The WooCommerce Abandoned Cart Recovery is an all-in-one solution for recovering abandoned carts and make lost customers complete their checkout process. The WooCommerce merchants can send automated reminders, capture emails, and recover lost sales all at the same time. This WooCommerce extension can do it all for you with a single click and win back all your lost sales. Not only this, you can track conversions, coupons used, links clicked, and much more. Watch the video for better understanding:

Here are some prominent features of WooCommerce Abandoned Cart Recovery:

  • The plugin features an add to cart popup that collects customers’ emails when adding a product to the cart.
  • The plugin also has an exit-intent popup too that makes the last resort to prevent the customers from abandoning your store.
  • Admin gets notified by the extension whenever a cart is abandoned.
  • With this plugin, the WooCommerce vendors can capture customers’ emails at checkout.
  • Vendors can recover cart abandonments even from the guest users.
  • WooCommerce Abandoned Cart Recovery allows you to create automated email campaigns and set conditions for rolling out messages to customers.
  • You can give exclusive discount coupons and win back customers’ interests to complete the orders.
  • The WooCommerce Abandoned Cart Recovery shows you deep analytics of cart abandonments and carts recovered.
  • The vendors can keep complete track of all the emails.
  • This plugin also works fine with variable products.
  • This WooCommerce cart recovery abandonment solution captures the IP address that lets you limit the spammers and bots.
  • Keep a log of all emails sent, emails opened and links clicked.


To install the plugin trace the following steps:

1, Download the WooCommerce Abandoned Cart Recovery plugin.

2. Login to your WordPress dashboard.

3. Navigate to the Plugins → Add New page and press the Upload Plugin button.

4. Upload the .zip file of the plugin and hit the install update.

5. Finally, activate this plugin from the Plugins → Installed Plugins page and hit the activate button.


( Note: This plugin is an addon of the Abandoned Cart For WooCommerce, make sure you’ve installed it before activating the WooCommerce Abandoned Cart Recovery plugin. )

* Download from here

3. General Settings

The General Setting tab of the plugin has options that define the overall functionality of the plugin and you can configure them as per your requirements. To access the general settings follow the following steps:

1. Firstly, log in to your WordPress dashboard.

2. Visit the MakeWebBetter → Abandoned Cart For WooCommerce page.

3. Finally, you’ll find the General Setting tab.


Here are the options you can configure:

  • Enable plugin: Press the slider switch beside the Enable plugin option to enable the plugin.


3.1.Add to Cart Pop-Up

  • Add to Cart Pop-Up: The Add to Cart Pop-up is a feature that captures the email address of the users when a customer presses the add to cart button.

  • Add to Cart Pop-Up Title: The Add to Cart Pop-Up Title allows you to add a title in the text field for the pop-up.
  • Add to Cart Pop-Up Text: The Add to Cart Pop-Up Text option allows you to add content for the pop-up.

    (* Note: The pop-up will trigger only for guest users that have visited your store for the first time.)


3.2.Abandoned Cart Settings

To consider a cart abandoned the extension offers some configuration options. The configurations include:

  • Cut-off time: This is the time in hours after which a cart is considered abandoned if the customer has left your store without completing the checkout process.
  • Delete abandoned cart history: Enter the number of days in the box beside this option before which you don’t want to keep the history of your abandoned carts.
  • User role for tracking: The merchant can choose the user roles for which you want to track cart abandonment. (The “GUEST USERS are tracked by default.”)
    The option has a dropdown menu that has all the user roles pre-listed. You can select all the roles for which you want to track.
  • Enable to Receive Abandoned Mails: The admin can enable this option to receive an email notification when a cart is abandoned on the WooCommerce store.

3.3.Coupon Settings

The WooCommerce Abandoned Cart Recovery has options that allow the merchants to configure the coupon to give exclusive discounts to win back customers.


  • Coupon code prefix: The vendor has to enter a prefix to create a coupon code. The abandoned card recovery discount coupons are generated in the format: prefix_<random_5_digit_alphanumeric>.
  • Coupon expiry: Enter a duration in hours after which the generated coupon will expire.
  • Coupon Discount: Enter the discount in percentage that the shopper will get upon completing the abandoned checkout process.

                               ( * Note: To track the status of your coupons go to the Marketing → Coupons page. )

3.4.Exit Intent Pop-up


The exit-intent pop-up is the last resort that you can make to stop WooCommerce customers from abandoning the checkout process. The exit-intent pop-up can be configured with the help of the following options from the general settings:

  • Enter Title to Show on Exit-Intent Pop-Up: You have to enter the title of the pop-up in the text field next to the Enter Title to Show on Exit-Intent Pop-Up option.
  • Enable To Show Content On Exit Intent: The WooCommerce merchants will have to enable this option if they want their content to be portrayed on the exit-intent pop-up.
  • Enable To Show Email – Box On Exit Intent pop-up: If you want to collect customers’ email addresses on the exit-intent popup then enable this option.As a result, the pop will display a box where shoppers can enter their email addresses.
  • Enter Content To Show On Exit Intent: Enter the content in the text field beside this option that will be displayed on the exit intent pop-up. But you’ve to enable the Show Content option to portray this content.


