Going through documentation of any kind may be exhausting, thus for Weebio, we tried to explain the templates and modules in the best and simplest way possible. Starting with this theme will give you a fresh perspective on developing bespoke web pages. In a nutshell, Weebio is a technical HubSpot theme designed to bring out the creativity in you. We attempted to apply all of our expertise in bringing the best features to your website.  We will assist you if you become stuck at any moment. You may always rely on us as a backup plan because we provide the highest and best quality customer service. You are also welcome to contribute your thoughts and criticism, as well as questions about the theme. So, let us get started. First and foremost, purchase the theme directly from this page, and then you will have access to all of our templates. You now have the power to construct pages by picking templates, or you can utilize the drag and drop function to change our modules. All of this is covered in our documentation.  You might check out the demo here.     

2.Understanding The Concept

Introducing the basic inputs:

  1. Modules: The independent and interchangeable elements that add functionality to your page are called modules. You can couple them easily to work out perfectly for your UI/UX. The Weebio Technical Theme allows you to drag and drop a module wherever you want.
  2. Templates: The specimen layout is already available in the theme. Use these templates as it is or create a fresh template for your website. Construct a template suiting your services and replacing the demo content with your content. 

For more information regarding HubSpot Themes: Use themes

3.Theme Installation

For installing the Weebio Technical Theme:

    • Purchase the theme from Themeforest  
    • Open your HubSpot Dashboard > Appearance > Theme > Add New
    • Upload the theme zip file > Install
    • Activate theme after complete installation
    • Now you can start compiling your pages using available modules.

How To Create a Page Using The Weebio Technical Theme?

After you log in, start creating a new page:

  • Go to Marketing > Website > Website Pages. You can directly choose from Website pages, Landing pages, and Blog at the top. These are the templates on which you can perform modifications.      
  • Click Create > Page Type (Website Page/ Landing Page/Blog Post)
Weebio Technical HubSpot Theme
  • Give a name (whatever you want to name it) to this internal page and click on Create Page. After this, you will be directed to a page to select the templates from the available option.
Create Page. - Weebio Technical HubSpot Theme
  • Search and select the template to use the page template or modify from the Weebio Technical Theme templates.
  • Add or remove modules according to your needs and replace the template content. Publish the page after you add the title details and necessary information.

You will find the Weebio theme modules & templates in your HubSpot portal. You can directly clone the theme and move ahead with changes. 

By going to Marketing> files and templates> Design Tools, you can edit the codes of any page of your choice.

While working with the Weebio theme, you will realize that it is intended for everyone. However, if you are still hesitant, we can help you customize your website in just one click.

Customer Support 

4.Editing Global Content

Any modifications you make to the global settings will completely alter the appearance of all your assets. You can always check the appearance before publishing. 

  • From your HubSpot Dashboard, go to Marketing > Website Pages > Create Page > Select Template > Edit Page > Content
  • Select header / footer  > Click Open in Global Content Editor > Navigation
Weebio Technical HubSpot theme
  • You can edit the Content and Styles of the header and footer.  

5.Editing a Website Page

Select the page you want to edit. On the page, select the theme modules that you want to use. Simply drag the module from the left panel and drop it wherever you want to place it. On the edit page, you can make changes under Add, Contents, and Design.

Under the add section, you can pick theme modules you want to use, while under the content section, you can edit the content of those modules. Under the design section, you can continue with editing the theme settings.    

5.1.Working With Weebio Theme Modules

While editing a website page, you can select the modules you want to place on that particular page. From the Edit page, go to Add > Theme Modules. There are 48 modules available. With every module there is a list of settings where you can carry out modifications on the module. 

Edit page - Weebio Technical HubSpot Theme
  • About Feature Icon module for adding a feature update on your page.
Feature icons : Weebio Technical HubSpot Theme
  • The Accordion module is a graphical control element consisting of a list of items stacked vertically.
Accordion module : Weebio Technical HubSpot Theme
  • Blog Listing Layout module for listing all your latest or featured blogs.
Blog Listing Layout module: Weebio Technical HubSpot Theme
  • Brand Slider module to show your logo image or title or anything you want to show on your homepage or any CMS page.
Brand Slider module : 1
Brand Slider module :2
  • Call To Action module to guide the users and get the clicks you need effortlessly with an attractive design.
Call To Action module
  • The Circular Progress Bar module is an animated indication of the task progress around a circular path. 
The Circular Progress Bar module
The Circular Progress Bar module
add/ content / design module - hubspot theme
  • Client Review Slider module for a sliding view of your client’s review with intuitive UI. 
Client Review Slider module
client review system : hubspot theme
  • Contact Form module for connecting your audience to you in no time. Just a form away.
contact form : hubspot theme
contact form : hubspot theme
content - hubspot theme
  • Content module for adding a short or long piece anywhere on the main section. Easily add a new content type with this module.
hubspot theme : smart rules
content module : hubspot theme
  • The Counter With Text module gives an engaging and fun way to display numbers with text. 
The Counter With Text module
  • Customer Banner module to update banners without touching the backend code. Mention the details you want to display.
custom banner
custom banner : hubspot theme
  • Customizable Button module that you can modify depending on your needs. 
Customizable Button module : hubspot theme
  • Event Tab module for any upcoming event details.  
event tab : hubspot theme

