Woocommerce Points And Rewards User Notification Addon notifies both login user as well as guest users about how much points they have earned and how they can redeem those points and also notify your login users and guest users of their gain. This may happen by Sign up the guest user, Place any Order, referring some product or someone else’s purchase.


  • It will notify the Guest User to know that there is a reward functionality enabled on the site.
  • It would assist the registered users to see how to earn more points.


Note: You want to install WooCommerce Points And Rewards User Notification Addon, firstly you need to enable “WooCommerce Ultimate Points And Rewards before you proceed to install with this new Addon.


3.Admin Setting

After successful installation of the plugin, Goto the plugin setting under Notify User tab.

Enable/Disable:  Tick the checkbox to enable the extension.

Display Notify Button On Left: Tick the checkbox to shift ‘Notify’ button to the left side.

Botton Color: Here you can pick a needed color for the ‘Notify’ button.

last click on the Save Options button.



After enables the plugin it will fetch all the settings from the parent plugin(WooCommerce Ultimate Points And Rewards).


4.Work Flow

This plugin encourages the Guest User to sign-up and also assist the registered users to see how to earn more points.

The Guest users can gain points after sign-up. After registration, they can also earn points via place the orders, write the review, Refer Someone, Earn Someone else purchasing and apply those points on Cart and convert into Coupons.


Earn points via Sing up: 

Points And Rewards Addon-Sign up


Earn points by Placing The Order: 

Points And Rewards Addon-Place Order


Earn points via Write Review: 

Points And Rewards-Write Review


Earn points via Refer Someone:

Points And Rewards-refer


Earn points via Earn on Someone else purchasing:

Points And Rewards-Earn Someone Else Purchase


Redeem Points:

The User can apply points on Total Cart and also convert points into Coupons.




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