WooCommerce Failed Order Recovery helps store owners in recovering their failed orders. With ‘Failed Order Recovery’, you can again call back your customers who had parted ways with your site due to a technical snag, website crash or low server problem.

Whenever an order status changes to “failed”, It gets listed in “Failed Order List”. It automatically sends an email to the user after a specified time set by the admin.

This plugin will help you to float better coupons and offers, through which the customer traffic base can get developed again!


  1. Shop admin can easily enable/disable this Failed Order Recovery feature.
  2. Admin can send recovery messages to the customer who had placed their orders. The messages will be sent within specific duration
  3. To attract the client base again, the admin can playful with the amount of the offer he wants to levy on that recovered consignment.
  4. Order recovery is divided into many sections.
  5. If and when, the failed order again becomes active consignment then a mail will get reverted back to the admin in real time.
  6. Graphical and user-friendly plugin.
  7. easy and simple to use.
  8. easy customization.



Automatic installation is the easiest option as WordPress handles the file transfers itself and you don’t need to leave your web browser.

Steps are as follows :

1) Download the zip folder of the plugin Failed Order Recovery.
2) Once downloaded install plugin through browsing and activate it.


Manual installation of the plugin is another option to install the plugin to your WordPress-environment. The manual installation method involves downloading our Failed Order Recovery Extension and uploading it to your web server via your favorite FTP application.

Steps are as follows :

1) Upload the Failed Order Recovery folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
2) Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.



After the successful installation, merchant can activate their settings.

Enable Failed Order Recovery : Firstly enable this section. without enabling this section other features will not work.

Enable Admin Notifications : Admin gets notification e-mail after a successful order recovery.

Admin E-mail : Enter Email Address of admin where they want to get notification e-mail after a successful order recovery.

Cron Interval : Time interval for scheduled process to check mail status, order status and to change it according to provided settings.

Order Failed Time : This is the time after which an order will be considered failed by admin end so that it can be available for the processing by schedule process defined by the admin.
Whenever an order status changes to failed due to any issue plugin waits for some time to allow the user to recover that order by himself by retrying payment or re-ordering.
So whenever an order gets failed it will be immediately listed in failed order list but it will be available for the scheduled processing after “order failed time”.

Unrecovered Order Time : Time after which an order will be considered “unrecovered” after sending recovery mail.
So if admin sets this time to 2 minutes then the order will be considered “unrecovered” after 2 minutes of sending the recovery e-mail to the customer.


After this click on the Save Settings button.


Coupon Settings:

The merchant can also send discount coupons to the customer. A discount coupon will be sent to users via recovery e-mail. The merchant can send three different discount coupons in recovery emails. These discount coupons will be generated according to the provided settings.

Coupon Status: Select Active to activate coupon code otherwise coupon setting will not work.

Coupon Prefix : Enter prefix for coupon code.

Coupon Type: Here you can select two types of coupon code.

1)Fixed Cart Discount.

2)Percentage Discount.

Coupon Amount: Here you can enter how much discount you want to give to the customer.

Minimum Spend: Enter minimum spend allowed to use the coupon code.

Coupon Message: Here the merchant customizes the message.


After this click on the Save Settings button.


Notification Template:

In this admin can customize  recovery e-mail template.

shortcode used: Admin can use following code in their custom e-mail template.

{order_url} –> Your order URL which will redirect a customer directly to “pay for order” link.
{coupon_message} –> Activated Coupon Message to send an email along with coupon code.
{site_title} –> Name of your website.
{site_url} –> URL of your website.


After this click on the Save Settings button.




Firstly Enable the General settings.


Order list :

Whenever an order status changes to “failed” it will be listed here with order status “failed”.





Coupon Settings:

Activate this coupon to send this email to the customer.


Email template to send to the user.


After clicking on Provide link you will be redirected here.


Here your Coupon Code applied successfully. Now click “Pay for order” to recover your order.


Now, the user received their failed order successfully.


Your recovered order has been listed here.


That’s all about the Woocommerce Failed Recovery Order extension.

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