  • Feature Icon module to mention features on the website page.
  • Feature Icon module : hubspot theme
    • Footer module for important links to be placed at the page end.
    Footer module : hubspot theme
    • Frequently Asked module to add popular questions asked about your service or products. 
    Frequently Asked module : hubspot the;me
    • Google Map module allows map embedding options for directions to your physical organization based on your API key.
    Google Map module : hubSpot theme
    • Header No Navigation module for a header without navigation option.
    Header No Navigation module : hubspot theme
    • Home Banner module for adding a banner on your homepages. 
    Home Banner module : hubspot theme
    • Home Banner Slider module to enhance the visual effect of your home banner with a slider option. 
    Home Banner Slider module : hubspot theme
    • Horizontal Tabs to control the horizontal positioning of the elements you want to highlight.
    Horizontal Tabs : hubspot theme
    • Image module to add quality images on your website page.
    Image module : hubspot theme
    • Landing Banner module to create a custom-made landing banner that converts users to leads. 
    Landing Banner module: hubspot theme
    • Language Switcher module to allow visitors to change the language. Add the languages you want your readers to be able to read in. 
    Language Switcher module : hubspot theme
    Language Switcher module : hubspot theme
    Language Switcher module : hubspot theme
    • Meet Our Team module to display your team members’ details and images.
    Meet Our Team module : HubSpot theme
    arrow type : hubspot theme

    • Mega Menu module for collective dropdown options.  
    • Mega Menu module : hubspot theme
      • Our Mission module for your mission content.
      Our mission module : hubspot theme
      • Our Story module for the story behind your organization.
      Our Story module : hubspot theme
      • Our Team Card module to show the teammates in card form for your business website. 
      Our Team Card module : hubspot theme
      • Page Header module for an attractive header on your website page.
      Page Header module : HubSpot Theme
      • Portfolio Slider module for showing your portfolio in a slider format.
      Portfolio Slider module : HubSpot theme
      • Portfolio Tabs module for showing multiple portfolio tabs. 
      Portfolio Tabs module : HubSpot theme
      • Pricing Card module to show prices of your services.
      Pricing Card module : hubspot theme
      Pricing Card module : HubSpot theme
      • Process module to show steps involved in your production or steps of achieving your services.
      Process module : HubSpot Theme
      • Progress Bar module to visualize your progress for users.
      Progress Bar module : hubspot theme
      • Section Heading module to organize the content of your website pages.
      Section Heading module : HubSpot Theme
      section heading : hubspot theme
      • Service Listing module for listing your services on the page. 
      Service Listing module : hubspot theme
      • Social Share module to input links for your social media accounts for direct connection of your users with you.
      Social Share module : HubSpot theme
      social share : hubspot theme
      • Spacer module for any space you want to create on your website pages.
      Spacer module : HubSpot theme
      • Subscribe module for capturing leads for an email subscription of your newsletter maybe. 
      Subscribe module : HubSpot theme
      • Team Gallery module for mentioning all members of your team in a gallery.
      team gallery : hubspot theme
      • Team Member module for adding details and images of your team members 
      Team Member module : hubspot theme
      • Testimonial Layout module for displaying your clients’ testimonials.
      Testimonial Layout module : hubspot theme
      • Testimonial Slider module for a slider view of the testimonials sent by your clients.
      Testimonial Slider module : HubSpot Theme
      • Title Content module for mentioning titles with content on your website pages.
      Title Content module : HubSpot Theme
      • Two Column Image Text module for image and content in columns for information on the page. 
      Two Column Image Text module : Hubspot theme
      • Vertical Tabs module for making your blog pages extra stylish. 
      Vertical Tabs module : hubspot theme
      • Video Popup module for adjusting videos on your website pages.
      Video Popup module : hubspot theme

      5.1.1.Editing Header

      You can also edit the contents of the website page. Starting with editing the header. It is the same as when you edit global content. Here let’s see the options you can edit in detail. 

