Transactions 

Admin can obtain a complete transaction summary of each and every user from the All Wallet Transactions section. From here admin can know how much amount has been debited/credited to which user and at what time the transaction has occurred. To know transaction activities of users admin just need to visit the admin panel and then click on Wallet >Transactions.

Wallet system for woocommerce

3.2.Wallet Topup Setting

Admin can allow Wallet Topup functionality to their customers’ by implementing the mentioned steps in a sequence. 

Wallet system for woocommerce

Step 1. Enable Wallet Topup Functionality 

  1. Go to Admin Panel 
  2. Click on Wallet > Settings > Wallet Topup
  3. Enable Wallet Topup Functionality for end-users (using this functionality your users can recharge their wallet amount by paying for the same)
  4. Give a title to your Topup Product 
  5. Select your Product Topup image 
  6. Set minimum and maximum amount of Topup Product
  7. Update Tax Status of Topup Product
  8. Click on the Save Changes button and make your changes live.
Wallet system for woocommerce

Step 2. Users Recharge Their Wallet 

If users want to recharge their wallet amount then they are required to go through the following steps- 

  1. Go to My Account Page
  2. Click on Wallet from the sidebar
  3. Click on Recharge Wallet Icon present under Wallet Balance section
  4. Enter Topup Amount and click on Add Button 
  5. Place order after filling their billing details 
  6. A notification appears denoting users’ recharge amount will reflect once their order is completed
  7. Wallet status changes the moment the order is completed 
Wallet system for woocommerce

When users click on the Add button they will be redirected to the checkout page where they have to select the payment method they want to use for completing their Topup Product purchase. In the end, they need to click on “Place Order” for their order confirmation.

Wallet system for woocommerce

When the order is completed the recharge amount will be automatically credited to customers’ wallets.

Wallet system for woocommerce

Step 3. Wallet Topup Information 

Admin can check all Wallet Topup Order from WooCommerce > Orders section. They can also differentiate Wallet Topup Orders from normal orders by looking into the Wallet Order column. 

Wallet system for woocommerce

Note- Admin can provide Wallet Payment functionality to its customers so that they can use their wallet amount for completing their shopping. For doing so they need to implement the following steps. 

  1. Go to Admin Panel 
  2. Click on WooCommerce > Setting > Payments 
  3. Enable Wallet Payment toggle present under the Payment Methods section
  4. Click on Manage button
  5. Enable the Wallet Payment checkbox
  6. Provide a Title for the  Payment Methods customer can view
  7. Write a short description and instructions to be followed for the same
  8. Click on Save Changes to implement the changes
Wallet system for woocommerce


Wallet system for woocommerce

The Wallet Payment Gateway will display on the Checkout Page only when the order amount is equal to or less than the Wallet Amount.

Wallet system for woocommerce


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