The Mautic custom group Order Information contains the whole information regarding the last order placed by the customer on the WooCommerce Store. It contains seven custom Mautic properties and they are as:


Last Order Status-  Shows the status of last order made by the customer on WooCommerce store.


Last Order Fulfillment Status-  Last order fulfillment status on the woocommerce store.


Last Order Tracking Number – Last order tracking number. Can be modified according to need.


Last Order Tracking URL-  Last order tracking URL. Can be modified as per need.


Last Order Shipment Date-  Last order shipment date. Can be modified as per need.


Last Order Number-  Last order number of the customer on the WooCommerce store.


Total Number of Current Orders-  Total count of current orders of customer on the store. We have assumed those orders as Current orders which are in either processing or on-hold or pending status. It means they are likely to be completed.


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