      • Start editing header from header.html option or go to the header.html icon on the top right corner.
      • From Header.html, go to Navigation and edit the navigation section. You have 2 header layout options.
      header layout choice - hubspot theme
      • Here is what else you can do:
      • Remove or replace the logo.
      • Override the default logo on this page.
      • Remove or replace Logo Image.
      header logo - hubspot theme
      • Size and maximum size.
      • Select Display Condition.
      • Button Display Condition.
      • Edit button text and search icon.
      • Edit search icon. 
      • Adjust image width and maximum size, alt text.
      header logo - hubspot theme
      • Button group related settings (links to buttons)  
      Button group : Hubspot Theme
      • Press “Apply Changes” after you are done with your desired settings.

      6.Edit Theme Settings

      To make edits in the theme settings, go Marketing > Website Pages > Create Page > Select Template > Edit Page > Design > Edit Theme Settings. The admin can make the following changes :

      • Color And Font
      • Layout Settings
      • Blog Settings
      • System Page Settings  
      1. Maintenance Page Setting

      6.1.Color And Font Settings

      Color And Font Settings : hubspot theme

      Under color and font settings you can change the global colors, global fonts, and typography. 

      • Under global colors, you can change the primary color, dark color, Light Accent Color, Accent Color, Text Color, and Body Background Color.    
      globa; colors : hubspot theme
      • Under Global Fonts, you can set the title font and body font.
      Global Fonts (1) : hubspot theme
      • Under the Typography option, you can edit the body text, body text opacity, body font size, mobile and tablet heading views, and link colors.
      Typography option : hubspot theme
      heading h6 : hubspot theme

      After making all the changes, press Apply Changes.

      6.2.Layout Settings

      Under layout settings you can edit the following details:

      • Website Header
      • Footer
      • Spacing
      • Shadows
      • Rounded Corners
      • Buttons 
      • Forms
      • Tables
      1. Under the Website Header option, you can enable the mega menu and top header with the header background color. 
      edit theme settings

      You can also edit the menu link typography, opacity and link hover color. These changes can be implemented for both the child menu and the primary menu.

      menu : hubspot theme
      • Under the Footer option, you can edit the footer with settings like footer typography, text & heading color, footer heading opacity, text-transform, links hover color, etc.  
      enter top footer : hubspot theme
      footer heading : hubspot theme
      footer links : hubspot theme

      • Under the Spacing option control the content width in your theme.
      • Spacing option : hubspot theme
        • Under the Shadows option, you can change the horizontal/vertical length, blur/spread radius, and shadow color.
        shadows : hubspot theme
        blur radius : hubspot theme

        • Under Rounded Corners option, you can change card border-radius, and image border-radius.   
        • rounded corners : hubspot theme
          • Under the Buttons option, you can edit the background color, hover background color, text color, border width, corner radius, horizontal and vertical padding, etc.
          • Under Forms Option, you can change the color of the header, background, label, help text, field background, and field border.  
           Forms Option, : hubspot theme
          field background : hubspot theme
          • Under the Tables option, you can alter header background color, header text color, body background color, body text color, etc.  
           Tables option : hubspot theme

          You can also enable or disable animation on this same settings page.

          body text color : hubspot theme

          For making any changes in the website layout directly, go to Marketing > Website Pages > Edit > Design > Edit Theme Setting > Layout Setting > Perform modification and press Apply Changes. 


          6.3.Blog Settings

          Under blog settings, you can enable blog banners, alt text, and enable popular posts. For directly making changes in blog settings, go to Marketing > Website Pages > Edit > Design > Edit Theme Setting > Blog Settings > Perform modifications > Apply Changes.

          blog setting : hubspot theme

          6.4.System Page Settings

          Under system page settings, you have the 

          • Error Page Setting (404)
          • Error Page Setting (500)  
          edit theme setting : hubspot theme

          You can:

          • Enable Error Image
          • Change Error Banner Image
          • Input Alt Text
          • Select Image Loading
          404 system setting : hubspot theme
          500 system : hubspot theme

          Fore directly making changes in the system page settings, go to Marketing > Website Pages > Edit > Design > Edit Theme Setting > System Page Settings > Perform Modification > Apply Changes.

          6.5.Maintenance Page Settings

          Under the maintenance page setting, you can 

          • Enable the maintenance image 
          • Replace or remove the maintenance image 
          • Input Alt Text
          • Select Image Loading
          maintance page section : hubspot theme

          For directly making changes in the maintenance page settings, go to Marketing > Website Pages > Edit > Design > Edit Theme Setting > Maintenance Page Setting > Perform Modification > Apply Changes.