                            ( * Note: If you enable the add to cart pop-up the exit-intent pop-up won’t work. )

3.5. Blocking Spammers

The plugin allows you to fight the spammers and bots and limit them from abandoning carts on your WooCommerce store.

Enter the IPs in the textbox beside the Block IP option for which you want to track the cart abandonment.


Once you’ve configured the General Setting don’t forget to hit the Save Settings button.

4. Email Work Flow


The WooCommerce vendors can design their abandoned cart recovery campaign from the Email Work Flow tab. The abandoned cart recovery plugin allows you to create a workflow with an unlimited number of email stages.

4.1.Workflow 1

Perform the following steps to start creating your first workflow.

4.2.Workflow 2

To add another stage to the workflow click on the Add More button.

Here are the configurations for the second workflow:

  • Enable The workflow: Hit the checkbox to enable the second email of the workflow.
  • Choose Condition: Choose the condition upon which the workflow will send the second email to the customer.The dropdown menu lets you choose from Not Opened, Opened, and Opened and clicked. If anyone of the condition is satisfied the workflow will send the email.
  • Initiate Time: Enter a time span in hours after which the mail will be sent.

The Mail Subject and Content are the same as Workflow 1.

The WooCommerce merchant can add more stages to the workflow by following the same aforementioned steps and you can delete stages too with the help of the Delete workflow button.

                                           Once you’ve configured the workflow hit the SAVE WORKFLOW button.

( Note: Use placeholder {coupon} to share the coupon in the mail. Use the placeholder {cart} to display the abandoned cart in the mail and {checkout} for the checkout page. )

5. Abandon Cart Reports

The Abandon Cart Reports give you a complete record of the abandoned carts that happened on your WooCommerce store. You can view the report for abandoned carts and abandoned products.

5.1.Cart-Wise Reports

Follow the following steps to view the cart-wise report:

1. Visit the MakeWebBetter → Abandoned Cart for WooCommerce → Abandon Cart Reports page.

2. Click Cart under the Abandon Cart Reports.

In this section you’ll find the following fields:

  • ID: This is the ID of the customer that abandoned a cart in your store. 
  • Email: This is the email address of the customer that abandoned a cart in your store. 
  • Left Page: It tells you the last page visited by the customer that performed cart abandonment. 
  • Total: This is the total price of the abandoned cart. 
  • Status: This displays the status of your abandoned carts. If you’ve recovered the cart, the status will be ‘Recovered’ else ‘Abandoned’.

5.2.Product-Wise Reports

Follow the following steps to view the product-wise report:

1. Visit the MakeWebBetter → Abandoned Cart for WooCommerce → Abandon Cart Reports page.

2. Click Product under the Abandon Cart Reports.

In this section you’ll find the following fields:

  • Product Name: This displays the name of the abandoned products.
  • Abandoned Time: This displays the number of times a product has been abandoned.

6.Abandon Cart Analytics

The WooCommerce Abandoned Cart Recovery plugin gives you deep analytics of the cart abandonments that occurred in your store. Trace the following path to check out the analytics:

Visit the MakeWebBetter → Abandoned Cart for WooCommerce → Abandon Cart Analytics page.

On the Abandon Cart Analytics page you’ll find the following metrics:

  • Abandoned Carts this Month: This displays the number of abandoned carts in the latest month.
  • Abandoned Carts till Now: This displays the total number of abandoned carts in your store.
  • Recovered Carts this Month: This displays the number of carts recovered in the latest month.
  • Recovered Money: This displays the total amount recovered from the carts abandoned in your store.
  • Money That Can Be recovered: This is the amount that is not recovered yet but can be recovered.


The email log is a unique feature of the WooCommerce Abandoned Cart Recovery. It allows the admin to keep track of the emails along with their statuses. To see the email log:

Visit the MakeWebBetter → Abandoned Cart for WooCommerce → Logs page.



The logs show you the following:

  • Email: The vendor gets to see the customers’ email to whom the mail is sent by the workflow.
  • Workflow_id: Displays the workflow id.
  • Mail_status: The field shows the status of the emails sent, like if the mail is opened or not or if the customer has clicked on the link or not.

    ( * Note: The admin had to enter the Disclaimer from the General Setting tab and a site logo so that the plugin can track the emails. )


We have explained step by step how to make the workflow in the documentation. Simple steps are Enable feature, Initiate time, add Mail subject, and then Content.

Yes, you can make similar workflows in more than one and also delete them as per your requirement.

Yes, you can send emails automatically after a certain amount of time.

Yes, you can customize the content of the email as you want.

Yes, you can add coupons to each configured email and also track them with status.


Yes, it’s compatibility with various contact forms like CF7, Gravity Form, Ninja Form


Yes, we have this feature by which you can keep a log of all emails sent, emails opened and links clicked. With this, you can also get logs of every email recovered by the plugin.

Yes, you can delete all the abandoned carts after a specific number of hours/days.

 No, the Add To Cart popup will trigger only once and works only for guest users. If a guest user returns on the second day the popup will not trigger.

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