WooCommerce Variation Master allows you to add multiple gallery images for each variation and when a visitor selects the variation those gallery images will be shown as gallery images instead of main product gallery, images, can add color and image swatches, also can allow buyers to change the selected variation on cart page, WooCommerce Variation Masters is very easy to use admin can simply Export/Import the variation gallery images and color or image swatches for each variations, along with the easy global setting features admin has full control to modify the setting for each variation, admin can disable the color and image swatches for particular variation, can hide/show the attribute name, can change the color/swatch images for a particular variable product.

Features of WooCommerce Variation Masters Plugin:

  • Admin can add multiple gallery images for each variation, color and image swatches for attributes, color and image swatches for each variation custom attributes.
  • Admin can use both “select” and “color and image swatch” combination.
  • Easy export/import for variation gallery images, and attributes color and image swatches.
  • Variation wise color and image swatches customization.
  • Allow buyers to update variation on the cart.
  • Module wise control of each feature from a single page.
  • Product Gallery Slider in the variable product.
  • Easy to change the variation image size.
  • Gallery image slider on variable products.
  • Variation Swatches in Variable Product Update Cart Popup.
  • Product Gallery Slider in Variable Product Update Cart Popup.
  • Product Gallery with two Layout.
  • On Attribute swatch for display type will text along with image&color.
  • Hide Add To Cart button and Product Quantity from the shop page.
  • Add custom size to display the attributes term thumbnail on shop page.


  1. Automatic Installation:
    Automatic installation is the easiest option as WordPress handles the file transfers itself and you don’t need to leave your web browser.
    Steps are as follows:

      •  To do an automatic install log into your WordPress dashboard, navigate to the Plugins menu and click Add New.
      •  Click on the “Upload Plugin” button.
      • Click on the “Browse” button and navigate to the downloaded “WooCommerce Variation Masters” zip file and click ok.
      • Most importantly, of course, you can install it by simply clicking “Install Now”.
  2. Manual Installation:
    Manual installation of Extension is another option to install the extension to your WordPress-environment. The manual installation method involves downloading our WordPress Extension and uploading it to your web server via your favorite FTP application.
    Steps are as follows:

      • Extract the downloaded “WooCommerce Variation Masters” zip file.
      • Upload the WooCommerce Variation Masters folder to the /wp-content/Plugins/ directory.
      • Activate the “WooCommerce Variation Masters” through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.

3.Admin Setting

1. Swatches

For replacing default variation select with attribute term swatches you’ve two options –

  • Manually:  You can assign the attribute term image/color from the attribute edit page under product > Attributes > edit attribute and select the image/color you want to show instead of the default options in the dropdown.
  • Using Import / Export: You can import the color/images for all/selected attribute terms using our export/import feature, for this you need to open the Variation Master > Import/Export tab and press the “export attribute” button you will get a CSV file with all of your attribute terms, after editing the CSV file just browse the file location and import it via pressing the “Import Attribute” button.

After that please go to the Variation Master and turn on the “Use Attribute Terms Thumbnails”.


You can add gallery images for each variation in one of those two different ways –

  • Manually:  For manually assign the gallery image for each variation all you need to open the edit product page of particular variable product and open the “Variations” tab, from there expand the particular variation, selection by simply click on the selection row, there you’ll see a link “Add variation gallery image” and when you click on this link a WordPress gallery media will be opened and you can select the previously uploaded image or can upload a fresh one and press save changes/update button.
  • Using Import / Export: You can import the gallery images for each variation from URL or previously uploaded images, for this you need to export the formatted variation CSV file via clicking on “Export variation” from variation master > export – import page of our extension, all you need to edit the CSV file via providing the image URLs (you can use the previously uploaded images URL from Media Library page of WordPress, after selecting the image copy the image url and add it into the URL column of csv),
    After editing the CSV file browse and import the edited CSV file.

3. Variation Update On Cart

By default, this feature is on but you can turn this on/off anytime from the variation master settings page.

After those settings, please check the settings are on from the variation master settings page. For more detail please read the ADMIN SETTINGS section of this document.

4.Work Flow

1.WooCommerce Variation Masters Settings:


Enable Swatches: Using this admin can enable/disable the image and color swatches for the variable product instead of default select options.

Enable Variation Wise Gallery: Using this admin can enable/disable the variation wise gallery feature shows on a variable detail page when selecting a variation combination.

Enable Variation Update On Cart Page: Using this admin can allow their buyers to change the selected variation on cart page.

Use Attributes Terms Thumbnails: Using this admin can allow usage of default attribute color and image swatches on the product detail page.

