WooCommerce One Click Upsell Funnel extension provides the facility to you that you can upsell your funnel with exciting offers to your customers.

If the customer does not accept your upsell offer, you can give them another offer that better suits customer need.

Main Features:

  • The WooCommerce extension that allows you to create multiple post-purchase offers for your customers.
  • Shows the funnel offers to your customers at the best time when they purchase something from your store with COD as a payment method.
  • Offers can be purchased on a single click only.
  • Multiple funnels can be created with the offers of your own choice.
  • Customization for showing more new offers if your customer accepts or rejects your offer.


  • Increases your WooCommerce store sales instantly.
  • Hikes the store average order amount.


  1. Automatic Installation:
    Automatic installation is the easiest option as WordPress handles the file transfers itself and you don’t need to leave your web browser.
    Steps are as follows :
    1. Download the zip folder of the plugin WooCommerce One Click Upsell Funnel.
    2. Once downloaded install plugin through browsing and activate it.
  2. Manual Installation:
    Manual installation of plugin is another option to install the plugin to your WordPress-environment. The manual installation method involves downloading our WooCommerce One Click Upsell Funnel Extension and uploading it to your web server via your favourite FTP application.
    Steps are as follows :
    1. Upload the WooCommerce One Click Upsell Funnel folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
    2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.

3.Creating New Funnel

1- In the “Funnel List” section, admin can start creating the funnel by clicking on “Create New Funnel” tab.


2- The main step to do this is to set the target products in the funnel to which the offers will be applied.

3- You can schedule funnel for specific weekdays or let them execute every day.


4- Now here comes the main part of the funnel setup which is attaching new offers that suit your customer needs and discount to the funnel. Here the admin can set the offered products and price as well. Offer Price can be set in two ways:
(i) If you want to give a discount on the product price in percents then set the price in percentages such as 50% or
(ii) You can just set a new price here for the offered product without the currency. Make sure the price is less than the original price.

5- Later, set the redirection to your offers for if they are purchased or rejected. You can redirect your customers to more new offers if they accept your first offer or if you get satisfied with just one purchase then show them Thankyou page.

6- We are providing 3 inbuild templates that can use the offer page template.

7- Also if you are like to use custom page for offers to show up then create a new page, design well and attach the link to offer custom page URL.


4.Predefined Offer Templates

We are providing 3 predefined offer templates that can be used for the offer page. These templates are fully customizable with the help of Elementor.

Template 1:


Template 2:


Template 3:


5.Funnel Lists

After successfully creating the funnels, you can view the list of total funnels in this section. Here you can see all the detail of funnels like funnel name, status, target product, number of offered products in the funnel and also take the proper action according to the need. woocommerce-one-click-upsell-funnel-funnel-list

6.How to Use Shortcodes

This extension provides some advance shortcodes for design custom offer page of own brand.

Admin can design their own page for upsell offers and all that you have to do is just use the suitable shortcodes on the custom page. The shortcodes return only the link so it is used in the link section. In HTML use it as- href =”[mwb-upsell-yes]” of anchor tag. Here we are providing three types of shortcodes, there are as follows-

Upsell Action Shortcodes:

  • Buy Now- This shortcode used for “Buy Now” link. In HTML use it as- href =”[mwb-upsell-yes]” of anchor tag.
  • No Thanks- This shortcode used for “No Thanks” link. In HTML use it as- href =”[mwb-upsell-yes]” of anchor tag.

Product Shortcodes:

  • Product Title- This Shortcode returns the product title link.
  • Product Description- This Shortcode returns the product description link.
  • Product Short Description- This Shortcode returns product short description link.
  • Product image- This Shortcode returns product image link.
  • Product Price- This Shortcode returns product price link.
  • Product Variation- This Shortcode returns product variations link.

Others Shortcodes:

  • Star Rating- This Shortcode returns the star rating link. It can be used as [mwb-upsell-star-review=4.5]

7.Global Setting

From this section, you can enable/disable the plugin functionalities and manage the supported payment gateways for the upsell. You can also apply the global setting for the offer page.


Enable Upsell: Here you can enable/disable the plugin functionalities.

Payment Gateways: This is very important for Upsell offers, you need to set up the supported payment gateways.

Skip Funnel for Same Offer: Skip funnel if any offered product in the funnel is already present during checkout.

Remove Style from Offer Pages: Remove theme and other plugin styles from the offer page (Note: Not applicable for the custom offer page).

Global Offer Product: Set the Global Offer Product, It view for when no offer product is set(Note: Applicable only for ‘sandbox view’ and ‘custom offer pages’ ).

Global Offer Discount: Set Global Offer Discount on the product price(Note: Applicable only for ‘sandbox view’ and ‘custom offer pages’ ).

Global CSS and JS: Write your custom CSS and JS for the offer page without any script and Style tags.

and at last, don’t forget to hit the save changes button.

8.Payment Gateways

Here you can setup Upsell with the supported payment gateways. Enable the selected payment gateways that you want to charge your customer.

Here, this is a clear explanation for the payment gateways:


Cash on Delivery: The plugin provides a Cash on Delivery payment method. Through this payment method customer pay with cash upon the delivery.



Free Version: Supports only Cash on Delivery.

Premium version: Supports WooCommerce Standard Paypal, Stripe, Paypal Express Checkout, Authorize.net, Paystack, Vipps, Tpay, Cardcom and core payment options such as Cash On Delivery, Direct Bank Transfer, and Cheque Payments.

Free Version: Only Simple Products

Premium version: Simple, Variable and Subscription products.

For “Buy Now” shortcode:

You need to copy this Buy Now → [mwb_upsell_yes] and place at a suitable place on your page.

Description:- This shortcode only returns the link so it has to be used in the link section. In html use it as href=”[mwb_upsell_yes]” of an anchor tag.

For “No thanks” shortcode:

You need to copy this No Thanks → [mwb_upsell_no] and place at a suitable place on your page.

Description:- This shortcode only returns the link so it has to be used in the link section. In HTML use it as href=”[mwb_upsell_no]” of an anchor tag.

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