WooCommerce One Click Order Re-order extension helps merchants to allow your customers to place the previously placed orders again and again while order status is Completed or not. So just Re-Order your previous WooCommerce orders with a single click.
This extension also allows their customers to add/remove required products into the Basket, exclude and increase/decrease the quantity of the products from the Basket before adding into the cart.


  1. Re-Order the previously placed order with a single click.
  2. Allow the customer to place the same order again or update the order from the Cart page.
  3. Add the needed product from the Basket and manage these products before adding into the cart.
  4. The main feature of the plugin is displaying messages due to some reasons.
    i) The items are added to the cart from your previous order: when the product is successfully added to the cart.
    ii) The item is Out Of Stock: when the product is not available in stock.
    iii) The item is not available: This message is shown when the item is not available.
    iv) The product is not purchased: when the item is no longer available.


1. Automatic Installation

Automatic installation is the easiest option handled by WordPress.

  • Download the WooCommerce One Click Order Re-Order plugin.
  • Navigate to the sidebar, click on plugins.
  • Click on Add New and then hits on Upload Plugins.
  • Hit the browse button and choose your downloaded plugin’s .zip file, and click on Install Now.
  • And last Click one Activate Plugin Link.


2. Manual Installation

The manual installation of the plugin is another option to install the plugin in the seller’s WordPress-environment. The manual installation method involves downloading our WooCommerce One Click Order Re-Order Extension and uploading it to the webserver via their favorite FTP application.
The steps for manual installation are as follows:

  • Upload the WooCommerce One Click Order Re-Order folder to the /WP-content/plugins/ directory.
  •  Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.


After successfully installing and activating the plugin, to see the extension’s feature, visit on My Account > Order Page at Frontend. On this Page, a Re-Order Button will be added after placed any order.

When you will click the Re-Order button, you’ll be redirected to the Previous Cart Page.

On that page, you can add/remove the products from the previous cart. No matter what is the order status of the Previous Order.


On that page, they will be able to update the Cart page or place the same order again by clicking on the “Place Order” button.


Enable “Place Same Order Button” Feature: Enable Place Same Order Button.


After enabling the “Place Same Order” feature, your customer will be able to place the same order from the My Account > Order page or Order Detail Page.


By Clicking on the “Place Same Order” button a pop window will be displayed. In this window, customer can proceed next step with multiple ways as

  • Exclude products from the cart if they are not want to purchase.
  • Also, see that the product is In stock. If the product is Out of stock then it’ll be excluded by default.
  • Updated the quantity of any product.
  • If products do not exist, then you’ll see a message, that item is not available/Product is not purchased, etc.

Enable Basket Feature: This plugin gives basket support as a trolley at the time of shopping. They can move this basket everywhere on the page. By default, this plugin gives a default basket image. You can change the image of the basket. You can enable the basket feature for the selected user or selected page. By clicking on this basket a popup will display, here customers can exclude products and update the quantity of the products. 


After enabling the setting, an “Add to Basket”  button will display on every product. Customers can add products to the basket by clicking on that button.


You can see the “Remove From Basket” button on that product which is added to the basket. For removing the product from the basket click on that button.


By clicking on the basket, a popup window will display. Here your customer can add the selected product for the cart.

  • Here they can exclude the product from the cart if they are not willing to purchase.
  • Also, see that the product is In stock or Out of stock. If the product is Out of stock then it’ll be excluded by default.
  • Updated the quantity of any product.
  • If products do not exist, then you’ll see a message, that item is not available/Product is not purchased, etc.
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