Use Attribute Term Label: Using this admin can hide the attribute name label on top of color and image swatches on the product detail page.

Use Attribute Term Label over swatches: Enable this setting when you want to attribute text over swatches.

Attribute Term Thumbnail Display Type: Using this admin can select the color and image swatch display size and display type on the product detail page when swatches setting is enabled.

Attributes Terms Thumbnails Display Type for Shop/Category Page: Through this setting set the “size” of attribute terms thumbnails for Shop Page. Here we are providing four types of display size.

  • 20px*20px
  • 30px*30px
  • 40px*40px
  • custom size: This setting allow the admin to set the requested size of the thumbnail attribute.

Use Global Size Everywhere: After enabling this setting admin uses the global size of all swatches and labels.

Use Variation Feature Image: Enable this if you want to use variation’s featured image as swatch image to select.

Enable Slider on Variation Featured Image: Enable this if you want to use the slider on variation’s featured image.

Enable this to hide Add To Cart Button and Quantity from Shop/Category page: Enable this setting if you want to hide the Add to Cart button and Quantity form the shop page.


2) Import/Export:

WooCommerce Variation Masters-ImportExport.png


From here admin can download the .csv file for all existed attributes, terms and after editing the .csv file by providing the display type (0 if you don’t want to use term, for now, 1 for images and 2 for color swatches), image URL and color code all you need to browse the edited file and press the import button.


Demo CSV file:

WooCommerce Variation Masters-Demo-CSV-File.png


After importing you can check the changes applied to the attribute edit page of each attribute under the products tab of WooCommerce.

WoCommerce Variation Masters-Products.png


WooCommerce Variation Masters-VariationGallery.png

From this page you can download a CSV file for all available variations and after editing the file by providing the gallery image URLs separated by “|” press the “Browse” button and navigate to the modified file location and press “Import” button, the gallery images for each variation will be uploaded, make sure you enable the “Variation Wise Gallery” from general settings of variation master.

3) Variable Product Wise Setting:

Variation Swatches for color:


From Variation edit page you found the “Variation Swatches” tab after “Advanced” tab, from here admin can –

Disable the swatches for this variable product.

Can change the label name for each attribute.

Can decide the display type/display type.

Can hide the term display name.

Can change the image/color for each term.

Can allow using attribute term (global) for each term.

Variation Swatches for size:

WooCommerce Variation Masters-VariationSwatchesForSize.png


WooCommerce Variation Masters-VariationSwatchesOnFrontEnd.png

Variation swatches for Gallery:

WooCommerec Variation Masters-VariationSwatchesForGallery.png

Show the product galley in two gallery layout.

1-Gallery in Bottom

2-Gallary in Right Side

WooCommerce Variation Masters-VariationImage.png


From the edit variation option, you can add/delete the variation gallery, image these gallery images will replace the default variable product gallery images on the product detail page when the buyer selects the variation combination.


Variation Detail Page:

WooCommerce Variation Masters-VariationDetailOnFrontEnd.png


In the variation section, click on the add variation gallery images and add the images of your variable product.

Click on the Save Changes Button.

WooCommerce Variation Masters-Variationproduct.png


In Variation Swatches section you can change the label name, type, size and conform to display their name.

After this click on the update button.

wooCommerce Variation Masters-VariationSwatchesInColor.png


After changing the settings, the front-end will be shown below :

WooCommerce Variation Masters-GallerySettingOnFrontend.png


Here we can select the size of variation swatches.


After changing the settings, the front-end will be shown below :

WooCommerce Variation Masters-VariationInColorInFrontEnd.png


WooCommerce Variation Masters-VariationOnAddToCart.png


Now you can see the update button on the cart page and click on that button for the popup.

WooCommerce Variation Masters-UpdateInCart.png


Here you can see the Popup and in this popup, you can see the Gallery Slider and Variation Swatches. Here you can update your variations and product quantity.

WooCommerce Variation Masters-SelectProductInCart.png


In this version, we add a Tooltip and Border on selected swatches feature.

Tooltip: When you want to show attribute text above swatches you just turn on the Attribute Term Label feature.


Display border on selected swatch: If you want to show border on selected swatches you can turn on this setting.



Here you can see the Border on Selected Swatches.


Here you can see the attribute text above swatches.

Hide ‘Add to Cart’ button and product Quantity from the shop page


On the front end, you can’t see the Add to Cart button and Product Quantity.


This is all about the WooCommerce Variation Master.


Yes, there is a setting using that you can show your color (swatches) on shop and category pages.

Yes, it is possible. You just have to set one particular variation as default and assign gallery images to that variation. Then the gallery section will be automatically be shown on loading the page.

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