          7.Website Pages

          For editing website pages, go to Marketing > Website Pages. The following pages are available. 


          We’ve provided three different homepage designs for your convenience. You can select any of them and continue drag-and-drop editing. After making changes, publish the page.

          • Homepage 01
          Homepage 01 : HubSpot Theme
          • Homepage 02
          Homepage 02 : HubSpot Theme
          • Homepage 03
          Homepage 03 : HubSpot theme

          7.2.About Us Page

          We have two versions of the about us page. You can mention your company here. After you’ve finished editing the page, publish it.

          • About Us 01
          About Us 01 : hubspot theme
          • About Us 02
          About Us 02 : hubspot theme

          7.3.Coming Soon Page

          We know you’re constantly coming up with new ideas. As a result, we provided two variations of the coming soon page. Choose yours and modify modules to entice users to return to you.

          • Coming Soon 01
          Coming Soon 01 : hubspot theme
          • Coming Soon 02 
          Coming Soon 02 : hubspot theme

          7.4.Contact Us Page

          For the contact page, we’ve provided two options. You can select the one you want or simply edit the modules.

          • Contact Us 01
          Contact Us 01 : hubspot theme
          • Contact Us 02
          Contact Us 02 : HubSpot theme


          7.5.Events Page

          Make a detailed mention of your upcoming events by utilizing our simple-to-use modules.

          • Events Overview 
          Events Overview : HubSpot theme
          • Events Details  
          Events Details : hubspot theme

          7.6.Portfolio Page

          The Weebio Technical Theme has three variants of portfolio pages. You can choose according to your needs and edit modules.

          • Portfolio Grid Layout Page 
          Portfolio Grid Layout Page
          • Portfolio Masonry Page 
          Portfolio Masonry Page
          • Portfolio Detailed Page
          Portfolio Detailed Page

          7.7.Service Page

          Stage the services on the Weebio service page, where we’ve provided two exceptional examples. Drag and drop modules and preview the page before publishing to see exactly how the page will look.

          • Service Page 01
          Service Page 01
          • Service Page 02
          Service Page 02

          7.8.Testimonial Page

          With two variants of the testimonial page, the Weebio Technical theme supports your level of expertise. Using our modules wisely, you can display the recorded satisfied customer statements.

          • Testimonial 01
          Testimonial 01
          • Testimonial 02
          Testimonial 02

          7.9.Career Page

          Using the Weebio Technical theme’s career template, you can create an outstanding career page to invite potential candidates. Modules can be edited and used as needed.

          Career Page

          7.10.FAQ Page

          Create a FAQ page with frequently asked questions about your services and products. Add multiple questions and answers, as well as change the layouts of the modules.

          FAQ Page

          7.11.Pillar Page

          Using collective resources, we created a strong and engaging pillar page. Combine the best modules to create the best designs. Fill in the pages with the settings you want.

          Pillar Page

          7.12.Product List Page

          Make your product page or modify the available product page template. To test how it works, you can add, edit, or remove modules.

          Product List Page

          7.13.Resource Page

          Display your resource collection and assemble it as you see fit. Use your preferred modules to enhance the UI/UX of the comprehensive resource page.

          Resource Page

          7.14.Landing Pages

          Continue with your landing pages by going to Marketing > Landing Page > Make Modifications > Apply Changes > Publish Page. 

          Using the modules and content, you can customize the header, main section, and footer of these landing pages. This is a similar procedure to what is used in global settings.


          Landing Pages
          • Event Landing Page
          Event Landing Page
          • eBook Landing Page
          eBook Landing Page
          • Mobile App Landing Page
          Mobile App Landing Page



          In the Weebio theme, we’ve included two variations of the blog listing page. If you want to change something on the blog listing page, you can easily do so. The procedure is the same as we previously described. Simply drag, drop, and edit.

          • Blog Compact Layout
          Blog Compact Layout
          • Blog Grid Layout
          Blog Grid Layout

          For directly editing Blog Pages, go to Marketing > Website > Blog > Make Modifications> Apply Changes > Publish Page. 

          7.16.Maintenance Pages

          • 404 Error Page
          404 Error Page
          • 505 Error Page
          505 Error Page

          7.17.Miscellaneous Pages

          • Search Page

          Search Page

          • Password Page

          Password Page

          • Email Unsubscribe Page

          Email Unsubscribe Page

          • Communication Preferences Page

          Communication Preferences Page

          The Weebio Technical theme is a must have for your website. The editable theme settings panel, Weebio gives you complete control over the visual design of all your website pages. Make your job easier with the best technical theme of all times. And if you get stuck or have any doubt, don’t pause, contact us.

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